[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 44 AWAIT

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  1. Kaii says:

    I doubt that the full kiss scene will happen in the series so I’ll just enjoy this moment in this chapter. Heheh. ;P

  2. A potato says:

    I’m happy that Phun is returning to his old self again. he deserves someone who loves him and doesn’t need to be stressing over a girl like Aim. But for some reason i feel like Aim sent Jeed to either seduce Noh or to simply spy on Phun.

  3. chibonew says:

    Why the hell jeed try to hiting on noh?

  4. Ahsan Zaman says:

    “… offer one another the sweet nectar”… oh what a nice way to put it :v … nice to see these two all “romancy” again ^_^

  5. DonnaLV says:

    ” That bastard! You got me all worked up and you just gonna leave?! ” … My guess Noh want more then just a kiss …. kkkkkkkklol .. #phuNohIsReal #WHITECAPTAINDELULU

  6. Job well done again ☺.
    Happy new year from Australia here .

  7. Hugn says:

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  8. Aavin Tan says:

    managed to read through this novel. it’s nice and even worth to spend time reading it. kinder enjoy of the plot of this novel. thanks to Kuda for being so nice doing the translation works. u are the best! ^^

  9. Pun Noh says:

    So is this going to be the last chapter of Seasom 2? Please tell me NO! Please please pleasee…. T.T please upload more chapterssss. Please. T.T

    • Peale says:

      I think season 2 will end after the live band competition with Phun telling Noh it’s time to break up with Aim. Or with Noh outside the elevator waiting for Phun to come down after breaking with Aim. Cliff hangers over kisses.

      • Bambikill says:

        I agree with you, that’s the probable scenario. The best cliffhanger would be to take a season break after the competition. (And the most annoying to the viewers who hasn’t read the novel, haha.)

        • Peale says:

          Yep. They will be holding hands, Phun will lean in in one of those 360 degree shots and the season cuts away without the fans knowing that there isn’t going to be a kiss that night. Lol

        • Peale says:

          I honestly hope that Jeed is written as chasing after Noh. That would mean the writers decided not to reunite her with Khom. Good. I would like the writers to write a convent girl character for him to date that we would actually be happy with. Or match him with p’Carp. Or another boy from the swim team. Anyone but Jeed.

          • Bambikill says:

            Hmm. But maybe she’s like… “got knocked into her senses and realized what a b*ch she is and goes crawling on her knees back to Khom and begs his forgiveness and then turns into the best GF in the world?” Or something like that… If she’ll do that – then I want her to stick to him and keep the BEEP away from Noh. Friggin’ 180-turn Yuri is quite enough to have sticking to him like a Post-it…
            In the novel, Jeed bugs me – I can’t figure out where it’s all headed and I am going berserk over all the hurdles in the boys’ way… :S

            • Peale says:

              I’m not opposed to her wanting a rich boyfriend. I know gold digging isn’t the best behavior, but if that’s what she wants, I’m not going to complain if she looks for it. I’d rather Khom finds someone who will cheer him on as a swimmer, recognizing that swimming is the best shot he has at paying for college. He’s got potential does our Khom. Maybe his girlfriend has her own goals that he can get behind. But if the only girls he can meet at that convent will be embarrassed by the fact that he can’t buy them things, he should just wait. He needs to spend his money on carbs so he’ll win races.

              A big, strong well fed Khom is going to be a hottie someday. A starving thin khom, not so much.

  10. PhunNoh says:

    Pleas please another chapter, please. T.T T.T T.T T.T pleaseeeeeee… I’m dyinggggg to read next chapters. Pleaseeeeee…… Pleaseeeeeee…… Pleaseeeee…….. T.T

  11. dilliard says:

    Finally, I managed to read chapters 43 and 44 :) ..

    Jeed showed up in a totally different manner than the series…she will join the battle for Noh with Earn :) hahaha or she’s just using Noh to get close to Phun? haha Om knew his place now..not to mock on Noh since they both have intimate relationships with guys ..hahaha Cute!

  12. naaaaaah can’t wait to see this chapter in the series woaaaaaaah nooooh (i hate jeed from the begining of the series rotfl)

  13. kell says:

    happy new year!

  14. cipikk says:

    Happy new year y’all.. Btw does anyone knows any boys’ love story similar to this (high school or college story)??

  15. Happy New Year to all Lovesickos around the world. more happiness and cheer in this year while waiting the next chapter ^^.
    Special for P’Kuda, my favorite translator, I’m so happy coz in my life I can get chances to enjoy the lakorns with your translation. I’ve just realized that I’ve been following you since Pee Kong’s love story, though I forget when did I watch it, in 2007 or 2008. it has been so long time, right ^^? I’m grateful you’re still willing to spare your free time for these until this time, and if I’m not wrong, you do all by yourself, you’re awesome ^^. I hope you’re happy and healthy always, and can achieve your dreams. good luck and fighting ^^.
    Reading this novel makes my love for Phunoh grows deeper and my favorite Thai songs list is become longer now 555.

