[English Sub] Cast of Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter On 3 Num 3 Mum Tonight

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  1. Katherine says:

    Is there a way I can watch Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter with English Subbed because it seems like all the videos are deleted on youtube and I could not find them anywhere with eng subbed.

  2. anjel says:

    Hi, I would like to say first of all thank you for the English subs because I have grown to love Lakorns. I was wondering if you have all of the Lakorns you have worked on available for download I would like to be able to watch them on my tv thank you —-Anjel

    • KudaLakorn says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t. When I first started subbing, I have not created this blog. I only started with the 2nd half of Reun Sawn Ruk to present. I have no intentions to upload my past projects on here since it’ll require a ton of things and I’d rather spend those time working on my current and new projects instead.

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