My Bromance

mb_bar Title: My Bromance Pee Chai
English Title: My Bromance
Thai Title: My Bromance พี่ชาย
Starring: Fluke Teerapat, Fluke Pongsatorn
Genre: Drama
Original Airdate: February 20, 2014
Number of Episodes: 1 (film)

Golf (Fluke Teerapat) is an ill behaved and aggressive high schooler. He grew up never feeling loved by his parents. One day, Bank (Fluke Pongsatorn) a fellow high schooler 4 months his junior entered his life by becoming his step-brother. For Golf, who never had to entertain the idea of being an older brother, this comes as a shock to him. But what happens when things begin to feel more than just a love between siblings? The film explores what pure love truly means.

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