  16. carolyn says:

    Harry new years to all

  17. nixeneve says:

    Happy new year to KUDA and to all the lovesickos !! (^o^)/*

  18. Sai says:

    Happy New Years to all lovesick fans.
    I hope all of your wishes may come true. May you have health, wealth, and love.
    Thank you Miss.Kuda for the translations may you too have a prosperous year.

  19. My special wish of year with lots of health, peace and many achievements. This is my true desire for you … P’Kuda.

    Thank you and continue to make this beautiful work and keeping us in your life.

  20. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Everyone has this year 2015 the best of everything.

    Much peace, health and, of course, LOVE !!!!!

  21. chromespades says:


  22. Angellla says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR :-) Thanks for translation LS :-)

  23. Maya says:

    To all my fellow lovesickos across the world..wish you a very happy New Year may all your dreams come true..cheers

  24. Maya says:

    Wish you a very wonderfully blessed and joyful New Year Kuda..thank you so much for the hard work in translating the book and feeding our LS hungry minds with the English translations..

  25. juan says:

    Happy new year p’kuda and to all lovesickos!!!

    my only new year’s eve wish is the eng.translation of Love Sick Special Chapter: All Forbidden Things …hahaha jk.

  26. Peale says:

    Happy New Years. Hopefully the boys are making resolutions for the New Year. Phun, to be less moody. Noh, to curse less often. Golf, to quit smoking. Earn, to move to the Philippines to meet Alembess.


    • Bambikill says:

      Happy new year from Sweden, to everyone, as well! :) Here, the time is only 2 pm så many hours to go until the clock strikes :)

      At 00:01 It’s time to “celebrate” the 7;th birthday of my beloved (Sphynx) cat “Kid” with a hug, a kiss and a kitty treat ^^ He was born right after the last strike of the bells, 7 years ago :)
      (I swear, the next litter I breed, will be named with names from “Love sick” – a kitty Phun and a kitty Noh – how cute is that? ^^)

      For the coming year, let’s hope that the time inbetween chapters seems like seconds, that the time until season 2 of the series flies by and that it will be a great one ^^

      <3 To all people in the world who love this story as much as I do <3

    • alembess says:

      Peale , happy new year! Earn cant move to Philippines because he still has commitments in 2015. So I visit him in Bangkok in June instead. (Bangkok in June 2015 for real; Earn my wish).

  27. dilliard says:

    Wew… I’m on time… I thought I’ll celebrate new year at the hospital haha well… I’m home.. And this is the first thing I want to do.. To greet all of you! HAPPY 2015 lovesickos… Let’s celebrate ^_^

    Happy New Year P’Kuda :)
    Sawasdee Pee Mai 2558 :)

  28. catty safira says:

    p’kuda, next chapter please ??!! (T_T)

  29. Peale … My special thanks for responding so promptly my doubts. Thank you very.

  30. Andrianatsolo says:

    I am waiting for the next chapter….ha I love this story… the serie is great but the nobel is way better :)

  31. darryl_jay says:

    … not liking this Jeed character… I feel somehow she is connected with Aim? …and p”Om with Mick really interesting….

  32. Raksel-Lee says:

    can u please engsub “Dangerous Boys วัยเป้ง นักเลงขาสั้น” anyone have seen the yaoi movie for “Dangerous Boys” (Thailand Movie), OMG i freaked out when i see it it was sooo hooot, but i dont understand what they said.
    so please, someone subbing this movieee

    https://mega.co.nz/#!7RITEBLa!ksW7apDqU42EAgmInkNzcT6mqj1fpGSFbPKrL-gkJmo (the movie)

  33. gielanjk says:

    Well, it makes me confused since in the first season on the series Jeed is a dance club member and also Khom’s girlfriend. I have no idea how the storyline on thenext season will be…

    • Kevin Rosales (CHANYEOL) says:

      But remember Jeed seems to be a little fake. She told everybody she was rich and she dumped Khom/sharp after she found out she was poor. I know Noh is not as rich as Phun but his parents do have money …

  34. maitongg says:

    Can you please eng sub mr.bahnna ! so I have tweeted your twitter and I have comment a lot so please eng sub it

  35. Tae says:

    New chapter pls……..

  36. Jane Jane says:

    Thank you Kuda.
    I find a typo, “I gasp for air as I run toward the school hate” –> “gate”, right?

  37. Tobi says:

    Ahaaah! They’re on lovey dovey mode again! Me likey. So sweeet. I even imagined more than that. Hehehe. Such a christmas and new year treats p’kuda. Tq.

  38. DonnaLV says:

    If there is “FranceKiss” is season2 .. are u thing captain stil vigin? .. I thing white not virgin anymore coz his already 19th .. so if theres afrancekiss My gee .. captain .. ohh captain .. ooh captain .. you are so lucky .. white will guide you to heaven … kkkkkkkkklol

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