[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP13

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  1. Sharein says:

    I was under the impression that Noh and Yuri had already broken off when they were hugging in the pool in the earlier episodes when they had gone on vacation with Phun and Aim. Phun was even jealous over the fact that he saw Noh and Yuri hugging. I thought in one of the conversation Noh told Yuri to find a better person who will love her or something like that. I guess I was wrong but then again I don’t think they were even boyfriend and girlfriend to begin with right?

    • Asxtyu says:

      If you watched the s1, noh clearly said that yuri just a girl who ‘forced’ them into that some kind of situation….I mean from the beginning noh doesn’t see yuri on that way, he just simply being carried to play ‘bf’ for yuri because he can NEVER say NO to whoever ask him for anything….lol and he admitted that he was just want to be nice and don’t want to make her sad for turn her down

  2. mong says:

    omg. they totally changed the whole phun meeting yuri and noh scene at the restaurant.

  3. mong says:

    all the product placements and ads where all over the place. they totally ruined and cut out noh and yuri’s shopping for to-san. plus they didn’t even eat at a&w in the novel

  4. Milan-kun says:

    Thank you again for the translations and the subs p’Kuda!!! However, may I ask you something? Could you please check the download links to episodes 13, 14 and 15? They aren’t working for me :/

  5. TeeTop_2014 says:

    lol I read the tidbits prior to watching the episode, and the “airport” comment went over my head until I saw the scene. XD That was funny.

    • IaMSpeaks says:

      I love her Tidbits, she’s so funny, she’s like a gay man in a woman’s body. She throws so much shade.

  6. Nolan Peale says:

    Deleted wrong thread

  7. bamburn04 says:


    For a novel to series comparison of this episode, visit my blog. I post reviews withing 12 hours after every new release of Kuda’s english subs of each episode on my blog. :D


  8. dong_geumdongi says:

    Thanks P’Kuda!!! ♥

    Agree, the opening scene in this ep. is really cute!

  9. ndary says:

    honeeeyyyy …(just hahahhaha)

    thanks p”

  10. Geoff says:

    Nice episode!
    “Bae”?! Seriously :)
    I miss p’Im and the other one, forgot her name. :D
    Love Pang and her friends, kinda reminds me of Aiza Marquez, Maui Taylor and Anne Curtis back in TGIS days.
    Will watch ep.14 later tonight.
    Thanks p’Kuda ;)

  11. Eternal Flame says:

    Excuse me, i have a question. What does Bae means?? Thank you for anyone who is answering.

  12. Hufflepuff Alumnus says:

    I just can’t stop imagining that they are in Hogwarts.

    Just imagine, from Noh’s POV the opening scene in this episode

    Defense Against Dark Arts and Charm Exam will be held in few weeks, I just still can’t produce properly some advanced spells. Maybe I should just drop off become an Auror. I’m looking around the dorm and the common room looking for those crazy bastards Om or Rodkeng to accompany me practice some spells. Then I realized than they have Herbology class this morning with Professor Longbottom. I start to go to the Great Hall to grab some breakfast, or maybe I can find someone who more compatible to teach me :’).

    I enter the Great Hall, and I see there are few students left, most of the from sixth and seventh year and some fifth year. Well, that would be obvious since the first year to the forth year have to follow every single subjects from morning to afternoon. Well I quite lucky since I have only Charm class at 1 pm and Potion at 3 pm.

    I start to walk to Gryffindor table, but my eyes find the person who can teach me. I saw Phun who wear our usual uniform with Yellow and black stripped necktie sitting with Fi in the Ravenclaw table.

    “Hi, Phun!!!” I quickly greet him. He quickly look at me “Hi, Noh! You don’t have any class today?” He seems quite stratled. I quickly have a seat and greet Fi, before I reply Phun

    “Not until 1 pm, how about you?” I replied him
    “I will have a class with Professor Hagrid this evening. He gave us late class since the creature he about to teach only active at night” Phun replied with little sigh
    ” Hahaha, good for you. So can you accompany me to practice some spells?”
    “Sure, just let me finish this first” Phun answered happily

    I come back at Gryffindor’s table, start to grab some breakfast and wait Phun to finish his prefect job with Fi. Few minutes pass, Suddenly I feel something hit my head.


    “Let’s go practice, so you can little bit more educated than a troll” Phun spoke sarcastically. I just rise my middle finger to him. I rise from the table and look at Phun happy face before we start heading to The Room of Requirements. We chat along the way to the Room of Requirements, no need a long time to us to arrive at the Room. We stand before a Huge brick wall which suddenly the arched door appears. We enter the Room, and it’s decorated like I used to know when I used to practice with Dumbledore’s Army. A big glasses room,with some chandeliers hanging in the ceiling, and a fire place stands across the room.

