Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter

Title: Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter
English Title: Tomorrow, I’ll Still Love You
Thai Title: พรุ่งนี้ก็รักเธอ
Starring: Pong Nawat, Aom Phiyada
Genre: Drama
Original Airdate: November 2009
Number of Episodes: 30

Poramin (Pong) and Kaewkanya (Aom) were engaged. They’ve been seeing each other since college and were very much in love…until tragedy struck upon their families. Kaew’s sister, Khing, had been working as a nanny for Por’s sister, Putt’s, daughter. Putt’s husband, Pipat, was a philanderer, he had been cheating on Putt on numerous occasions but she did not know this. However, she was very suspicious and afraid that women will throw themselves on him. Pipat was very interested in pursuing Khing.

One day, Putt pretended to go out for the night. Pipat secretly drugged Khing in order to force himself upon her. Putt came back and caught the two in the act and shot Khing. Because of Khing’s murder, Por and Kaew broke up. Her family couldn’t get over the fact that Por’s sister had murdered their sister.

Six years later, Por and Kaew ran into each other again, each was leading their own lives. They were still in love but Por was already in a relationship with Orn and Kaew’s mother would never approve of their relationship because of what had happened. To make matters worse, Kaew’s brother, Kong, met and started a relationship with Pee, who just happened to be Pipat’s little brother.

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