Nampueng Khom

Nampueng Khom Bar
Title: Nampueng Khom
English Title: Bitter Honey
Thai Title: น้ำผึ้งขม
Starring: Nok Chatchai, Janie
Genre: Drama
Original Airdate: November 2009
Number of Episodes: 13

Kangsadarn (Janie) is a young woman whose mother’s past behavior will come back to haunt them both. Twenty years ago, Rose was in love with a poor, young man named Purim (Nok Chatchai) but she brutally hurt him and never saw him again. Purim, on the other hand, has never forgotten the pain inflicted upon him by Rose and has spent the last twenty years obsessed with revenge.

Fast forward to the present, where a now wealthy Purim sees his opportunity to exact his revenge on Rose through Kangsadarn. He uses his knowledge of Rose’s financial problems and alcoholism to acquire Kangsadarn as his wife.

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