[ENG Sub] Love Sick The Series Freshy Camp S1E02

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93 Responses

  1. devit says:

    I really can’t find ep 2 anywhere, dunno why :( could you upload it again please? maybe try upload it to dailymotion instead?

  2. Lala says:

    Please reupload Phee :(

  3. Ohmmicklove says:

    So sad that it was removed by youtube :(

  4. jhance says:

    Is there any clip for this episode?, I’ve been looking for hours still cant find one even here, pls P’kuda pls fix this.

  5. TenishaIsLoveSick says:

    It blocked by time I wanted see it.. ugh!

  6. Frog says:

    Clips have been removed, cannot see. Sad

  7. Nonochan says:

    Who cares about those new actors we want them to focus on phun and noh !

  8. P'Hugn says:

    Been smiling for quite days now coz of the LS2 previews on YouTube haha

    Hi to my old friends here during Season 1


  9. Nat says:

    Don’t talk about looks, Oat is the worst of all during the shoot and he is in?

  10. Yumi says:

    I can’t believe Kim and Mean left :/ I really liked them plus Min… I hope he play Mick <3 And I didn't really like Boss and Oat but it seems like they did…

  11. rio says:

    Khet khet khet LS15

  12. SH says:

    I think Min will play Mick. He got very popular in Thailand already (at least more than Oat), it is possible that director or producer will choose him as bf of a main character.
    Somewhere I saw an interview of Captain and White. White said that he considers to leave television industry, he’ll finish the second season and think about that. Will 3. and 4. season really come?

    • P'Nike says:

      I hope you are right about Min playing as Mick. But White really said that? Link please. :( I want to hear it for myself but I don’t think I can, if that’s true. :(

    • sabaimaak says:

      oh no! i watched him in grey secret and his performance impressed me, his acting is really improving! will be so sad if he leaves now :(

    • Dak-shi says:

      I don’t think season 3 or 4 will happen…what story would it have? This story as Kuda said will have 5-6 more chapters and it’s the end of it..sorry but it is not enough for one whole season..i’m just assuming i don’t know completely. Plus the new trailer i saw for season 2…i think they actuallty wrapped it up in a good ending :)

      • Peale says:

        Besides the holdover stories from last year, there are going to be 3 more couples coming over from the book. By the time this season ends, there may be 8 active couples to follow around including Phunnoh. I think they can get another seaon out of those couples if we like them, even if they aren’t part of the book.

        • Dak-shi says:

          Oh yeah u mean it that waayyy. :) Yep that can be possible that’s true but for me the main couple is the best shorryyyy ^^

          • Peale says:

            If they actually play their cards right, i could see being very interested in all three of the couples based on characters from the book. Just because Noh was never curious enough to be nosy and gossip about them to us readers, doesn’t mean we can’t be.

            • Sai says:

              What three couples are you talking about?
              There are bound to be more espically with the amount of cast know we have in the series.

    • in the interview I remember, White was asked that there were talks that he wanted to leave the industry…and whether they were true or not. I think he said something like he did want to but not anymore.

  13. zzzzzzzzzz says:

    I’m so done they eliminated Mean zzz

  14. Rhyian says:

    I so hate Oat! Can’t act and not cute at all! He’s just lucky he fits a certain role in the eyes of the director and gang!

    • Bambikill says:

      I think that’s an unnecessarily harsh comment. He’s a kid, it’s not nice writing stuff like that on an open forum, especially about kids… and you don’t know if he, or someone who knows him, might see this. Not probable but not impossible. I’m not a big fan of all the kids in the freshy camp but I wouldn’t express myself that harshly.
      Just because they are public figures it doesn’t make it ok to say whatever about them.
      Just saying.

