[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP21

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615 Comments on "[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP21"

September 19, 2016

hello ! ;A; i’d just like to comment that i absolutely understand
I had no idea you were doing about 45 minutes every single time by yourself ! thats crazy and is so much effort! I am really thankful for your subs they are extremely clear TTTTTTTTTTTTT unlike others,, in this case I will continue to wait for the other episodes ;3; I can be patient. but im really so grateful you subbed this because its a series i’ve come to love with my whole entire heart and i wouldn’t have been able to come to love it this much without you translating it’ ;A; you work so hard ! thank you for everything !!! I’ll be here waiting asdfghjkl

August 6, 2016

Hello thank you for subbing this drama. Because of you I became a fan of this. I do hope you continue subbing the rest of the episodes for the current subs online sounds baby talk to me. This really means a lot to us fans.

August 5, 2016

please mr kudalakorn.. continue subbing the remaining episodes. the remaining episodes are all fucked up in eng sub.. i cant understand them.

July 16, 2016

I wonder whether it’s legal to download the Videos…. I really don’t know and i don’t want to risk anything…. but it would be nice to have the videos.
Where do I find the rest of the episodes? There are some missing, am I right?

June 3, 2016

Hi, kuda can you english sub the make it right the series its already have 3 episodes

April 7, 2016

P’Kuda, I’m a huge fan of Love Sick. The sub on ep. 22-36 is fucked up and it is messing up the story line. I appreciate all your hard work, and I’m sure most people do, and I can help fix this if you provide me the srt files. I can do this in a day. Email me through my site http://pxn.lv or you contact me @pxnlove

August 5, 2016

any updates ??

April 3, 2016

Please sub the remaining episodes T^T The subbed ones that can be found online are messed up ;__________;

March 9, 2016

Can u countinu the next episode please

February 11, 2016

Kudalakorn pls upload season 2 with sub in youtube😢…i cant open them in here

January 24, 2016

I really don´t know why I never watched Love Sick before.
Thanks to my week of vacation, I was was able to binge watch all 2 seasons.
Kudalakorn, I can´t thank you enough for subbing this wonderful drama. I really appreciate all the effort, time and work you put into subbing and sharing this tv show with us. Thank you!!!