[ENG Sub] Love Sick The Series SS2 Trailer + KL Updates

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  1. kora says:

    Even though its true that some of the latest episodes has been going no were and the director has not given us enough of phun and noh time I kinda get his vibe since the novel those give us nothing other then noh pov he is just trying to expend the story on the out side to make us more feel like he’s not alone and to thks point its not just about being lovesick but to also see how the people outside of nnoh’s bubble ( in the episode Yuri) are affected by the current situation looking for answers… yeah he could do better with his choice of cut scenes (in that case Phun and Noh ) right now but I think he’s doing a good job in integrating the other characters in the storie something that is not in the novel considering everything is just going to go down hill with the mood later on I think it’s kinda good to make us stall like that…..iit make what’s to come even more….(tough if he mess the rest up I might need to fly to thailand beat his ass into a pol and resume the filming myself…..hahahahaha should be fun a fangirl in charge…;p)

  2. issi says:

    how many episodes does s2 consist of???

  3. rejie says:

    Do you have the episode 3?

  4. Thanks for the update, as resisting myself watching the raw episode, I’ve been waiting for subbed one. Hope it come soon, hehe
    And tomorrow, I mean sunday, there is episode 2, right?

  5. Jae Mi says:

    P’Kuda has started her magic!
    Check out @KudaLakorn’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/KudaLakorn/status/594661586557632512?s=09

  6. Kev says:

    The acting has improved a lot, can’t wait for the Eng Sub. Noh is looking hot and Phun is killing it with his hotness lol.. Thumbs up for Captain and White.

  7. Jae Mi says:

    Watched the unsubbed first episode on Youtube. Really want to see the subbed version now. lol
    The acting has improved and I like the interactions. I am glad that it looks like they didn’t turn a certain character into an innocent victim like we thought they might. I won’t say any further since I don’t want to spoil for those that haven’t watched yet. After the subbed version is up (thanks to the wonderful P’Kuda), I will say more. ;)

  8. sky-high says:

    Unsubbed ep 1 is available on you tube… Hopefully it gets subbed equally quick as well… So far looked better thn ist season phun noh acted better… ohm and mick they will make a good couple … Earn appearance was short bt impressive.. Hopfully Pete does get his chance of appearance more…. I wod really not want earn to be left alone…..

  9. SaJa says:

    Thank you in advance for the subs. Although I’m anxious to watch it now I understand you have other responsibilities and priorities to handle and that it takes time to sub and time the episode. Whenever you get around to finishing and posting it I’ll be truly grateful .

    Thanks Miss Kuda

  10. Hi guys. Do you have a link of Stay The Series with English Subtitle? (I’m very sorry P’Kuda for posting this. I hope it you’ll be fine with this post.)

  11. rejie says:

    I really wanted to watch it right now please :)

  12. Dak-shi says:

    Kuda, please tell us how u liked the first ep T.T Give us some of ur feelings how did u like it T.T And cant we watch the ep raw? T.T SO IMPATIENT

  13. rejie says:

    When will it be available here in philippines?

  14. rejie says:

    Is it here yet im from philippines

    • johnl'e says:

      season 2 starts airing may 2 in thailand… let us just wait for when miss kuda actually posts it in this website and not rush her as she has a lot of other things to do… let us just be thankful that she is actually doing this for free and not asking for anything in return…

  15. rejie says:

    Where can i find the first episode of season 2?

  16. andhika94 says:

    When you will sub it ? After a few days or a week ?

  17. Mary Nelle says:

    What time is this being aired in thailand?

  18. John Albert Luces says:

    It’s May 2!!! Can’t wait for the 1st episode of Season 2 ^_^

  19. Lily says:

    I’m so excited for S2, oh my god. Btw, I was wondering, is there anyone here up for creating/joining a chat or a forum or anything for Earn and Pete (or Ngern and August too) fans or EarnPete shippers? Most discussions in places are focused on PhunNoh, so I was wondering with the new season giving Earn more screentime and the build of an EarnPete romance, if we could have a place to freak out about it. Would Skype chatrooms work or is there anywhere else we could do it?

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