[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP15

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321 Responses

  1. ghelo says:

    where i could find the link of LS s2 ep 15 englisg sub pls.

  2. kristal says:

    i want to report the missing link in the streaming site. could you fix it? thanks a lot before.
    and thank you so much for the subs. :))

  3. melissa says:

    I just realized that there are many other comments before me stating the same thing ever since September, but I see what I see. I think it’s a sly thing collecting views from adfly but putting false link on it, idk about your view though. I’m just guessing you might be feeling lazy to do reupload but I do hope chivalry and integrity isn’t dead yet. You still got money from the clicks, right?

    • Greta Fye says:

      It’s working just fine, you just have to turn off the age restriction. By the way, your post is extremely rude. Kuda has taken the time to sub all these episodes in English and give them to us for free. If the links ever do stop working, she probably won’t have the time to reupload them (did you even read her latest post where she explained how busy she is with her new job?) But the episodes with her subs are also posted elsewhere; don’t be lazy, just look for them. And learn some manners.

  4. melissa says:

    Hello, I want to report missing link on the mirror streaming link, thank you.

  5. RaikaBlitz says:

    P’Kuda, there’s something wrong with the mirror link as I tried opening it and there is no video. Hope you can fix this issue. Khop khun na P’Kuda.

  6. specialistSHY says:

    The streaming link isnt working in my lappie. andd i tried open it with my phone. even tho i deactivate and off the family filter. it still didnt working. help please

  7. PangHarkness says:

    Hahahahaha, at the 7:40, when a pigeon crashs with the window, I just stopped an thought, How did they do that?
    Just imagine the staff grabbing a pigeon and throwing it to the window… I just felt dying of laugh but at the same time sorry for the pigeon

  8. Con says:

    cant watch on dailymotion, reupload please please please?? thanks T_T

  9. Dimas Ibnu says:

    mirror link is broken. can you reupload please? thanks

  10. Fer says:

    Aim, why so slut?

  11. yan says:

    could you upload the steaming links elsewhere? i cant watch it eventhough i am a member and turn off the family filter… thanks…

  12. Sharaar says:

    Oh, I see. We need to sign up, and then turn the family filter off. There is age restriction in this video.
    By the way, thanks p’Kuda.

  13. Sharaar says:

    The streaming link is can’t be watched p,Kuda. Is it because age restriction?
    Please reupload it, p’…

  14. Nezta says:

    Download link not found… what happened? Can u re-upload this episode. Thanks

  15. Fun says:

    i can’t watch this episode, p’kuda, can you solve it please…. T_T

  16. Ken says:

    im sorry streaming link doesnt work :( can you fix it, pls?

  17. BI says:

    still cant find this video… please reupload…i wnat to watch it… huhuhuh

  18. Dan says:

    Sir, why can’t I watch this episode? It always say explicit content. I’m using mobile to watch. Please help. Thanks!

  19. rain phoenix blue says:

    still waiting sir for the last three episode of lovesick series season 2 ENGSUB hoping you post it soon… you are a big help to other people who have a hard time understanding the episodes thanxs sir KUDALAKORN… God bless you sir

  1. June 25, 2015

    […] you want to know how the scenes actually played out in their official sequence, why not follow this link to the episode and watch for […]

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