[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 11 OPEN MIND

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  1. NinyaHesika says:

    Done watching both seasons so now I’m off to reading the novel. Feels weird – because i think how the novel is written is wonderfully more sexy? Haha

    Love this to bits. Thank you for your translation and to the original author. <3

  2. Kai says:

    Argh! The last part is waaaaaaay much cuter than what we had in the series! Just imagining White and Captain doing this ♥♥♥♥

  3. chibonew says:

    The last part was different from the series..its cute this way i thought*sorry bad english

  4. Pat says:

    Maybe because it is written in Noh’s point of view that we find him more agressive than Phun. We don’t know exactly what’s going on inside Phun’s head.
    I’m a fan from the Philippines!

  5. my1004angel says:


  6. Qiqi Ming says:

    So in the novel, Noh is the one who offered the hug, but in the series, it is Phun who forced to hug Noh. Aaww both are very cute 555

  7. alembess says:

    Love Sick Trivia
    How Well Do You Know Your Favorite BL Novel?
    Chapter 11 OPEN MIND
    (Reminder: Verify your answers in order not to confuse the novel with the series.)

    1. What’s the color of the taxi that took them to Noh’s house?
    2. Who were in the living room when Noh entered carrying Phun?
    3. Which two friends of Noh were mentioned as often visiting the house?
    4. What kind of pants was Phun wearing?
    5. What kind of sound did Phun give off when Noh was meticulously wiping down Phun’s chest?
    6. Who initiated unbuttoning Phun’s pants, Phun or Noh?
    7. What did Noh do to make sure that Phun slept without any disturbance?
    8. Since when have Phun and Noh actually known each other?
    9. What two phrases did Phun and Noh say to each other before they fell asleep in tight embrace?

    (Love Sick Novel Trivia Questions appear in the appropriate chapter’s Comments Section.)

  8. belle05scoty says:

    That line ” Those eyes that are filled with courage and sincerity is the answer.”
    WOW and that hug to be the heater, wonder why Phun was hesitating to hold Noh closer. Must say emoticons a i am not to familiar with so had to learn what they mean, I like the challenge.

  9. Ndutsexy88 says:

    Wow, thanks for this translation. Now I know how Noh feel about that night. Can’t wait for next chapter.

    And… I got this video from youtube. Is this Captain (Noh) before he get famous like now?

    • IHartMarch says:

      Hahaha why does it look like a school project? Or maybe it is. Lucky girls xDDD

      • Ndutsexy88 says:

        yes, I think that too. Because the camera shake a lot, haha. Maybe that is Captain’s first movie project with his classmates, and also first Captain’s appearance in a movie.

  10. IHartMarch says:

    What is this? LOL So sweet!
    It is so weird for me whenever I see this line “This post contains the plots from episode X of Love Sick The Series. Please avoid reading if you do not want any spoilers.”. Hahahaha I personally favor the novel more than the series and I would really approve it if the episodes from the series will get that lines like “This episode contains the plots from Chapter 5 of Love Sick The Novel. Please avoid watching if you do not want any spoilers.” LMAO What is happening to me? XD

  11. ajisai says:

    Woaa that`s great. Thanks p`kuda. I hope you wikl finished translate this series untih end. Fightingg ^^

  12. Nam says:

    thanks again for your work. you are awesome :)

  13. Reyny says:

    OMG!!!! I’m the happiest person right now! Thank you so much for this ;__; -i’m a little bit dunk, any typo mistake, blame the alcohol xD-

  14. swastiaridy says:

    sweet chapter aaaaa >////<
    thank you p'Kuda for your work!

  15. ccnccm says:

    1 chap/ day: I really admire your work ^_^

  16. randomknight says:

    “In this moment, I don’t know for sure what it is we’re really doing. I only know that I want to hold him, no matter what the reason might be.

    We listen to each other’s heart beating in unison under the soft moonlight.”

    He surely knows how to say it.

  17. Cubbie M. says:

    Wah it’s totally different from the series. I’ve always love the novel more but in this scene I think I like the scene in the series better because Noh in the series is always reluctant to Phun’s request but in the end he surrenders. And that is just cute & sweet!!!

    And just how many times that Noh mentioned how handsome Phun is so far? LOL.

    Thanks p’Kuda for satisfying my addiction to Love Sick! Fighting! 1 more day to go!!!!

  18. edo bagus says:

    Again. thank you so much P for your hard work subbing either the novel and the series and make the translation of the novel come as quick as the series too. Thank youu

  19. chromil says:

    Sweet…. (^_^) Can’t wait for the next chapter….

  20. wow the novel is total different from the series. It is more romantic Phun in here seems more shy and Noh is more forward. aww.

    .”We listen to each other’s heart beating in unison under the soft moonlight.” and may both of you live happy ever after.

  21. rajanu says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank u i need to sleep fast so i can go to work but i was still think of this thank now i can sleep in peac

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