[ENG Sub] Love Sick The Series Freshy Camp S1E03

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  1. proxy list says:

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  2. in lala land says:

    wow you subbed freshy camp as well! I didn’t know that! I’ll check them out after I finish my finals. Thanks a lot p’!

  3. colliding says:

    I got to give props on the product placement translation! XDDD

  4. mong says:

    am i the only one who thinks this camp thing is kinda a waste of time? i like the idea, but the workshops are sooo boring and useless in a way. the only thing i liked from the workshops was the song from ya leum chan…

  5. sky says:

    I thought the reality shows would be games and fun stuff with the original lovesick cast. Unfortunately they have to add so many new, irrelevant roles into an otherwise wonderful plot. I mean, why add extra characters when you can build on the existing ones according to the novel?

  6. phunnohjongkeyromantic says:

    Thank You for give your time to sub this… I love you P’Kuda…. I’m just finish download this episode… I will watch it later… Thanks a lot…

  7. Ahsan Zaman says:

    That moment when August shows up
    And then laughs out loud after making a mistake :D … heart melting :D

  8. alembess says:

    Na for Om and Min for Mick. Nothing more, nothing less. (he he he at least for us and you know who we are.)

  9. yukinakisa says:

    Is there anybody here rooting for kaii?
    he is so ughhhhh….. j’adore

    He should play nong mick!!!!! :(
    And he is the lead actor from my bromance rite?

    • sky-high says:

      I so want him to play mick as well with brightest adorable smile.. I guess he matches the role perfectly… ND Na he is nt frm my bromance..

  10. LarryStylinson says:

    Is there something going on between Earn and August’s character? Thanks :D

    • Peale says:

      We hope so, although my guess is that the marketers are just playing with us.

      • alembess says:

        With Pete still not in the novel, I really wonder what he is doing in the series except as just another Cheer Team Member. If they were serious about August to play Pete who falls for Earn (unrequited or not), they should have started already in S1, which I think they did (Uncut version of Ep9) but somehow decided otherwise and not pursue it. With all the S2 hype of August and Ngern couple, I hope they have some serious interplay in S2, esp for August. Ngern is assured of a big role as Earn for S2. August, doubtful..Let’s see.

  11. NiniDee says:

    i knew it! hehehhe P’Boss was one of the cast in Club Friday Series 5 did you guys watched it already? It’s a nice 4 episode series.

  12. knu says:

    I just realized, wouldn’t August be perfect to play Phun in LS? Based on the book, I think he suits Phun’s look and character much better than White does.

    • Tory says:

      I think so too. Phun should be strikingly handsome (and masculine) as per the novel. But I guess it’s too late now. Captain and White have become inseparable ^.^

      • P'Nike says:

        Yes! August’s “handsomeness” is undeniably a spot on. But I think writers and director saw chemistry between White and Captain which I doubt August and Captain would have. Hence, August + Earn. Which is nice! They look so good and hoooot together!

    • carol tran says:

      August is 1 of the most good looking guy out of LSTS. But to be honest, I think White’s acting skill was much better than August, that’s why they chose him to become Phun . They had to see something in White so they decided to risk and gave him that important role. He did quite good tho. For me, just only me ok!! white looks quite average ( sorry ) and he doesn’t look best in photo-shoot either but his charm is undeniable.. August has his looks but he was a little bit robotic for me in Season1, his eyes were blank and I I didn’t feel impressed by his acting at all. I feel more impressed by the naughty Per( just small role but did great and so funny). If, if in case White can’t be Phun in SS3, I rather say I want Fifa ( is that his name?!) to be Phun or casting someone who looks like Mario Maurer and can act lol At least for now White doesn’t look best to fit the character but he does looks good with Captain as PhunNoh ;)

      • alembess says:

        My opinion is that White seems to have gained quite a good following as Phun whether he fits perfectly or not in the description of Phun in the novel. For example, we have our different standards on what is strikingly handsome. But what is undeniable is that White has a big fan base, quite a huge following. So his handsomeness is striking to very many fans. I for one am not a White fan, but my friend Bambikill is a fierce and loyal fan. While we who comment here obviously follow the novel, I think there are very many fans who have not read the novel, based on some comments and inquiries made in the LS SEries International Fans page. (To my surprise, even Ngern has not read the novel, at least not in its entirety.. I have that on good authority. And he is a major character!) . So many fans are basing their following of the actors and characters on the series rather than the novel.

