[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 39 WITH THESE COUPLE OF ARMS

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  1. NinyaHesika says:


    This scene was epic! They should have used this instead of how it happened in the series. Still, both scenes were awesome so i’m not complaining. Lol

  2. Missmarie34 says:

    Before I add my comments, I want to first say thank you Miss Kuda, for all the hard work you do in translating this novel and the series for all of us international Love Sick fans. We would be lost without you, so thank you very much.

    For me, this chapter was both upbeat and heart wrenching at the same time. All of the hard work and effort Noh put into making Phun smile again was finally starting to pay off. He was starting to act like his old self and it made Noh happy just to see him smiling again. And then in one swoop, it was all wiped away. My heart ached for both of them: Noh because he blamed himself for causing Phun’s pain and was racked with guilt and sorrow, which ended up with him breaking down in tears. And of course Phun, because he saw for himself that Aim cheating on him was in fact true. He may have even been in a little denial, but being confronted with her out with another man had to be painful.

    But I did love how they were each trying to console the other. It continues to show how much they love and care for each other, in spite of the circumstances. Of course Phun is guilty of cheating too, but at least there is real love for that other person, and not just someone he is hooking up with for a quickie. Not saying that makes it okay, but it is what it is. And I know this might sound a little harsh, but if him seeing this will expedite their breakup, then let’s do this. I just want to see my guys finally happy for a while.

    Love this novel, and special shoutout to the author, @hedshew for creating such an amazing story.

  3. Joey Hon says:

    Crying reading the last part makes me super emotional now. I bet I’m so gonna cry once this episode came out

  4. Sharry BBiey says:

    I use both of my arms to pull Phun so that he would look at only me.

    His body feels weightless and I can turn him around with ease despite barely using any force. I look at his sharp face, unable to guess how he might feel on the inside. I pull him in and hold him tightly, ignoring the people around who might be staring at the two of us. I only know that I need to stop Phun from seeing those images, to stop him from thinking about those things and rid him from the pain. I want him to open his eyes and only look at me, the person who cares about him and will always stand beside him.

    #aww, my favorite scene..uhhu

  5. I love Noh so much. He is such a compassionate and caring individual. I really feel for him cuz he feels he has to bear the responsibility of Phun’s heartbreak and pain. I cried when he cried. This is truly a tug at your heart strings kind of romance happening between these two lovers. I love it.

  6. collide says:

    Noh being sweet and vulnerable!~ ^///^

  7. HeWhoShalNotBeNamed says:

    Oh my god! I actually feel bad, cause i wanted to see p’Noh cry for such a long time!

  8. chibonew says:

    The last sentence’s really touchs my heart

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