[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 48 I DIDN’T MEAN TO…!?

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  1. Momochan says:

    Geez , Phun!!
    U know alr Noh is that oblivious, stupid naive baby.

    U SHOULD SAY IT CLEARLT TO HIS FACE so that he’ll understand what was on ur head!

  2. Momochan says:

    Noh first name is Napat!
    Awwww… that sounds adorable!

    Anything about him is always cute!!!

  3. Bruna says:

    Oh God, I feel really bad for Phun, but it,s impossible to be mad with Noh since I see a lot of myself in him 😖

  4. collide says:

    Noh is so frustratingly oblivious to people, their emotions, and what they feel/want! But I that is something I also subconsciously like about his character

  5. collide says:

    Always saddening when Noh and Phun are fighting

  6. chibonew says:

    Noh always clueless when suddenly phun gave him cold shoulders..

  7. Ahsan Zaman says:

    All i can say is Phun’s reaction is completely justified. I would’ve felt irritated had the same “treatment” happened with me. Noh is too.. Noh, i guess :/

  8. Stella Yong says:

    Oh my God thanks P’KL i hope season 2 of this series is gonna be better *fingerscrossed because the novel contents are so juicy (and i know you can’t follow the novel completely) and sometimes i wonder if the production release trailers before even filming isn’t it a little risky because what if it turns out to be not up to expectation ? haha….

  9. danny says:

    @dilliard: HONEY!

  10. Xing Ae Yi says:

    thanks p’kuda! :D

    woah! when noh said that “i love you” in his mind.. JBSAJSGDUAWFGJHGCDUHQFU
    could you say that in person instead >//A///<

  11. meimei says:

    Whoa seriously Phun’s feeling for Noh is no joke. He loves him so much to the point that he wants the others know that there is really something going on (more than friends) between him and Noh. What’s wrong about revealing the truth about their relationship? Even Noh caught Om spending his time together with Mick, right? Lol!

  12. Noh dares to say I love you just in his mind -_-. I hope there’s a scene when he sees Phun with another boy or girl and then he’s upset and shows his possessive over Phun ^_^. I’m dying to see him jealous, haha
    Btw I wonder whether he embarassed coz he has a lover or coz he has a boyfriend LOL
    Om and Noh, I see that they have a good chemistry for best friends, especially when they were teasing each other. I love all of their moments. so sad he has to leave :(

  13. alembess says:

    Ok, I think I’m done for this chapter. Will just check once in a while for the next chapter. Have a great day everyone.!

  14. Dalexxi says:

    I think the right title for this chapter is: “Now I know…” Right? Right? Hahahahahahahah Noh is being Noh, Phun is acting like Phun… -_- why cant you just a lovey dovey couple for the 1st 3 days of your relationship??!! (Did i counted it right?) and please noh!! You are a couple for god’s sake! Dont just brush your hands away from phun just because of your friends!!! And phun, you are the experienced one! You should guide noh on what to do in a relationship and not be a little boy acting so immature!!!!! I CANT EVEN!!!!! (Okay im little strong in this side XD)

    • Peale says:

      Phun may be more experienced, but his experience was with Aim. A few chapters back, the boys saw her being all lovey dovey on a crowded street with some strange man. Say what you will about her, but she probably didn’t have problems showing affection for Phun in public.

      • dilliard says:

        I agree. Phun is experienced in relationship with a girl, but a newbie with another guy. Or if you’re talking about the different meaning of experience, well I guess Phun is experienced with a guy. You know what I mean. Hahahaha

  15. dilliard says:

    @alembess: I regained all my energy (and it’s spilling out), thanks to P’Kuda for this great translation. I’m crazy, but since my head ran off the floor, I guess I’m even crazier than before Lol.

    Phun is wearing the championship belt against team Aim? Ohm? Pete? Yuri? ow ..ow..ow… I forgot! Earn! 55555 Maybe P’Hed is in favor of Phun, though she can do anything to this novel to have different factions to make it more exciting and interesting. This is not fixed! This is the truth! the real result! Not to mention, P’Hed has the right to be a bit jaundiced. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  16. I think there is much to tell in this chapter, but hopefully the following will bring us something very good

  17. dilliard says:

    Alright, before I enter my foot, before I write anything, before you start reading, I want to say Hi and Hello, I miss you all Lovesickos! I really miss the fun in here. I guess I’m fully recovered now, but after reading Chapters 46 We belong together, where Phun and Noh became officially boyfriends , 47 Newbie Lover, when they went to Siam Square to watch movie, 48 I didn’t mean to do !?? When they (Phun and Noh) got they’re first issue to go through on they’re relationship, I was about “I need to see a doctor again, bring me to the nearest hospital this instant!!!” The threat of relapse hangs over my body. Oh My! Oh My! I’m dying because of that hoity-toity scene in Noh’s room. Now I can finally say, Phun is wearing the championship belt! He is the defending champion against the other team here hahaha (I don’t want to start a debate about this, Okay Lol).

    Crazy Thoughts of Mine:

    Chapter 46: We Belong together
    This chapter really made my butt a bit itchy, I don’t know why? Maybe because I wasn’t able to take shower this past few days? hahaha Just kidding. Well, the conversation of the new lover is really amazing, I jumped (seriously) out of my bed and ended up reading the chapter while lying on the floor haha. I stood up, walk around my room and ended up lying on the floor again. When I read this line;

    “Hey…since you’re already in love with me the same way I’m in love with you…why don’t we just be together?”

    I felt the electrifying exciting all over my body that seems I haven’t been into illness before. This chapter is the perfect medicine. My heart beats really fast, and It’s like that I was in the room with them, looking at them and just rolling on the floor, sometimes sitting in silence and smiling widely.

