[ENG Sub] Love Sick The Series Freshy Camp S1E01

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45 Responses

  1. Jijiyoyoleo says:

    Anyone know the song Min’s sing at audition?

  2. zekky288 says:

    Thank you so much, you are a wonderful person :)

  3. camille says:

    Hi im a new fan of the series and im actually super addicted to this like super!!!! :) and i really want to watch this with eng sub but this video isn’t available in my country im from philippines i hope u can’t fix this THANKYOU SO MUCH

  4. Ron says:

    Streaming links are down. :( P’Kudaaa! Please help. :) Khop khun khrap. :)

  5. MightyAlfa says:

    My ear’s bleeding, that damn shrieks. I though it’s not going that bad, but reallythe quality of the sounds is really terrible

  6. Dayum says:

    I’m just curious. Will you be uploading Freshly Camp once a week p’? Or like on random days?

  7. Dak-shi says:

    I just wanna say that…i think they asked so many times about their orientation because….if they will be able to kiss for example other boy. That’s VERY important matter. I think that’s why they asked that many times…They can be amazing in acting but they can’t have problem with kissing other guy.

    • alembess says:

      I think it is irrelevant to ask about the sexual orientation. If they want to know if the male applicant can kiss a boy, then ask it that way: the scene requires that you kiss a boy, can you do that? An actor is an actor is an actor. And it is an insult to gay people to be thought that simply because they are gay that they will be able to kiss any guy.

      • Peale says:

        It’s not actually very clear what they are looking for in terms of the answer. Yes? No? Sometimes, mostly Wednesdays? Maybe they just want to see how they’ll handle the question since they are going to be asked it hundreds of times

      • Dak-shi says:

        Sorry but it is important question. After all it’s gay series…don’t get too emotional with this. It’s a normal question for me like ” would u like a coffee with milk?”
        PS – They did ask if they can kiss a boy.
        PSS – I’m not insulting any gay. But the people there want to be actors which means they can or can’t kiss a boy.

    • I guess the main reason why they are asking for their sexual orientation is to maintain the mystery and curiosity of the fans to the actor. If the actor is known to be straight, then i guess it’s more exciting to see him kiss another guy because it’s not normal for him to do that. Besides, the character that they will be playing is a straight male who is entering a gay relationship. As a director, the reaction from the actor towards a scene is more realistic when the actor’s sexual orientation is similar to the character, and a straight male is a more logical choice.

  8. P'Nike says:

    Okaaay, so lemme get this straight. Are they all like normal people auditioning to become actors or are they already actors and they are just auditioning for the part? Cause I’m quite sure I’ve seen Boss. Club Friday? Yes?

  9. BEAUTY says:

    Kuda dahling, you’re my goddess!!!!

  10. ropershantae says:

    Thanks kuda ……… U kind of tricked us but it’s ok.
    Can’t wait for season to begin ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  11. miss Kuda when will you sub the second episode?

  12. Chiaki says:

    FINALLLLLLLY! thx P’KUDA!!!!! but why they doesnt include Angels Gang in Freshy Camp?

  13. JoBen says:

    Wow! I’m so grateful to have stumbled in this site!
    Thank you so much Miss Kuda! <3

    Can anyone tutor me in learning how to speak Thai? XD

  14. Nat says:

    Hope they stick to the novel as close as possible. I want more of phun and noh. Not other inrelevant small characters and their new stories.

    • alembess says:

      I think they will stick closely to the Phun and Noh (and Earn) story line, with some necessary embellishments. But it can’t be helped, other characters not in the novel are already part of the story for Season 2. I share your feeling though about irrelevance because in season one, some stories do not add up to the whole Love Sick story, as if there are several parallel stories in one series. I hope season 2 will be able to redeem Love Sick from such weakness.

  15. Thank you so much for your hardwork!
    though i’m still questioning many question about LS2 but i’ll try to enjoying this freshy camp.
    once again..Thank you :)

  16. sky says:

    Thank you Kuda!! I wish LS season 2 would focus more on Puno but looks like there’s gonna be so many extra storylines again -.-

  17. Manin says:

    Thank you for subbing this p’Kuda!

  18. metalk says:

    thanks for subbing this.. OMG … love you P’

  19. Tory says:

    Em did already appear in S1. He was the one who suggested Khom change his name to Sharp. So I wonder if there will be a big reshuffle of the minor characters in S2. Then I’d have to learn who’s who again while I’ve already managed to do so with (most of) the old cast T_T

    • Mai says:

      We really need some kind of character list to keep track of all of them so we can remember when they appeared and what they did.

  20. phunnohjongkeyromantic says:

    thank you for your hardwork… love you… i wish you happiness, dear…

  21. LuvSic says:

    Thank You P’Kuda for keeping me posted I’m addicted to LS especially for PhuNoh

  22. 天府泰剧 says:

    thanks for your working can you give me 1080p video?we just made Chinese sub

  23. Mai says:

    My two favorites are Kim and Min I really like Boss but I think he looks too old.

  24. Sai says:

    Thanks p’kuda for subbing it so quickly.

  25. alembess says:

    Thanks Miss Kuda. I caught the last one fourth of this episode on live stream. And now I am ecstatic that your subbed version is out, with notes too!

    “(PS, I found it weird that Boss auditioned for Em when he’s totally Om. But they didn’t have a casting call for Om, I guess.)”

    I’ve been rooting for Boss to be Om too in the beginning (along with Bambikill). Then the grapevine said Boss wasn’t gonna be Om, so we joined the Na for Om Movement! Don’t you know yet who made it to Om?

  26. Dani says:

    thank you p’kuda~!

  27. Bambikill says:

    Thank you so much Kuda!!! Finally I can understand what I’ve been watching ^^
    I agree with all your thoughts above.

    Ps; Yes, Em was in season one, named several times in yhe series (played by Michael.). So he won’t be back then…

  28. I’ve just finished eo01. And I survive all the noises, and I’m a headphone user :))
    Like P’Kuda, I felt pretty uncomfortable when the judges asked the candidates about their sexual orientation. As I recall, straight can act gay as well as gay can act straight. As if it’s a rally big deal here?

  29. Will says:

    Have I said how much I LOVE you?


  30. andrew says:

    horry shitto O.O thanks so much for these eye candies p’kuda

  31. Niteray says:

    It felt a bit creepy and exploitive when it came to the ” take your shirt off ” part of the audition since the actors looked very young. I know it’s part of the weeding out process but still…

  32. Oh so soon. Thank P’Kuda.
    P/S: The second to comment hehehe

  33. Pepperdez says:

    Yesssssssss. New LS post. Not S2, but this can entertain me till then. Can’t wait to watch your wonderful subbing.

    I’m with you on the sexual orientation questioning. It’s an acting gig. It has zero relevance.

    This is a huge cast. I wonder if I’ll remember many of them…

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