[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP16

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  1. Question.. is this the cut or uncut version of the series?

  2. Sasha says:

    What is the name of the opening titles song??

  3. GERSHON says:


  4. Missmarie34 says:

    I can’t believe I missed this before, but did anyone else notice how at 35:24, Ohm and Mick were making eyes at each other? Ohm made a gesture pointing to himself and Mick like “wait for me” or something to that effect. It was way cute.

  5. Zevvin says:

    Can i know how many episode for season2?

  6. iviolet says:

    Why did Mick walk away when Ohm was calling out to him that his head was still hurting?

  7. Enna says:

    Is there a problem with lovesick forum in soompi. I can’t open it.

    • Don says:

      I don’t really know. Either he was trying to teach Ohm a lesson or was hurt because Ohm was allowing the other boy to help him. I think Ohm realized too late and couldn’t stop Mick from leaving. Just a guess

    • Solte.N says:

      Episode 19

      • Bitterfan says:

        Thank you. Someone needs to tell the director, too much close up scenes, ads, and needs to train the main leads how to act seriously. Also, the editing is weird sometimes. What a waste of a good novel imo.

  8. Titanicko says:

    p kuda . please translate eps 17 and 18 :( i need to watch it

  9. YessLove says:

    Cant wait for EP17 ! <3

  10. ch says:

    i love earn and ohm.. earn tanned skin so sexy! ohm so manly hahaha..

  11. Anuraag Hatake says:

    So guys by far, whose story line is your favorite..?

    • pandadude says:


      jokes aside, I’m getting pretty bored of Phun and Noh’s story, I find the other ones more interesting, especially Earn and Pete’s. I’m also excited over how Mark and Win are going to turn out

      • Anuraag Hatake says:

        I agree and for me PerWin story line getting more interesting whereas the Main story line i.e., PhuNoh is losing my interest.

        In Novel it was perfect but in series its fading away.

        On the other hand Ohm and Mick is also quite boring but in both acting and story line Per Win and the third wheel seems getting interesting.

        • Anuraag Hatake says:

          About EarnPate, I never considered their story line more than friendship. It was quite disappointing though. Pate is for Yuri I guess :( Many hearts gonna break because of this. Especially Earn’s.

      • k_m says:

        I really wish Earn and Pete had a more prominent storyline, they have such an interesting situation. It gets old that Earn is always thinking about nothing but Noh, he deserves to be a more complex character than that in the series.

      • mickLova says:

        oh, the new guy was Mark??

    • flutepastime says:

      PhunNoh of course. too many side couples though, and they are way too boring :(

    • Atredeis says:

      seriously phunnoh story flutepastime? their story are way too boring, and noh acting is so so bad. no improvement at all from season 1. Perwin story is moreeeeeee interesting then Phunnoh. their acting skill is good too.

      • Yanny Tello says:

        I would say PerWin but they don’t have much screen time. OmMick is also really good, but again no screen time I do agree that Noh’s acting hasn’t improved much. I hate his facial expressions. Phun’s acting is not far behind. Almost equally bad

  12. R says:

    Thank u for the subs!! Love sick the series is the only thing that refresh me in summer. :D

  13. Rob says:

    Poor Jeed is now using an iPhone.

  14. bamburn04 says:



    UPDATE – BamBurn’s – Where We Stand (SMUT ALERT!)
    His latest chapter, “Heat”. Although Pete is still upset about Earn ditching them, he can’t stop himself from rescuing his drunk friend from peril. With booze and conflicting emotions, another sleepover isn’t going to change anything, right?

    See his new chapter of “Where We Stand” at:

    • Samsal says:

      Bamburn04 you are killing me here. I love this story. Read it work too *no shame* Anyway its really well written and cant wait to read more.

      • bamburn04 says:

        Thank you very much. Not quite sure if this chapter was the best to read at work but hey, more power to ya. XD
        I get help from my friends who are also writers to help with most grammar errors so I have to thank them as well. Hope you read till the end cuz I try to stay 2-3 chapters ahead of posting date, so there will almost always be a chapter up every Wednesday/Thursday. :D

        • Samsal says:

          cool now I know when to look forward to it as well cool. Also I read your novel to series comparison reviews. They are also very good. You seem to have ‘writer’ in your blood. lol
          If you had a chance would you write a story-line for any other characters?

          • bamburn04 says:

            Aw. Awesome. I started my N to S Comps before actually writing my fanfic but I never had a real place to put them before.
            I probably won’t write another story-line. PetEarn is already hard to keep up with and there are already good fics of PerWin and OhMick. I don’t think I can do a better story than the ones already in existence or still on going.
            If anything I’d make a SMUT fic of KhoNeung since I already shipped them since the Season 2 teaser trailer.

            • Alem Bess says:

              Bamburn, please PM me an exclusive copy of this KhomNeung smut. I’ll make an exception for this since my time for reading fanfics has not arrived yet.

