[ENG Sub] Club Friday 5 Teaser

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  1. Ybor says:

    Can someone tell me the name of P’Pok the guy in the shop?

  2. Levs says:

    omg i cant wait to watch this. Dorry for this dumb question. Is this the continuation of club friday 2?

  3. Ann says:

    I have a lot of tears in this series. So sad, that gay relationships just like the others in real life has no happy ending. I love the characters P’Win and Boss. Can you tell me the real names of these actors. Is it true that the real P’Win is suffering from a third degree brain cancer. I love him, he’s so cute….

  4. luhanluhan says:

    I started watching club friday 5 because of Tor but now I end up becoming more absorbed into this story. I personally think that the ending is a bit too rushed. I have no idea why win left boss so easily. But overall it is good, thanks to pchy’s great acting. I cried a lot watching this. AND THE OST TOO!!! It suits the story very well that I keep rewatching the trailer only to see some scenes come along with that song.

    *by the way is it only me or bruce (earth) looks like EXO’s sehun A LOTTTT (?)

    • Izkiru says:

      It was obvious why Win left Boss. In my POV, Win has empty space which can’t be fulfilled by Earth and he got it from Boss. My guess is Win feels so special with Boss because Boss discuss and tells almost everything therefore Win feel needed. But when Boss is too clingy and nagging towards Win, he questioned himself whether he really love Boss. In the end it wasn’t love.

      Have you notice that Win never say a literal “I Love You” or “I Like You” words to Boss? That’s a hint.

      Too bad Boss too naive. Maybe it was his first time.

  5. Hoang says:

    I’ve watch this series with Vietnamese subtitles. The English subtitles on YouTube are not hard-sub, so I cannot download them. I wish someone has a subtitle files.

    Honestly speaking, Pchy acts so exceptional, especially the scene when he argues with his brother and sister. However, the story ends sadly. The only thing I cannot figure out whose fault is: Win or Boss? The movie especially the last episode is happening so fast. Why can Win not wait for Boss to eat together, if he really loves him? To eat with the person we love is better than to eat with a friend, even though it is quite late. Why can Boss not touch anything belonging to Win? He can touch his body, which is the most secret that can be only shared by lovers. Then which one will be more secret than this? A cellphone? (You can touch my body but not my cellphone. It is so…weird). Win also fails with Earth, his former love, now he has seemingly the same problem with Boss. I do not think he really knows how to love a person. Anyway, Boss is the first person that reconciles with Win, so he won’t have to regret if Win decides to leave him.

    Personally, I see Win’s behavior is so….feminine. To take care of Boss’ wounds in this situation can be acceptable. But to prepare a meal for him and serve him as a flight attendant seems not….manly at all. Anyway, the movie’s details are still not adequate to judge whose fault is.

  6. haku says:

    can someone help me? i wanna know what song that was sang by pchy (boss) at the opening of 1/4 episode .. anyone know it?

  7. Thewindycity says:

    I just can’t stop commenting. Pchy has totally gotten under my skin. I’m just way too moved right now to let this go. There’s so much I want to say but don’t know how to put them into words. I’m literally besides myself.

    Today was the first time I seen this story, and have already re-watched it four times. Its not just that the story alone is so damn good, but what has actually captured and arrested my attention is the amazingly stunning performance by Pchy. This boy has totally blown me away. It is my earnest hopes that the result of this film, that the directing world take note of Pchy’s performance and talent. The kid totally delivered a home run.

    We all know what great success mario maurer has had since Love of Siam. He’s become a very popular celebrity, and with a large body of work behind him. But I must say, not since Love of Siam have I seen him deliver anything that has touched me like this. I’m so glad happy and proud for Pchy. He’s proven himself to be a major contender in this industry.

    If he were in America, and delivered that kind of performance, he would most certainly have gotten either a Oscar or a Emmy Award. I’m just not sure if most of the people who has watched this really understand just how exceptional well done and outstanding this performance is. Believe me, I’ve seen actors people get Oscar’s or Emmy Awards whose performance never came close to this.

    As a American I know, that this is the kind of raw talent that catches the entertainment industry attention. Here in America one does not deliver that kind of performance, and it goes, unnoticed.

    Pchy, as an American, I deputies myself and I give you an honorary Oscar, for best performance by a previously overlooked but highly gifted and talented actor. Cheer’s

  8. adijunp says:

    is there anybody know the link with eng sub? so curious about the story :(

  9. Gj Aef says:

    Kuda please sub the 6/3 episode of this series. I want to watch but I cant understand Thai. I’m from the Philippines P’. And I’m a fan of Kemisara.

