[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP12

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319 Responses

  1. J says:

    It’s okay Earn. Pete is still there. Geez, that confession though!

  2. Mitchiyaya_ph says:

    My fangirl mode totally got high during this episode. 😍😍

  3. Cat says:

    OK I’ve wanted to know for a few eps now, I tried to find out myself but cant…. who is the boy that was being hit by his dad? Whats his name in this and in real life… please~!

  4. Fabulous MN says:

    what I don’t understand is why Earn just can’t tell Pete who he has a secret crush on?! Pete seems to know already and it’s obvious since that episode where Earn told Noh to listen to the song carefully. Even if Pete knows, he will be willing to help. I guess Earn wants to do it himself. Pete should just respect his decision. You can’t force someone to tell you who he or she likes unless they’re willing. Maybe Earn doesn’t want anyone to know until he knows how Noh feels about him first?
    I feel bad for Noh. He’s constantly being teased by everyone at school about making up with Phun lol. It’s adorable too though. Everyone seems to know already. It’s funny when he was slapping Om with his belt!

  5. arsidians says:

    anyone know where to watch the unsubbed version of EP 15? the one that uploaded on Youtube has been removed recently? i think i’m a bit late, or will they re-upload it soon?

  6. Miss says:

    I really want P’kuda sub thus episode… i will wait for you… take your time

  7. pandadude says:

    found a subbed version of episode 13, sorry Kuda I couldn’t wait ^.^

    for those who want it: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2uee5r_engsub-love-sick-the-series-season-2-ep-13_shortfilms

    personally I thougt this was the cutest episode so far

    • fanboiix says:

      I couldn’t watch it because first, I’ll wait for p’kuda and second, the subber’s English is pretty bad. Sorrynotsorry lol

  8. JakeVilla _ph says:

    And im back… miss LS sooo much… ohm-mick… the best… phun-noh… bestest… poor ern… ;p

    I think pete likes him… and they are better of together, i think…

    Watched it in youtube unsubbed, my nosebled, was catching up just by reading their body language…

    Thank you p’kuda!!! Love lots… i was really worried when this site went down for a month or so? But im so glad that your back… hope its for good…

  9. __Got_ says:

    I love Earnpete, but after seeing this ep with eng sub i had the same feeling …
    Pete seems just worried about his friend TT

  10. jeck says:

    even someone was subbed the ep13, i’m still waiting for P’kuda’s subbing b’cause, 1.) i don’t want to click CC button :D 2.) i’m just using phone to watch it :)

    • JJ says:

      Oh my God! Hormones! Please, can somebody translate what it says in the picture. Is it season 3 , when will it start and where can we watch it? I’m sorry to sound so demanding. I’m just soooo excited. :)

  11. Jane Jane says:

    Comment was deleted

  12. PetalElf25 says:

    “like the novel itself” not exactly but we are in the gist of just focusing on how PhuNohs relationship has been rotating to different characters (Earn,Aim,Yuri)

    Youre right P’ it was Noh’s POV for the novel but the series makes the novel clearer. its a good thing that minor characters like Earn would make readers/viewers understand them more.

  13. PetalElf25 says:

    At last! Season 2 is going to the path were we all wanted. its not boring anymore because of the things going on with all the pairings… finally they got the hang out of making LSS2 like the novel itself! Thanks P’Kuda, looking forward for the next episodes!

  14. Gian says:

    where is EPISODE 13 and 14? its already out. Why are they not still uploading it with english subs?????

    • SindakAko says:

      You should learn how to wait and be patient. it will be out soon.

    • alembess says:

      Hi Gian. I know you are just excited like the rest of us. The wait is excruciating, yes, but being given the subbed versions for free is a privilege, not a right. Let us not SOUND demanding. It doesn’ t upload the subbed versions anyway.

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