            • Samsal says:

              I would totally read that too. Why isnt there one already?? This so totally needs to be written. The chemistry between Khom and Neung!

    • Althalus101 says:

      O.M.G!!!! That was… I don’t even know what to say… it was HOT!!!! If EarnxPete in the series did half the stuff in your story i’ll die happily!!!

      • bamburn04 says:

        Aw. Thank you. Someone commented that it reads like it can be canon with the series and that’s the angle I was going for. I wish they did too, hence why I wrote it. XD
        Thank you again for reading and of course, updates every Wednesday/Thursday. :D

    • kimo says:

      Bamburn I love ur novel cant wait for more…

  15. Anuraag Hatake says:

    Its a Indian coming of age Gay story.. Click on link below and enjoy… :)


  16. Chao says:

    YES! finally p’Phun and p’Noh.. and for Aim, thats for her, p’Phun will soon to be free from her. YEAH..! THANKS A LOT Kuda. ^-^

  17. Brian Anderson says:

    I found Episode 17 with English subshttp://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2w1qyq_engsub-love-sick-the-series-season-2-ep-17_shortfilms

  18. Alem Bess says:

    Dear Admin: I just noticed it when I posted 3 successive comments to one person. It would turn out that he would read the latest of the comments first rather than the earliest. I wonder if it can be reversed, to read the earliest first? (Just a suggestion.)

  19. Chet says:

    TBH, I don’t care about Phun and Noh. I’m more interested in Mo, Earn, Pang, and Jeed. I really hope that Earn gets a happy ending. Thank you, Kuda.

    • HaveYouSeenThisWeenis? says:

      I guess it’s because they haven’t given you reasons to care about them. It’s been 16 fucking episodes and they have done jackshit(cute forehead scenes so far but let’s be honest, that doesn’t have us screaming our heads off). They’re giving more of a fucking story to the side couples rather than the main one. I don’t mind the side couples, their interesting and I enjoy them. But they have too many of them. Also, it’s like this season is going backwards, instead of having more physical contact the more the story unravels, they become less in touch with each other the more it goes. I’m not complaining that they have given attention to the other characters but they have made Phun and Noh’s story so fucking boring, you’d rather pay attention to the characters than to them.

      • Nolan Peale says:

        To be fair a little – and I agree with you quite a bit – for those of us who followed the novel, the slow pace and frustration with the PhunNoh relationship development is understandable. This is the section of the novel where the theme was “It’s really hard to get rid of a girlfriend, even one who is cheating on you and one who isn’t even your girlfriend.” It was slow. The boys were stuck. There was even a chapter called “We’re the Same” to emphasize the point that nothing had changed even after Noh announced at the bleachers that he liked Phun. It’s slow because it is following the novel. The good news is that it looks like they are starting to cut out some of the repetitiveness of the novel (It’s a good book, but it isn’t a Holy Book, so I’m not really upset if they move the boys along a little).

        • HaveYouSeenThisWeenis? says:

          Yeah, I was thinking about that too. They should follow the storyline but they could follow it at a faster pace. It is understandable, I mean it’s pretty hard to tell someone you love their girlfriend is cheating on them but 16 fucking episodes. Well, I heard there will 36 episodes so I’m guessing this whole awkward phase where their relationship is struggling to exist blows over. This show has this gravitational pull, no matter how far you want to get away from it, you just can’t.

  20. Madion says:

    Guys and girls, if there is a Chinese version remake of this series, do you guys want to watch? *will be including sub and excluding some extra characters*.

    • Madion says:

      anybody knows … is it have to buy copyright from the series (Thailand) or novel?

    • Nolan Peale says:

      Just to be clear – are you planning on filming a chinese version of LoveSick? Or just editing together a subbed version that just focuses on certain stories?

      • Madion says:

        Yes, there are some productions trying make clear whether the copyright is under the series or novel. No, just remake it to Chinese version. Only focus on Novel.

        • ch says:

          i would love to watch!

          • Madion says:

            they’re still don’t know whether they should purchase the copyright or not. And, it’s confuse whether it’s under the series or novel, the copyright. Nobody will answer after all.

    • Phunnoh says:

      Yea I would want to see it can u tell me when it,will Come out and is the subtitle going to be in English

      • Madion says:

        they’re just planning, no news comes out yet. In between that, they’re confuse whether the which they’re going to do with the copyright. Purchase under the Novel or The Series? If you’ve info about it, I’ll try to forward to them.

  21. Yang Guo says:

    That “Oh. My. God. A challenger appears.” Said the whole thing about this episode and the character’s relationship. Hahaha. Their reaction were perfect and on point. Plus adding in Mick’s adorable jealous face…? Lol

  22. vinapple says:

    Thank you very much P’Kuda.

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