    We start practice some spells verbally and non-verbally. I managed to produce more precisely and overpowered Phun sometimes. Hehehehe, do you think this great Noh will lose against you?

    “Phun, let’s start practice Patronus charm, since I haven’t use it for a while”
    “Let’s do it. You start first”

    I start to think a happy moment, the first think that pop up in my head is Phun’ smile and the beautiful moment with him. I wave my hand and shout ” Expecto Patronum”. White bluish vivid fog appears from the tip of my wand, it starts to form into an animal, but it not an animal I used to know as my patronus. The Merlin Falcon formed and fly across the room. I startled so do Phun. We look each other with surprised face.

    Phun’s snap out of our silence “Noh! How did you produce my patronus?” Phun asked my with voice full of confusion. I don’t answer him immediately, I start to think is that really Phun’s patronus? I recall that none of my friends have bird patronus. How come I didn’t know Phun’s Patronus? I just realized that when we joined the Dombledore’s Army 3 years ago, I barely close to him. So, that was obvious reason that I didn’t recognize Phun’s Patronus.

    “Expecto Patronum” Phun’s incatation breaks my thinking. I look at his wand, the fog start to form a dog, a German shepherd.

    “How did you produce my patronus too?” I shout at him. Phun face also still blank. he only shakes his head, giving me a sign that he has no clue either. Few seconds later, We start to smile and laugh. I am so happy about this, we don’t need a single word to express our feeling. our patronus have spoken all the words we need to speak. Phun and I still staring each other for a while and our patronus chasing other.

    “let’s go back, It’s almost 1 pm. You shouldn’t be late or Professor Flitwick will charm a pig tail on you” Phun gentle voice wake me up from fantasy. I nod to him, and we leave the Room of Requirements and head to Charm classroom. Phun drop me in front of the class, we say goodbye to each other. I see Phun walk away to the Library, His tall figure start to disappear in the bright light of The Sun. I enter the class room with huge smile in my face.


    Phun is Hufflepuff, Noh is Gryffindor, and Fi is Ravenclaw.

    I just can’t stop Imagining they are in Hogwarts

    • Alem Bess says:

      Hugglepuff Alumnus…you pulled it off really well ha ha ha… I am a Harry Potter fan myself and I really enjoyed your post, smiling and giggling as I was reading through. Nice one.

  13. Yang Guo says:

    Something was nagging my mind about this episode, especially the part with Pang. I thought at the end of season 1 [in episode 11 or 12] Phun revealed the whole “fake relationship” truth to Pang…So why is it that in this episode Pang still seems to believe that they are still really dating…? Is it because of the change in production that they decided to disregard the events at the end of Season 1…? Or….? Because it is really inconsistent = especially for someone who have not read the book and probably follows the TV series…[not me, but just saying].

    • mikel says:

      well, i believe it wasnt disregarded coz pang knows that those two have different/unexplained relationship and that the two cares for each other without label as she was talking to phun in the resto. Also, in the previous episode pang and her friends saw phun bring noh to his house after the party. Maybe, this YAOI girls assumed things as they always do coz phun didnt deny anything when pang and her friends asked why is alone and not having a date, phun also uses “he” which i think refers to noh that is why pang had that kind of reaction. This is in my own opinion only

    • JohnCarloRB says:

      Well basically there’s still some consistency in season 2. Though Pang waa already told that it waa juat fake, still, she knows and sees that Phun and Noh still have something. That’s exactly why she told Phun that she does not fully know the kind of relationship Phun and Noh have but she can see that they care about each other that much and she saw Noh’s reaction when Phun left. She knew Noh was worried about how Phun would feel that’s why she asked Phun to go and talk to Noh. Let’s not forget that she’s really fond of gay couples and I want to believe that she still refuses to accept that her brother and Noh are not or should not be together. I dunno, just my take on the story.

  14. Nolan Peale says:

    Episode 13 recap and review. Trust me that you’re reputation won’t suffer if you read it.


    • Althalus101 says:

      I was one of the people calling for Jeeds head on a platter and I can say with 100% accuracy that i am not feeling guilty!!! jeed made her bed let her lie in it!!! Although the kiss scene in the car didnt indicate that they had gone any further did i miss some kind of cue?!?!?

      • Nolan Peale says:

        I was just trying to think of ways to make her life worse, since the writers have it in for her at this point. It doesn’t sound like punishment enough to just have Neung leave her. He’s such an asshole that being forced to marry him would be much much worse.

  15. Althalus101 says:

    What happened to earn?!?! there wasn’t even a mention of him!!! plus too much Jeed this episode!!!!

