[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 42 WHEREVER YOU ARE

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  1. Jane Doe says:

    I don’t know how I feel after reading this chapter… It saddens me that Phun wants Noh to wait for him now that he’s broken up with Aim. The one obstacle to them being together is gone and he wants to cry over it? Agh, I’m not understanding Phun now. Not at all.

    • Peale says:

      One of the things about Phun is that he had a strong belief in a certain kind of love and his ability to live up to that ideal that Aim shattered. He thought that he could always forgive her and in exchange for that, she would always trust her and accept his gifts. He feels the same way about Noh. He wants to provide, be trusted and forgive. Unfortunately, Aim not only betrayed him, but betrayed his ideal of himself – he couldn’t forgive her so that they could stay together. He’s upset that he betrayed her with Noh, sure, but he’s found out that there is a limit to what he can forgive in someone he loves. She has shattered his belief in himself as a lover. I think that has a lot to do with his withdrawal at this point.

    • bamburn04 says:

      Actually his reaction makes perfect sense. He loved Aim too. You don’t just get over a long term relationship (I’m guessing they’ve been together at least a year). Also, if he just ran to Noh, it’d make it seem like Noh is just a rebound guy and it makes it look like Phun has a shallow outlook on his relationships (getting over Aim so quickly while switch over to Noh after doing something so difficult). Phun’s depth is, when he puts effort into something or commits to it, he really does so almost in a zealous way (hence him always trying to meet everyone’s expectations and trying to please everyone), so when something doesn’t turn out how things should go or doesn’t understand why things happen, he starts to crack. That’s just my analysis.

    • Lex says:

      Phun is someone liable with strong character, a true gentlement. that is why since he done it with aim he felt responsible and willing to take care of her till the end, he took his love seriously. Noh is an unpredictable character that came into his life. Watching him struggle and decide to choose aim, i feel like i can understand why noh fall in love with him. Aim betrayal has shatter phun’s values. If phun is an asshole who can forget his love in one night and run to noh at the time he realized aim betray him i would rather see noh choose earn. Noh is an amazing loyal character and phun gentlement character fit him so well.

  2. lyrehcanipse says:

    Its my first time to post here.just a personal input,in every relationship we enter we always think that it will last.so our intentions are always for the best of each other.when something so great happens whether its good or bad it will affect everything.i like how phun stops and think before he made the move.its better to get everything in perspective before he breaks up with aim.he had a long and deep relationship with aim and even if aim was a wild girl that doesnt stop phun from staining her reputation.by what he did i hope aim realize that what shes doing will definitely be bad for her.

  3. Ahsan Zaman says:

    Is it really normal to cry over a horrible person this much, regardless of how long the relationship went on? And especially when such a loving person is right beside him, and when he himself loves loves him back? I don’t think so. It’s not fair to Noh either. If only Noh felt the same way for Earn..

  4. kiara says:

    I am sorry but i love Noh and Phun but seeing phun crying like that for the bitch makes me wonder does he really love Noh At all??? I mean if you love noh then phun should not be that sad… And seeing this makes me to tell Noh to just choose Earn at least he only like Noh …I am really disappointed in phun after this chapter

  5. Ok says:

    Я не понимаю,если он так любит свою девушку,зачем мучает ревностью Но?А если он любит Но,чего так сильно убиваться и просить ждать.Мне жаль Но,он постоянно слышит и видит как Пунн любит Эм и находится рядом ни на что не надеясь.Юри ему друг ион никогда не говорил,что любит ее.Пунн же постоянно говорит,что любит Эм.Тогда,что он чувствует к Но?Я не понимаю его.

    POBRE PHUN, todo esto ha sido un gran golpe… pobre chico, yo tambien quiero llorar… maldita Aim, como pudiste hacerle esto? Como? engañar a tan maravilloso hombre T-T Eres mala.
    Pero a parte de la preocupacion que tengo por Phun, me preocupa este tiempo que se daran… Earn dijo que no se rendiria y creo… que el dolor que tiene Noh, el alejamiento y rechazo de Phun hara que cometa errores que solo los lastimara mas y mas… espero que no pase nada entre Noh y Earn, nada que lastime a tres al final (incluyo a Phun en la lista).

  7. my1004angel says:

    Plot twist: I am the driver. XD

  8. my1004angel says:

    Oh my god, that personal note “The waiting begins.” Please don’t do that. It sounds like a really bad premonition that I’ll have to survive through a bunch of cliffhangers to get a happy ending. Oh my god. XD. And when he said he broke up with Aim…gosh, I didn’t know whether I should cry or jump up in elation. White and Captain sure have a lot of critical emotional scenes in season 2….

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