[ENG Sub] Love Sick Season 2 EP8

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10 Responses

  1. ShriekNews says:

    this does not play. but the one posted by Thai TV station on Youtube plays. But it’s in Thai.

    what seems to be the problem here? even if I use IE, Chrome or Firefox , all the same outcome. :(

  2. rumi says:

    aaren’t the subs of this episode out yet?

  3. mongstaness says:

    Yay! khob khun maak na kap khun kuda!! (lol. i’m not sure if you’re a p’ or a nong kuda.) i’m glad to see that the site’s back.

    back to LS2, I’m kinda disappointed that the trip in the series is different from the book. also, captain’s facial reactions to yu’s actions weren’t very impressive as an actor. h could’ve done better.

  4. shosho says:

    I am so happy because you solve the sit problem .lots of love .

  5. Pepperdez says:

    Yess!! Thank you!

  6. danny says:

    Love u P’Kuda. I been watching without subs hehe. xoxo

    • alembess says:

      Hi Danny! I ‘ve been watching without subs too and I immensely enjoy it. Waiting for Kuda’s subs is another joyful anticipation because so many things get cleared up when the subs are up. Funny thing is because of social media (fb esp for me), threads are created to explain in English some scenes in the episodes. But somehow, Kuda is the OFFICIAL translator.

  7. alembess says:

    Thanks for coming back. Episode 8 inspired me to create this music video.

  8. John Albert Luces says:

    We miss you P kuda… ^_^

  9. Jerzhee says:

    first comment? nice, Hi p’kuda thanks for translating and never giving up :) cheer up!

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