[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP20

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575 Responses

  1. Pasquale says:


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  2. shella says:

    nice film. waiting the new one..

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  3. ghie says:

    ive been waiting for ep 21-23,!! arg kuda please make it fast!! hehe
    is there other site can i see an english sub. for ep 21-23?? huhu

  4. Jamie IsHungry says:

    Omg did they just give me a black screen right when they were about to kiss xDD I’ve been spoiled by other BL series like “Like Love” (and Like Love 2 which is coming out at the end of September) and “Counterattack Web Series” (which is still airing) because they actually kiss in those, hahahaha <333 Thank you for the subs!!

  5. YMen says:

    Finished watching ep.23.
    The best part of that episode is when Nong Noh sing I L… Y.. To nong Phun.
    OMG ….
    Phun’s voice is little bit ruined ending song. :(

    Yuri back ringtone is my new favorite Thai song. :)

  6. Blackie Chan says:

    Ahhh!!, so nervous, just finished the first chapter of my NgernxAugust Fanfic, but being too chicken to publish it.

  7. Drei says:

    So a month had passed, will p’Kuda still be coming back? Is she active on her twitter account?

  8. Greta Fye says:

    My answer below, is a reply to jho’s post. It should have posted under their post, but it somehow got posted as a separate post.

  9. Greta Fye says:

    On top, where it says “Download hardsubbed”, click on the link that says [1080p], it will take you to the AdfLy page. On the AdfLy page, wait five seconds until “Skip Ad” shows up on the top right of the page. Click on “Skip Ad”, and it will take you to the Mega page. On Mega, click on “Download through your browser”. It’s a large download, so you’ll need to wait a while for it to finish downloading.

    • jho says:

      thank for the reply… I tried to do what you are saying but when I was in Mega Page it shows nothing but a blank page… I was thinking I need a certain application or program for that…

      • hai says:

        Hello jho… may I suggest you (& maybe all others too) install this downloading program called JDownloader from http://jdownloader.org/ I personally use it to download ALL LoveSick episodes & each time it works like a charm!
        After you have setup and fire up JDownloader all you have to do is right click on Download hardsubbed: [1080p] and select ‘Copy link address’. JDownloader will do the rest. You may have to learn a little bit on how to start downloading it. Not difficult.
        Well, good luck & happy downloading!

  10. Pumpkin says:

    Kuda forgive me, I done broke. I watched ep 21 and 22 elsewhere. But know that I still eagerly await your subbed versions as they will be far more accurate and understandable.

    They blur together because I watched them right after the other but damnnnnn was it good. I like how blunt and real Earn is now towards Noh, now that it is all out there. He is so adorable and awesome. Not to mention the little preview for the rest of the season that came out a little bit ago. With it showing Noh and Earn getting into interesting situations. Why must they toy with me like this. I like it and I hate it. It’s like it hurts so good haha.

  11. jho says:

    hello there… may I ask something??? how to download hardsubbed??? do I need to download a certain application or program??? thanks to those who will answer my question…

  12. Allan Wright says:

    actually , I like watching the raw video and figure out what’s going on then I wait for the subbed version to see how close I was .. Helps you learn the language.. TY Kuda for your hard work.Take all the time you need…

    • Eeee says:

      You know what? I’m also doing the same thing, well at least since episode 21, =] it’s a good way to learn the language. And I’m 20% close. Not bad I guess.

  13. Eeee says:

    MCOT seriously needs to put English sub to their shows. And if I were them, I would hire p’Kuda.

    If you’re producing good shows then you might attract int’l fans.

    • Blackie Chan says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Don’t they realize how many international fans they have? And don’t they know how much they could earn from video views on youtube? Smh

  14. Greta Fye says:

    Kuda posted on her Twitter account that she hasn’t forgotten about Love Sick 2. Everyone here needs to realize that she isn’t a team of subbers, she’s only one person doing everything: subbing, timing, syncing and uploading, which takes a lot of time. And she’s doing it on her own time, for free. We simply have to be patient.

  1. August 2, 2015

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