    • JohnCarlo says:

      Well, I definitely would agree with @Bambikill. I know that you may not like Oat but then again, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, would it? You don’t have any say as to who the management and crew would choose to play which role and all the fans can do is wait for the actual show to be aired. You are free not to watch if you really hate him but then again still it’s going to be irrelevant. Instead of you hating him, might as well focus on waiting for the show to be aired. If he fits the role, then he fits the role, that’s it. Besides, I want to believe that you have already read the novel, and it should not really matter that much if you’re not in favor with the actors as long as you know the story. Or, for what it’s worth, might as well try to audition for the part and prove to yourself that you really can do a better job than Oat. :o)

  15. Is the MV sort of a spoiler on who’s going to be casted? And chain was booted almost immediately watdahell

  16. P'Nike says:

    Do you guys have drama recommendations? (W/ BL story) Hahaha. Like LS and Hormones. And P’Kudaaaa, it would be great if you have a forum in here. Where fans can ask questions and answer, if they know, and talk about LS while waiting for next uploads. You know, something like that. Haha.

    • Gregorius brian says:

      maybe you can watch Room Alone 401-410.
      the official channel at YT (GMM) uploaded it with english subtitle.

      *hope P’Kuda is okay with random talking at this site ^^v

  17. Anda Miro says:

    Does anyone know when season 2 will start? :(((

  18. uwan says:

    Boss will play Om.
    Min will play Mick.

    • P'Nike says:

      I think if Boss will play as Om, he would also be chosen right away. Min too. As much as I like them to play the role, I think Oat will be given the role of Mick. BossMin look cute together thoughhh!

    • cliffhan says:

      I pray that it is not Boss playing Om. If Boss is selected, it is his body for fan service. His facial expression and acting are not good. On the other note, I heard Boss audited for the role of Em.
      Extra note: You want Boss to play Om due to influence of Chup’s image?

      • P'Nike says:

        I want Boss to play as Om because I can see that he really wants to act. Om is a bully, Boss looks like one too. But I’m giving other contestants fair judgements, so whoever improved in acting must get the role. But BossMin will forever be in my imagination.

        • cliffhan says:

          Wanting to act and being able to act well are different aspects. This may offend to Chup’s fan, but Om’s image in season 1 is already awkwardly constructed (though partly because Om in the series got degraded to tertiary character instead of being a secondary character in the novel. He didn’t even appear in the opening song. See what the series did to the novel’s main character but that is a separate rant). Om is quick with his mouth, sly, perceptive. Chup was stiff and couldn’t bring out the quick-witted Om. Then now if Boss plays Om? My 2 – cent opinion.

          • P'Nike says:

            I see your point in there. I’ve watched Boss in other show so I believe, with proper guidance, he can do well. I’m not a fan, either the face or the body. But I can feel he has it in him. Just a little push. When it comes to Chup, he could have done better given more exposure and well-written script. The thing is, there are too many side characters and story that made the secondary characters, well, below expected.

            • P'Nike says:

              One more thing, I also like Na to play a role because I like his character. So jolly and puts effort in all the things he does. Maybe he can be Om too? Hmmmm. I think he does suit Om. Plus, let’s just hope they do not change or remove PhuNoh scenes and OMick cute scenes in the series. They concentrate too much in other story not in the novel. Sorry for the long comment. :/

              • Peale says:

                Om is a very complicated character – or at least he isn’t a very consistent one. There is private Om who is very nice to Noh and public Om who is a bit of a jerk to Noh and everyone else. He’s a leader of the boys but also an oaf. Maybe we need three actors to play him depending on how he is to behave in the scene. xD

    • Bambikill says:

      No. Na will play Om. Pics of him wearing Om’s Student ID on his uniform has been out for weeks. He has been rumored to be chosen for Om since the very beginning. And he is 100 % Om. They would never release pics with him wearing Om’s number otherwise.
      Na will be Om, Mick is 99,99 % sure chosen for Mick after detective work done by several of the diehard “NaMin for OmMick” -fans and Oat is rumored to be chosen for Mawin.

    • NA -> OHM
      MIN -> MICK

      OAT-> whatever (*cheeze style*), maybe be a bullied student… suit for him .. oooppssss


  19. phunnohjongkeyromantic says:

    thanks P’Kuda…. love you so much….

