Kob Suvanat is Pregnant!

According to the newoulets, she is 3 months pregnant. She will hold a press conference later tomorrow. I’m so glad! More details later! UPDATE: Details over at Lyn’s Blog HERE.


TS Saga: Prologue

The fifth clip that has surfaced is, alledgedly, between Tanya and Peck Sanchai. From what I could tell, this happened before Tanya took Leah to America without Sanchai knowing since they’re talking about going...


TS Saga: The Indian Condom

The Saga continues with more ‘leaked’ clips from, allegedly, Tanya’s Blackberry that was sold. Aside from the two clips, there are three more. Two of the three new clips are allegedly of ‘T’ speaking...


Peck Sanchai Threatens to Kill Tanya?!

In the amidst of the “AF” drama (Annie and Film*) another saga, dubbed TS (Tanya and Sanchai), continues! Several months ago rumors broke out that Tanya’s husband, Sanchai, has been cheating with Pinky Sawika....