  16. Iice Andres says:

    Thank you P’Kuda!

    I can’t wait for the next episode! That will gonna be difficult for P’Phun to take what he will see about Aim. This series makes me go crazy every episode I watch and I can’t stop thinking about this wherever I go. Obsession it is. I may be over-reacting but I don’t care. I just love this novel! More power to you P’Kuda!

  17. karen says:

    the series is very good but it’s a pity that noh is not more demonstrative towards phun they’re both too cute

  18. Joshuaisnotmyname says:

    I am so downloading KakaoTalk now. That opening scene caused my longest squeal in recent LS episode. I almost died. LOL. It’s just sad how the producers are cutting Jeed’s scenes. They place it after sweet moments to spoil everything. Of course, people would hate her. But I am a Jeedi(patterned after Jedi) and I support her.

    Neung’s dimples are really sexy. I can’t hate him even if he’s dumping Jeed. :)

    Yuri is really a nice girl. She deserves Pete if it’s true they are going to end up together.

    So the highlight of this episode was the scene with Pan, Yuri, Phun and Noh in A&W(I’m so not eating there, I might get caught) That line of Phun, “I’m faithful to whomever I’m in love with. I would never speak off and go on dates with other people”, was kind of a reminder to Noh to stop dating Yuri. Phun is such a possessive guy. He already has Aim but is still going after Noh(LOL. My argument is so old and goes way back season 1.)

    But, seriously, they need to label themselves. They need to talk about their boundaries. I understand where Phun is coming from but it’s going to hurt both of them if they won’t clarify everything. Anyway, I really felt Phun’s pain in this episode.

    We have to thank Pang for her existence! We owe her that resolution in the last part. Her wisdom from season 1 is the reason why we all have Lovesick. All hail Pang! :D

    • Alem Bess says:

      Somebody who believes in the propriety of labels! I’m one of those who voted up. As I make this comment I already have watched the unsubbed episode 16 and in a way I feel relieved–despite the extreme pain that I feel with Earn–that for Earn things are clear. Somehow, it paves the way for Pete’s romantic entrance iinto the life of Earn. But I feel nervous about this talk of Pete-Yuri. Will Earn be devastated a second time? But the rumor seems to be out there. And I can’t take it emotionally.

      • Joshuaisnotmyname says:

        Well, I think it is just right that somebody end up being alone. The lonely people of the reality needs a representation. And Earn is the leading contender to be the sacrificial lamb. I have a question, what did you see in Earn? I’m curious. :D

  19. zzzzzzzzzz says:

    Wow that scene with Noh and Yuri was so cute, but then phun showed up and ruined it.

    phun:”I’m faithful to whoever I’m in love with.” LOl

    Then it was boring flashbacks for the next 8min. After that it was all good until phun showed up again at the end of the episode. zzz

    Looks like the Neung and Jeed ship isn’t going to happen.

    I like how there is a jar of rocks in Per’s room.

    • Alem Bess says:

      Neung and Jeed were into each other in the wrong way. If things continue like this, then that ship is not going to merely sink. It is going to sink in a spectacular way. And for perverted minds like mine still hope that the opening credits (including the future ones) will open the romance of Jeed’s two macho rivals, Khom and Neung … bwahahahahahah!…
      Although I understand Phun feeling down seeing Noh “dating” Yuri, I still have this lingering feeling that it is less than justified. And the reason is Aim, since he still hasn’t cut clean with her. I believe that catching her doing bad is not the reason Phun should break up with her. The main reason he should break up with Aim is because he is in love with Noh, if he is to be true to his own maxim: “I’m faithful to whomever I’m in love with.” And that is Phun’s call, not Noh’s. And Phun is not exercising it.

      • zzzzzzzzzz says:

        I think i’ll stay on that ship anyway even if it’s going to sink :[. Where is Khom anyway he’s been missing for like 3 episode.

        Honestly imo phun shouldn’t have even interrupted Noh and Yuri, I’m pretty sure he could’ve drag Pang away from them, but nooooo he had to go in there and spout nonsense like ”I’m faithful to whoever I’m in love with.” and make Noh feel bad/worried.

        It looks like I’ve offended some people judging from that -4, o well :]

        • Samsal says:

          Khom was totally in this episode and the one after that. Just with a different hair style. LOL did you miss him? He was the one who asked Ohm if he had already done the deed with Mick.

  20. Shmerp says:

    P’Kuda thank you!!!