  20. Yami says:

    kim was my fave, but is weird and i think i saw a pic of him, na and mean? with friday college uniforms, nothing makes sense i was all for kim/min lol

  21. jake villa_ph says:

    I like min… he should play nong’mick…

  22. Dak-shi says:

    Okay i’m confused who’s OUT? ……

    PS – Thanks for ur hard work Kuda, i know how hard is it to sub and do the timing >.<

    • Gregorius brian says:

      let me make it clear. so the first 10 person will continue to next freshy camp to get more lesson. while the 9 other won’t continue to next freshy camp.

      4 of 9 people (nong Benz, Oat, Min & Na) will get to be in LS season 2 right away
      and 5 others eliminated.

  23. sabaimaak says:

    such a weird episode! does anyone else think it was odd that they never asked the girls to do the ‘sexy’ pose? (or at least they never showed it) like, i get that female sexuality is still a bit taboo but they should at least have the same challenge, right? also, SO shocked kim got eliminated! hes got a lot more personality / charisma than some of the others but i guess maybe theyre looking for something else… and yeah i agree it makes no sense picking those FTF out right away, sure they may be perfect for a certain role but surely they all need the acting training and practice that freshy camp would give them, never mind the exposure. i dont know, all seems a bit odd to me! really enjoyed it though and hope we can see them do a lot more fun and silly stuff in the next episodes!

    ps petition for boss to do the whole series shirtless? i feel like a pervert how old is he anyway hahaha

  24. Mhucky says:

    MinOat – hope they will be a couple although I don’t know if Min can play Ohm. But Oat as Mick i think i perfect! But it should be MinOat partner to make up for the chemistry ^_^

  25. Mic says:

    Apologize for an irrelevant question, anyone knows what Wifi Society on GMM TV Youtube channel is? The episodes seem interesting, especially Gray Secret, but I have no idea what is it about since there is no caption.

  26. rebeliousme says:

    Will earn and pete be a couple in LS2 ?

  27. rebeliousme says:

    wll earn and pete be a couple or nt in LS2? I wanna knw tht:-(

  28. SAPPHIRE says:

    I really think oat will play mick…i really do. hahah

    • cliffhan says:

      But…but…Oat doesn’t fit Mick ‘ s description.

      • SAPPHIRE says:

        Lol. And just what is micks description??? Mick doesnt say much and nether does oat haha it perfect!

        • cliffhan says:

          When I look at Oat, I cannot imagine he is cute enough for even guys to say that he is cute. Oat being shy is one thing, but other actors can act the same way. Plus, the impression I got for Mick is that he is somewhat petite, and Oat isn’t quite like that. My opinion is that Kai or Min is a better suit. What if you imagine Kai or Min acting shy and reserved?

          • P'Nike says:

            In the novel, Phun is descried as a VERY handsome guy. I am not saying that Phun is not handsome, he is! But doesn’t fit the description very well. My point is, if it can happen to Phun, ot can happen to Oat as well. Being Mick described as super cute and I can’t see cuteness in Oat that much. No offense.

          • NontThee says:

            point taken. i do think that kaii can be cuter and shy if you look at him

  29. mike says:

    I love that you watch Rupaul! <3

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  30. wingedman says:

    Doth I sense a Kim bias, Kuda? Haha, I was shocked that they were cut so early, too. But they’re still participating in promo events despite the vague promise of being included in “The LS Family”, whatever it is. I bet they will still get small parts here and there.

  31. Bambikill says:

    Thatnks for the sub! <3

  32. Nonochan says:

    I thought this was chapter 60:( but thanks xx

  33. I thought this was “Prologue” :(( My heart had skipped one beat :(

  34. Dennis Wu says:

    waiting for the download link… tik tok tik tok…
    what?? Kim is eliminated?? Oat in?? is it not because he’s ww cousin larr? nepotism? huh >.<

    • Chiaki says:

      i think he’s in because his character fits a certain role in the series.. although i personally think he didnt do very well too cause he’s too shy and passive.. may be that’s what they’re looking for?

  35. I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks P’ Kuda! <3

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