        • Bambikill says:

          “but my friend Bambikill is a fierce and loyal fan” – hahah :D I SO am!

          To the White-“haters” –

          My long and elaborate defence of White’s acting skills and looks disappeared and it bugs me so I won’t write it again but the sum of the rant was this;

          * He is a good actor, able to portray nuances with just his eyes and facial expressions, something many noobs can’t pull off. The same goes for Captain.
          Their performances grow for every time I watch the series (even though I can spot which scenes were filmed first, they still impressed me already from the start)

          * Striking handsomeness, is, as Alem says, in the eyes of the beholder.
          For me – all the other actors fade when I see White’s eyes.

          * I don’t even know why I bother to reply to this – I only get cranky and fiercely defensive when people bash White :P I don’t even understand why he gets shit – I haven’t seen any of the other actors get crap. Though the ones complaining are very few since he is very popular (even if not quite on par with Captain),
          I can’t comprehend the problem.

          But whatever, I guess it’s good we have different preferences.

    • Bambikill says:

      Really? Wow. I couldn’t agree less :) August has this shy and careful air to him, which really wouldn’t suit the confident, cocky and extrovert Phun at all.
      I think White fits the role of Phun like hand in glove. Besides, even though I find August very good looking, he looks nothing like my mind’s image of Phun. White is much closer. (And by now he IS Phun for everyone, of course.)
      Also, I think that he and Captain look much better together than A & C would.
      And of course the perfect chemistry :)

      • Bambikill says:

        And btw – I’ll stop watching if White jumps ship for S3… Ain’t gonna work for me with anyone else.

      • cliffhan says:

        Haha, White is not Phun for me. His acting doesn’t give me an impression of Phun at all. To be honest, even Captain is not Noh but his interpretation of Noh is still acceptable. White’s Phun on the other hand…

      • alembess says:

        It was rumored that White almost quit because of some problems. We are stuck with White whether we believe he is the perfect or imperfect embodiment of Phun. We hope that he gets better with experience along with the others. With LS series going as far as 4 Seasons, let us have our fingers crossed that White and the other major actors stick it out with their characters and not quit. Otherwise we will have an unrecognizable LS series in the next seasons.. We hope that Chup and Yolk are the first and the last of their kind quitting. And they play such important roles, esp. Chup as Om.

  13. P'Nike says:

    It was nice to see Phun and Noh! Waaaah! And August just became so gorgeous! But he’s too serious for that upbeat song. I didn’t expect Fifa would win the challenge though. But the hair suits him. Goodluck to all remaining candidates, fighting!

  14. Manin says:

    Thank you for the subs!
    Loved the way you did the product placement, I remember them talking about the app in a previous episode and thinking “that seems a lot like PPL to me”

  15. Ika Roe Rie says:

    I really appreciated your hardwork. Thx for subbing this amazing novel. I still wait for (real) chapter 60. :)

  16. cliffhan says:

    I love how p’Kuda made fun of the commercials. I was pondering whether this fresh camp was really meant to select actors and actresses or just a means for commercialization and advertisement.
    On another note, the MV is weird. The lips are not in sync with the music.
    I miss the novel so much T______T

  17. OYP says:

    Kuda <3 you're the best!

  18. Tory says:

    I wonder if they will feature younger Noh and Phun in the series. If they would, I can see Bank as younger Noh. Min would be perfect as younger Phun, but he’s already rumored to play Mick, so…

  19. Haider Rizvi says:

    thanks a a lot, lots of love.. Live long Kuda

  20. Dak-shi says:

    Thank you , thank you Kuda ^^
    I can’t wait to get home and watch it! T.T That will be in 9 hours damn T.T

  21. Will says:

    Thanks! I was starting to wonder if you’d been taken by a giant easter bunny!

  22. Gregorius brian says:

    thanks for the latest episode of freshy camp !
    i am happy to see you keep sub this reality show :)

  23. Tishcop Pochsit says:

    I’m just happy and grateful that you continue to translate. Thanks as always. I might not always comment, but I am always grateful.

  24. cliffhan says:

    Thanks a lot for your work p’Kuda.

  25. Bambikill says:

    Thank youuuuuuuuuu! <3 I have been waiting for this! <3

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