    Earn where are you come back pls! i miss the guy already
    As for Jeed, I can’t really bring myself to hate her that much. She made a bad decision before, but she isn’t necessarily a bad person. Just look at her in the beginning of the show, she was humiliated in front of EVERYONE by Grace. Jeed’s just trying to prevent further embarrassment by trying to go up her school’s social class, despite being entirely unsuccessful. If there’s anyone who deserves to be bashed on, it’s definitely Grace. She can jump off a cliff for all I care

    • Alem Bess says:

      Shmerp, I’m with you on Earn, Jeed and Grace. If it is torture that Earn in the series hasn’t showed up in a week or two, imagine the torture of Earn-fanatics like me who expected him to show up each chapter in the novel. At some point in the novel, when one chapter a week was standard, Earn disappeared for like 20 chapters. Imagine the excruciating pain I was experiencing every single frustrating chapter when not a shadow of him could be glimpsed. Luckily in the series, we are somewhat assured that too long an absence of Earn (and Pete) is something the production team doesn’t want to happen, for the sake of the fans.

      Some people dislike Jeed the character and Gale the actress. But if I am correct, she was hated for the screentime she was getting that Phun-Noh and other BL ship-fans claim to be rightfully theirs. You are right in pointing that she deserved more sympathy and if hate and bashing were in order, those should go in Grace’s direction.

  21. suesue says:

    thanks p’Kuda for the hard work!

    and I agree about the product placements. at least they can do it subtly like most kdramas. just my thought.

    and after watching their interviews and all, it is really nice to watch White and Captain’s (I doubt I am younger than them) chemistry. you can see that they are very comfortable with each other, which makes their on-screen romance more believable. kudos to them both!

  22. angelcross says:

    Thank you again P’Kuda for your hard work!

    I too like the opening scene, it was too adorable! <3 Though I wished they didn't break the fourth wall by using the LS2 stickers! XD

    LOL at Yuri's love for food, I'm envious that she doesn't get fat even if she's stuffing herself senseless!!! I bet Aim is dying for like that as she still needs to diet and such (but come to think of, she doesn't need to, if she is a sl*t, s*x is already a good form of exercise! XD )

    ohoho Pang, I thought you will antagonize Yuri and do havoc in that scene, but I was relieve d that you didn't! *phew* if you did, even if I adore you, I will hate you for life! XD

    and now, Noh knows Ohm!!! Let the teasing wars between you two begin!!! <3 <3 <3

  23. SP says:

    Can anyone provide the direct dailymotion link ? I cant open the ad link …

  24. aaron john says:

    I have fall in love with this series… thank you for this effort to upload it with english subs…

    -from the philippines

  25. iamgerry says:

    Thank you for the sub Kuda.. excited for the next episode :)

  26. JustMe says:

    Thank you very very much P’Kuda for all your hard work subing. really can’t wait for next episode.

  27. Tyler C says:

    Thank you so much p’Kuda! Feels like Christmas with each released episode. :D :D This series has inspired me to pick up Thai… 헐. What have I got myself into!!?? And no kidding with the copious amount of product placement. I was tempted with A&W though – I don’t think they exist in Australia. Also, I have no idea why an all-out catfight with hair-pulling between Jeed and Grace hasn’t erupted yet, but I’ll place my money on it happening some episode in the near future.

    Random thought. In that dum-dum-dum-dum song (ผ่าน), particularly the version without the vocals, does anyone else chuckle when they hear the background singers go ‘*beat* Noh, *beat* Noh, *beat* Noh Noh Noh Noh’ part? I’m sure it’s just a nonsense syllable being used, but I find it funny. Or is it just me? … *awkward silence*


  28. mnc says:

    thank you soo much p Kuda ^^

  29. taasteful says:

    I’m in love with the series ♥ I’m glad you work so hard for us, it isn’t easy to translate episodes so fast :3 Waiting for the next! Hwaiting!
    Ommick ♥

  30. missmeiz says:

    thanks because you spend your time to upload this episode…. love you so much…hehehhe…

  31. Don Humphress says:

    Just finished watching this. Great job, p’kuda. There is a great of dialogue and you got it all. I have to admit something. I was one of those who didn’t like the new Om. I didn’t know his history and he got on the show. But when that actor smiles I can’t help but smile with him. He improves with every episode so I have to admit I was wrong about his selection.

    • Jane Jane says:

      Yup. I am the same with you about Om. At first I miss Chup, and I don’t think that Om can have cheerful noise like Chup. But episode by episode, that Om prove himself. I very like the scene with Noh at canteen with his “story” about Phun got accident and his “kiss” on Noh’s head. So funny.

    • Alem Bess says:

      Along with a few other friends, we saw the potential of NaNoob as new Om and we rooted for him hard to be selected as Om. I am glad that, firstly, NaNoob is proving himself to indeed have the talent and the potential to be a great actor, and, secondly, fans are noticing him and liking him. So, we appreciate the fans who express their support of NaNoob!

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