[ENG Sub] BTS Love Sick The Series Teaser #1

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49 Responses

  1. Ozzie Polinburana says:

    Love o net english subtitles, please!

  2. Lala says:

    Love O-net engsub please :'(

  3. Pepperdez says:

    “the English subs in the DVD boxset were provided by me”

    Stay too cool for words. Your subs deserve to be on a boxset.

  4. Maxim says:

    Hello. Really like this lakorn. You’ll put the subtitles in a separate file?

  5. chibonew says:

    Hi p’kuda…really,,,thank you so much for all your hardwork…
    i can’t get over from lovesick…
    and the soundtracks was good too,
    i’ve been listening to them everyday…even though i could’t understand the languange,,unless have to read the romanization..

  6. Fyphyll says:

    Indeed that this love story will stay forever just done watching it and i cant move one due to the fact that this story is really great!! Keep it up! So excited for season 2!!

  7. adena3ka2 says:

    Hi KudaLakorn, I can’t seem to find the names of the cast for LS s2. Do you have a link? If you do, please let me know, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  8. RakSiam says:

    I just binge-watched season 1. Thanks SO MUCH for subbing. And for subbing the song lyrics as well. I thought the acting got a lot stronger as it went along. As they said in the ep 12 post show ep 1 is a bit of a mess but I’m glad I kept watching.

    Maybe the producers will sub it themselves like GMM did/does with Club Friday?

  9. jake villa_ph says:

    i love LS!!! Hope to see the new season soon! Praying that itl’l stay forever… new chapter please?

    I’m such a love sick-glutton…

  10. alembess says:

    Perhaps some of you have not seen this English subbed interview of Love Sick the Series Season 2 interview of the main cast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGV7KXVnEPQ

  11. Che Watkins says:

    Thank you for beautiful Novel about the fabulous boys… Keep all the best you have there… I love it… Its my first time to read it through Chapter 1-50 and yesterday I read Chapter 50 again… My heart were happy overjoying…

  12. alembess says:

    (Translation by Alisa Veeraprem of LoveSick the Series International Fans)

    Both: Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Asian!

    I watched many clips in youtube from P’ who has experiences, and I tried to walk by myself with a mirror at home.

    My daily life, I manage my time separately. Work time is for work, and school time is for school. If I have work after school, I will hurriedly come out from school after class to get there as fast as I can no matter what I have to ride.

    For now, they aren’t sure the conclusion of the scripts. I also talk with August and Captain about the next season.

    All my friend are making fun of me, but I told them it is my character in the series. I’m not serious about it because my real life isn’t the same as the character in series.

    Outside of school, there are many people are cheering Noh with me because in first season, main couples are including Noh and I as intervenor. Later, Pete was entering in the be one of the main characters, so he was known by people.

    I want you to support me in love sick season 2 that will coming soon. There is SudSubDa Magazine that P’White and I are on the front page. Oh, I also have some events coming up.

  13. alembess says:

    DO YOU WANT TO REVIEW LSTS SEASON 1 focusing on the character of Earn and prepare for Season 2? It is available in one document. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1533728006889830/?ref=bookmarks

  14. fikriyah says:

    Hey all. I just wanna ask- what’s the lovesick reality thing that airs 21 march? Saw it on a comment and hashtags oj twitter. X

  15. Dear Kudalakorn.
    I just find out that DANGEROUS BOYS are totally interesting to watch. Plus, the love between boysxboys in this film are so intense. so humbly ask could you please, subbing the film? thanks.

  16. alembess says:

    For those who want to support Ngern Anupart Luangsodsai, the actor behind the character Earn in Love Sick the Series, please like this page https://www.facebook.com/NgernInternational

  17. alembess says:

    Today, April 6, 2015, is the happiest day of my Love Sick life. Today, I got a photo of Ngern Anupart Luangsodsai, my most favorite of all Love Sick actors, whose character Earn I love the most; and Ngern is holding my name Alem Bess, photo taken by his dad Thirachai, and the photo being taken in their house. This picture is unique, one of its kind and the provenance (origins) is priceless! Ahhh…Thank you Ngern, thank you Ngern’s dad…

  18. The previous comments are gone! LOL *NO CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE* 55555

  19. Hi Kuda ,l am just curious ! What is your reason for not wanting to do Love-o-net ??
    ls it Personal or Copyright ?? So we out here can understand Why !
    Ps you are doing a top job here for the fans ! A big thank YOU from my Heart :))

  20. Debbiewhite says:

    Waiting for the new chapter. <3

  21. mstoquin says:

    For a few days I had problems entering the link but it’s gratifying to be able to do it again.

  22. Tedd Isac says:

    Well I won’t deny it @yukinakisa but to be fair, I should name the other culprit too. You know who : )

  23. doooonzen says:

    Kuda.. Can i request for u to please sub Dangerous Boys thai 2014 movie?? Pretttttttyyyyyy please?? The clearcopy of the movie is in doramax264.com. Hope for your favorable reply.. Tnx in advance and sorry for the sudden request..

  24. Ares Ares says:

    I thought my computer is messing with me because I can’t get in this site. I was really worried sick about not finishing reading the novel, but finally it’s back again. Thank you Miss Kuda :D

    This is my first ever comment on this site.. hehehe

  25. bruce says:

    Thanks P’kuda for the subs. more oower to you.

    So it is a long wait till april then for season 2

  26. yukinakisa says:

    Whoa no wonder I couldn’t open the site recently,
    I thought it was just my phone messing up with me (I almost throw my phone from 2nd floor because of that)

    I’m Glad you back P’Kuda
    Stay strong ~

    What have caused this site to be down? is there any words from P’Kuda regarding this matter?

    anw Welcome Back fellow lovesickos :D

  27. Peale says:

    On the plus side, the comments from the past two weeks can’t be used against us in a court of law. I’m glad the site is back up.

  28. Yumi says:

    Finally! I was worried already :/ I’m glad you’re back p’kuda :)

  29. alembess says:

    Whoa! Website is up again! All previous comments gone! And it seems I am first commenter on this one ha ha ha! Welcome back, Lovesickos!

    Thank you again Miss Kuda!

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