[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP14

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  1. indydlh says:

    I have been re-watching these episodes while LS is on this brief hiatus. It has been fun to see them again. I just noticed something though which made me laugh. When Noh starts to run up the stairs he has socks on. When we see him going up the stairs he does not. You will think Captain would have remembered that but I guess not. LOL

  2. knu says:

    I would have liked the CD to be a video cassette tape where Noh would furiously pull out all the tape and smash the cassette on the counter into pieces. That would be funny.

  3. Denni says:

    I become to like Golf alot since motobyke scene~ I found him sweet. That part with Golf-Noh talk behind the door was very nice too. Ship PerMarwin hehe they act so cute together.

    And again Mo cry for Moan… over some picture at facebook?! I remember she said that can’t leave Moan no matter what he do cause she love him. Probably I think she will back to him and Golf will get hurt and heartbroken for real.

    For final I think disk is more classical that’s wh they use it instead flash drive. And even if you break flash drive it can be restored.
    Noh did good thing with breaking the disk.

  4. Geoff says:

    Ah p’Im and p’Ann, finally. Missed these two.

    And Golf, I feel you bro!
    Thanks again p’Kuda.
    Tonight is ep.15

  5. Atredeis says:

    OMG per and Marwin Forever and ever…. jeez….. so damn cute… best sceen play in this episode.. ^^

  6. Joshuaisnotmyname says:

    First of all, it is my midterms tomorrow but I spared an hour of my life to watch episode 14.

    Why do they keep on producing opening scenes which makes me squeal like a girl? Not that I am complaining, but, Phun is just super adorable . Noh is so lucky to have him. :)

    Am I the only one who noticed Khom’s new aura. He looked healthier. He was so skinny the last time I saw him. And his earring, it’s new right? I wanna see a larger ring next time.

    Per and Marwin are killing their parts. Per is such a ladies’ man. <3 <3 I like how Per looks so youthful and Marwin looking feminine. It's appealing in my eyes.

    Every time I see Golf, I always notice his skin. Anyway, I'm happy that he's getting another shot at Mo. but, she will just use him as a rebound. BEWARE GOLF, MO WILL HURT YOU.

    I also noticed that this is the third revision they made for Aim's sextape. I mean, I liked the first version, that's why I remember it. And finally, Phun already knows!!!! We are entering a new era of LS. But, before the bliss brought by Phun and Noh's romantic relationship, we shall enter the dark ages first. I know episode 15 and 16 are out on YT now but I am only watching KL's version. Going back, BE PATIENT NOH. I READ UNTIL CHAPTER 60 AND PHUN WILL BE OKAY. HE WON'T TAKE IT AGAINST YOU.

    (i'm sorry on how my thoughts are disorganized. I'm as confused as Phun in this episode. JK.)

  7. taasteful says:

    I love each time they play Truth or Dare in stories :’)) But they didn’t do dares, it’d be funny :’)
    Thanks for the episode ♥ I’m falling for PerWin now :’))

    • Mac Bates says:

      Thank you!!! I thought it was just me who love to see the two together…such adorable couple, right? I also love the chemistry of Om and Min…oohhh…can’t get over of the two…

  8. Alem Bess says:

    Quite delayed watching Ep14 due to delayed download. My opinion is that Episode 14 is the last of the Mo-Moan-Golf story.

    Om must possess something attractive. He is the only one among the characters whose multiple admirers are known, which are Nong Nan, Nong Mick, P’Im and coming soon, another boy James.

    • Nolan Peale says:

      Yeah. I’m trying to figure out whether I like Mo/Moan/Golf ended. it’s a happy ending, sure, but because we haven’t seen the trio for almost a month, it didn’t have as much impact as it could. We just had Golf give a good speech about his pain…then…swoosh…problem solved. Since I don’t really care for Moan, I guess I won’t miss him.

      I think Khom/Jeed/Neung is over, too. Neung abandoned Jeed last episode. She has all these problems at school that Khom isn’t going to be much help solving. I guess Neung could go brag to Khom about how he got to second base with his ex girlfriend (or say he got further than that) to piss Khom off, but that’s really about their conflict and has very little to do with her. The new opening credits has Neung and Khom teasing each other, so whatever is going on there…its not Jeed is going to make them friends. And just because two guys are fighting over you, doesn’t mean you have to pick one of them.

      • Alem Bess says:

        Ha ha ha, and you know what’s going on in my dirty mind about the Neung-Khom opening credits! Beastly passion! Especially when you take note on the direction of their eyes! (That’s a lot of exclamation marks!)

        I was hoping that the series would show how Khom filled up his money jar, whether he gets to have Jeed or not. I still wish Jeed isn’t gone and that we see how she gets out of that quagmire of a life she has. As for Neung, I just want him to be around for his dimples. But if he spices up the story by actually liking Jeed and fight against Khom over her, the better.

        • Nolan Peale says:

          Well, Khom says he doesn’t date girls for the sex…maybe he’s become too involved with the swim team to worry about sex with girls. xD. We’ll see. I do hope there is a Khom story and it involves him getting his life in order financially and out of trouble at school. Even if Jeed were to show up now and say she’s sorry, and recognizes that a guy with integrity is worth far more than a rich guy who’ll use you and cast you aside, she has sooo many problems that she’d just be a drag on him.

          But looking at the 17-18 teasers, maybe he’s involved somehow with Jeed’s revenge on Grace, since he doesn’t have much love for Grace either.

