[ENG Sub] Love Sick The Series S1E02

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4 Comments on "[ENG Sub] Love Sick The Series S1E02"

May 4, 2015

Hi! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing serie. I’ve started watching it last week and now I’m hooked. I was wondering since you uploaded season 2 in high quality will you shared the version of season 1 in 1080p?

November 24, 2014

Hey, it does get better! Phun’s sister is hilarious. She’s like a blown up version of Koi in HTS. HAHA!

Greta Fye
July 26, 2014

Thank you!

July 26, 2014

I like this episode so much
Phun’s sister is like my friend, she like that kind manga so much and often ask me about my personal life, hahhahaa
I like this episode, cant wait next episode :)