Reun Sawn Ruk

Reun Sawn Ruk Bar
Title: Reun Sawn Ruk
English Title: House of Hidden Love
Thai Title: เรือนซ่อนรัก
Starring: Kob Suvanant, Win Tawin, Min Pechaya
Genre: Period Drama
Original Airdate: April 2010
Number of Episodes: 14

A story about 4 sisters whose lives unraveled through the generations. Dararoong (Kob), the eldest sister, witnessed her father’s abusive ways ever since she was little. She grew up hating men and assume the worst of them. Krai almost changed that, however, but because of his unfaithful ways, pushed Dararoong further away and confirmed her worst fears that all men are horrible. Dararatt, the second eldest fell in love with the wrong man as he was only after her money. Daranoi had always dreamed of falling in love, and when she did, she defied her sister. Daranit (Min), she was so young when it all happened, grew up under Dararoong’s care. She fell in love with the neighbor’s son, but Dararoong would never that happen fearing that he would hurt her little sister. All be cause of her love, Dararoong had changed the lives of people around her in the worst possible ways. The story took place generations after generations.

Playlist on YouTube: HERE
Download the hardsubs: HERE *Only episode 7-14 are available for download.