          • Alem Bess says:

            Ohoooo, the Grace factor I missed. It seems like the Khom-Jeed storyline continues..with a vengeance..

        • leo says:

          “As for Neung, I just want him to be around for his dimples” – my thoughts exactly. he is such a cutie with his deep dimples. his character pisses me off and his dimples pleases me. every time he appears on the screen im confused whether to hate or love him.

    • Mac Bates says:

      OMG! another James into P’OM’s life? waaahh..I can’t wait for the next episodes…

  9. mikel says:

    Thanks again P’kuda!
    For me, I really like the conversation of golf n noh, coz this gave us more in depth understanding on the magnetic personality of noh why he is liked by everyone even if he is not as rich or as handsome as phun. Thus, this shows us that he is more mature and understanding than the way he acts or moves. He may seem martyr to others but for me he is just same as phun that cares for people they love.

  10. mentirinha says:

    This is getting better and better. Before I used to love it, but now I watch it and I feel like I can’t wait for the next episode. I’ve watched episode 16 three times alredy, even though I can’t understand a thing, hahah. Good job and thank you for providing us subtitles. I’m so excited for PerWin this weekend, they’re my favorite, so cute!

  11. Anuraag Hatake says:

    Hey LoveSickers..

    This Is my new FanVid.

    Hope you like OhMick version of Christina Perri – A Thousand Years.

  12. Um says:

    Just out of curiosity, I recall having seen a picture of White with tears in his eyes during a fanmeet. What had happened to him?

    • chistarr says:

      it was his first personal fan meet in time for his birthday i think… if you are talking about a recent picture….

  13. Ging_GingIL says:

    One of my fave ep in Season 2. I love the “behind the door” conversation between Golf & Noh. Feel bad for Phun though. But i guess finding for himself than having all his friends finds out about Aim is better. @Kuda, as always, you’re the best! Thanks for taking the time translating.

  14. Jae says:

    I’m gonna follow Bamburn’s ‘shameless promotion’ with one of my own. For those that like reading fanfiction about LS, I just posted chapter 2 of my Per-Win fic titled Not Alone. (I have other fics there as well.) They are also posted on the AFF site under my name, JaeMi1.


  15. Andre says:

    thank you p’kuda,,always,, big thank you :)

  16. roninwariors says:

    i also burn cd rotfl, i love how per explain to mawin that he never do “something like that” rotfl

  17. bamburn04 says:

    Thanks P’Kuda for the translations. Without you, we’d be lost in the series. Context is everything.


    My, Novel to Series Comparison S02 E14: The One With The Truth, review is out. It’s a series review which I do for people who are interested in knowing some differences between the episode and the chapter it’s based off of. I tell my opinions at the end and throw in some small funny moments or things I noticed along with it. To get a good read and/or laugh for episode 14 go to:


  18. theamazingTORQUOISE says:

    please please help me :'(

  19. theamazingTORQUOISE says:

    p’kuda i want to watch all the series of club friday where can i watch all of the season with english subtitles :'(

  20. Manin says:

    Thank you P’Kuda! Wonderful subs as always!

    I’ve reay been enjoying the last run of episodes. It seems like they have returned to be more like the novel but also the first season which is definitively a good thing. Although these are the heartbreak chapters coming up. Poor Phun.

    I did like they way they did the conversation between Golf and Noh, and also the way you had Per and Win’s conversation. Also feeling like the new Omh has finally found his way of doing his character. He seems a lot more comfortable over the last couple of episodes compared to the beginning

  21. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for the sub!! You’re truly the best! So excited for ep 15 ahhh

  22. Dana_1004 says:

    Sorry but i burn CD and put dramas on theeeeemmm<3333
    I like have HUGE collection of CD's DVD's ^^
    Thanks for sub ^^

  23. aicha-sakura-san says:

    Thank you p’kuda for this ep you are the best !!

  24. Dalexxi says:

    This made me cry a little. But the drama in this episode was not that heavy compared to the novel. But all in all i love this eposode. Now its time to get rid of Aim! Thanks p’kuda! You’re the best!!

  25. Janet says:

    Thanks sweetie poor Phun we knew it was coming and Noh will support him as always perhaps now Noh realises how important to him Phun is bless them loving this as always xx

  26. Johnjohn says:

    Hello P Kuda, thank you for subbing this lakorn, made a big smile for me…..hope everthing will be fine for p no and p phun…….

  27. Nolan Peale says:

    I think I liked Per’s character better when I thought he was being truthful about sleeping around with all those girls. Not that I thought he was a hero. It was always a stretch to image him as Don Juan Casanova Rubirosa Per, but I was kind of looking forward to seeing what suave seducer lay beneath that goofy exterior when he wasn’t hanging out with the boys.

  28. iyaaaass says:

    does anyone know Golf’s instagram acc?

  29. crazyfan says:

    Thanks P! Can’t stop smiling watching this episode I really enjoyed it. Thank you for always bringing a smile on my face…

  30. andy says:

    omg poor Win!! He looked hurt when he heard that Per has slept with so many chicks…

  31. Helena says:

    P’kuda, thank you so much for making the subs, it helps a lot. :)) Anyway, may you create subtitles for ugly duckling the series too? khaawp khoon kha :D

    • JoBen says:

      In youtube, GMM TV channel uploaded the first episode with a subtitle. I hope they’ll continue it though (fingers crossed). :)

  32. Sai says:

    Thanks p’kuda.

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