Bundai Dokruk

Title: Bundai Dokruk
English Title: Stairway to His Heart (official) aka Stairway of Love Flowers
Thai Title: บันไดดอกรัก
Starring: Om Akapan, Min Pechaya, Sammie Bunthita
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Original Airdate: Feb 9th, 2011
Number of Episodes: 20

Tupe (Om) and Tien (Om) are twins who are the exact opposite. Tien is carefree and a total playboy–or so he seems. Tupe, however, is a stern guy who is a workaholic and doesn’t care for any romance. So when Tien meets Krachao (Min) at a beauty pageant, it was like love at first sight–or so he thought. Tien’s mother got very worried and asked Tupe to fly back from Switzerland to deal with his little brother. Meanwhile, his father doesn’t really care and totally stays indifferent.

Krachao didn’t exactly care for Tien thinking that he was just some drunk loser that she would never meet again. Plus, she didn’t have the time to deal with him anyway since she has a drunkard as a mother and her father left to be with some other woman issues to deal with! Krachao’s mother keeps on pressuring her into finding a rich husband so that they’d be rich, hoping that Krachao’s father would come back to them. Krachao caves in and decides to go to work where Meegrob (Sammie) is working when she found out that the family have a single son!

And you guess it, Tupe and Tien are the owners of the Rachinee Orchid Farm, the best and most well-known orchid farm in Thailand. A little mishap occurred that caused Tupe to believe that Krachao is a terrible woman. He tries in every way to get in between Krachao and Tupe in order to protect his little brother. Was he wrong? He wasn’t, as Meegrob was trying to help Krachao catch Tien as well! However, Krachao isn’t really into Tien and Meegrob happens to have a crush on him too. Oh, not to mention that Tupe starts having feelings for the girl his brother is going for!

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