Khuu Khane Saen Ruk

Title: Khuu Khane Saen Ruk
English Title: My Enemy, My Love aka My Beloved Enemy
Thai Title: คู่แค้นแสนรัก
Starring: Chakrit, Aum Patcharapa
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Original Airdate: June 22, 2011
Number of Episodes: 19

Songkran (Chakrit) is a real estate mogul a total womanizer with a son named Pe. But he didn’t start out like this, though. Pe’s mother left him when he was young to be with another man. Kran was heartbroken and began treating women like toys and gained the nickname ‘Invincible Casanova’ along with his best friend sia Ou who runs a modeling agency.

Ingdao (Aum) and her family owns a large orange farm. She’s the type that takes no crap from anyone. Thanks to her huge mole and unkempt appearance she is often viewed as ugly. Nevertheless, she has a boyfriend named Nu, a dashing and mild-mannered teacher from same town.

Songkran and his father has been eyeing a piece of land that Ingdao’s father, Saeng, currently owns. It was given to him by his late wife so he cherishes it very much. One day, Ingjun, Ingdao’s little sister who had been studying in Bangkok, finally gets sick of all the odd jobs she has and decides to apply for a job at Songkran’s company along with her friend, Marin. Both Ingjun and Marin are accepted as accountants. Songkran made connections between Saeng and Ingjun and came up with a plan on how to get his hands on that piece of land.

Songkran begins to woo Ingjun and she falls for him hard and fast. His family is even in on the plan, acting all loving when she visits their home. Soon, she willingly signs over the rights to that piece of land her father had given to her. She was able to made to decision because of her rocky relationships with her own father. After Songkran obtains proper documents, he leaves her. Ingjun was devastated.

Furious, Ingdao wants to take revenge for her younger sister who tried to commit suicide along with getting their land back. But knowing that Songkran will never fall for her in current state, she is helped by her best friend Moddaeng and transformed a gorgeous woman named Daopradub. With Marin’s help, they are able to get close to Songkran. Once Songkran meets Daopradub, he is unable to get her off his minds. Daopradub plays hard to get but that doesn’t stop Songkran. As the two get closer, Daopradub’s life is threaten. Someone wants to get rid of her out of Songkran’s life. Her relationship with Nu starts to unravel and they get further apart the more she spends time with Songkran. Pe is also quite fond of her and she is to him. She can’t help but wonder if she’ll be able to follow through with her plan.

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