  10. Nelli says:

    Very dissapointed with the ending. :(

  11. Hi P’Kuda!
    Good day!
    I just want to know what is Boss talking about here in 29:00 and onwards.
    i am just curious on what happen to him after the story.

  12. TheexPhuu says:

    Will Kudalakorn or someone else sub this ? (Stay the series)


    I’m really intersted :(

  13. Peale says:


    The link to the fourth section. I need a hanky. I know it’s just TV, but sniffle, sniffle, sniffle.

    • Mic says:

      I d/l all the episodes but couldn’t get myself to watch them. I guess I’ll just let them stay in the external drive…forever.

      • Peale says:

        Just because I’m sad doesn’t mean it isn’t a good story. Sometimes the ending is right and at least Boss has been forced to grow up a little. He’s young. He’ll bounce back! (right?)

        • Mic says:

          I’m sure it’s a good story. I just can’t take the sadness. I’ll watch it one of those days… when I have enough courage.

          • alembess says:

            Tears overload. But I can get over the story quickly. What I cannot get over with (for now) is that Pchy really acts very well. Does he have a natural spring of tears inside his skull? His sad demeanor, his miserable facial expressions, his sobbing, his bawling, his anger, they all felt so real. It was with delight on Pchy’s acting that helped me through the painful drama of Boss’s life. Pchy’s happy and excited expressions also felt so real. Pchy has outdone himself in the kissing scenes as well, way better (naturally!) than TLOS. Wow, kissing those hot guys! Although those kissing scenes appeared so sensual to us viewers, I wonder how that really felt during the filming, especially as we saw some samples of behind the scene clips. Nothing wrong with gay roles but I hope Pchy isn’t typecast in gay roles. Pchy has demonstrated that he is an actor producers can bank on in the literal and the figurative sense.

            • Mic says:

              Exactly the reason why I couldn’t get myself to watch… Pchy’s tears. His acting was too real, watching the teasers is my limit. Thanks for reaffirming…this one stays in my external drive.

              • alembess says:

                Hahaha. But you will also miss many many cute moments! Oh well, suffer then in silence lol.

            • alembess : l found Pchy (Boss) very needy
              which is very Sad cos guys like that get treated like dirt/ a low person , not sure if that was in the script but a real turn off for me !
              P’win l found to be too old for the Part ,he came across as stuck up (snob) !
              Pchy l like him better in Love of siam ! (it fitted him like a Glove )Mario M would have been suited for p’win role !

    • Samsal says:

      it wasnt that bad I think. I mean I’m sad but at least no one died. Also I think he needs to go apologize to that guy who he made out with. He treated him s poorly.

  14. Kyle says:

    Any update for episode 4?
    Thanks in advance!

  15. me talk says:

    what is earth’s job. a doctor. he is such a annoying person or am i looking at different angle. i watched ep. 3 and on the verge of smacking him. geez. for me Win is for keep. but who can stand your attitude.

  16. andy says:

    Can someone tell me name the actor p’win.

  17. thai at heart says:

    No more update for Club friday 5? Pls kuda.. update it..

    • Solte.N says:

      Club Friday The Series 5 – New series – about student and teacher
      featuring an actor from the Hormones The Series, Thanapob Leeratanakajorn

  18. Solte.N says:


    Sad ending. Episode 4/4 Teaser.

    P/S: Always hates ending like this. Why BL world never had a good one ending? :'(

    • Solte.N : l don’t know why they can’t have happy endings ? maybe the writers are from the “Church” Abnormal people can’t have a Life l guess ?
      l prefer the name of “different” or “Faulty ” our brain is a computer so yes our pathways are wired differently , so the view is we can’t have a “Good life”
      So l say to all the doubters “FUCK U ” Go get a LIFE so we can try & enjoy ours , Have a nice day :))

  19. dodz says:

    For those who doesn’t know, U can download the subtitle with this program:


    simply just put the youtube link then it will convert cc to srt file
    make sure the video and srt file are renamed with the same name

  20. woww… I have seen Eps 1 & 2 and am greatly anticipating Ep 3 & 4.. I love this.. I didn’t have any problems finding the Eng sub version on the GMM Channel Youtube page. This show is awesome. Can’t wait until next week for Ep 3 to be released and now that I’ve seen the teaser for the entire show I am really giddy… Cannot wait!!!!

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