    “What makes you think that I’m in love with you?”

    This line, made me frown a bit, because Noh is trying to be a smart ass against Phun. He still hiding his own feelings, but what he could do is to pretend and ended up agreeing with Phun -to be together. Noh, noh, Noh! Lol!

    “I allow Phun to touch me just as he desires. And I also allow own body to press up against his, to recall those feelings I once held back. As they slowly emerge, I no longer need to suppress my craving for Phun. I no longer need to keep those feelings all to myself.”

    Well, Finally, Noh is accepting the truth. He is now admitting that he loves Phun like Phun does. Though he didn’t mention the “I love You” in this Chapter.

    “And for the first time, with Phun in my embrace, he is truly mine.”

    And to flame up the excitement, the last line from Noh is like he was saying “No one can get between me and Phun this time” hahahahahahaahaha Well, I’am crazy.

    Chapter 47: Newbie Lover
    “How about now?” His hand is as quick as his lips. I immediately grab a hold of it when I feel him caressing me in a certain area.”

    Phun!!! You’re a pervert! hahaha a Certain Area means?????? Well, I’ll leave the interpretation to you guys. Lol Let your pervert mind works. haha

    “Get your ass back upstairs and change into shorts right now.” It’s time for some tough love with this guy!

    for this line, Noh is trying be the commander, but he failed. haha I pity you Noh. You know that you can’t win against Phun, but of course I can assure you that Phun loves you so much.

    Alright, after those sweet scenes they had been into the “first” issue they need to got through. How they will handle the impressions of others while they are together? This is a big challenge to both of them, since they’re new in this kind of relationship. I hope they will be the victors at the end.

    Chapter 48: I didn’t mean to!!??
    “Holy shit, I love you! I swiftly jump up, grab my school bag and flee the scene.”

    Though, Noh didn’t say this line verbally to Phun, at least he said “I love you.” Time will come that this 3 words will be said verbally, and I swear! I will call my friends to celebrate at my place hahaha!

    This is my short crazy thoughts, I made it short since, I don’t know what to say. I cannot get over from these great Chapters. Let me get over from the electrifying excitement first. hahaha

    I’m back! let’s get it on!

    • alembess says:

      Welcome back Your Craziness! You sure didn’t lose any of the pizzazz we so miss despite your absence without official leave…how can you just drop out of our sight like that. But we are delighted you are well and back!

      Phun is wearing the championship belt against which team? It’s all because P’Hed is the referee. This game is fixed!

      • dilliard says:

        This post should be here, not there ———–

        @alembess: I regained all my energy (and it’s spilling out), thanks to P’Kuda for this great translation. I’m crazy, but since my head ran off the floor, I guess I’m even crazier than before Lol.

        Phun is wearing the championship belt against team Aim? Ohm? Pete? Yuri? ow ..ow..ow… I forgot! Earn! 55555 Maybe P’Hed is in favor of Phun, though she can do anything to this novel to have different factions to make it more exciting and interesting. This is not fixed! This is the truth! the real result! Not to mention, P’Hed has the right to be a bit jaundiced. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    • Dilliard welcome back !! Meso I not being so present here … and I realized I missed you.

      I opened a big smile reading your comments now. You really do seem to be a card-carrying Lovesicko of kkkkkkk (he he he)

      I’m glad you are well and with all the strength again.

    • ***** Dilliard welcome back !! Even I do not and so this here … and I realized I missed you.

      Detail ### when you said “leave their perverted minds work. Speaking of the moment Phun strokes a ‘right’ part of Noh, I imagined this moment being taken by brancco and the captain. Kkkkkkk Oh my god !!!!! : if they can do this thing as described in the novel, it would be great

    • Thewindycity says:

      I like reading your book !

  18. Ben says:

    Thanks a lot P’kuda

  19. I can hardly understand p’noh !! But he still loves me well, p’phun truly loves him !!

  20. ohyesjolos says:

    I can super relate to this. Oh goodness. <3 Where was this when I was in high school?!

    Thanks, P' Kuda!

  21. mamma mia~ says:

    I’m really hoping they recast Om and Golf >< I like their roles in the book, and while maybe Golf's role could be filled by another character Om really can't be cut in my opinion, he's Noh's best friend and ugh I just love their friendship ;-;

    • Quilla says:

      I feel the exact same way you do trust me!! Om was actually my favorite character in the book because he was so funny, and I know we all were looking forward to seeing how they would play Om and Noh’s relationship, but it’s ok hopefully they’ll make it work.

  22. Cass says:

    Thank you Ms Kuda for my making my sucky Thursday better ^^ Arigatou gozaimasu!

  23. DAVID PASS says:

    Thanks P’Kuda your amazing

  24. desiraesub says:

    Can’t wait for next chapter

  25. I keep cursing out Noh in my head. But just got to love him. Really wish this chapter was a lil longer. P’Noooooooohhhh lol.

  26. my1004angel says:

    I basically read all of the chapter summaries posted by a kind soul on the Soompi forum (up to Chapter 61 part 1) and I’m dying because the rest of the upcoming chapters are just so amazing and I can’t wait for them to be fully translated by Kuda!!! <3 And also, omg, Noh only has the nerve to say he loves Phun when Phun saves him from 200 pushups LOLOL [though later on, of course, he has to end up saying he loves him].

    Idk if it's just me, but I keep on amusing myself by thinking that Season 2 is almost like a high school musical. Cause legit, there are so many pieces that characters have to perform and to top it off, Noh sings at least 2 solos just for Phun later on in life XD. Thanks Kuda for the extremely fast translations!!! ^_^

    P.S. I admit this is totally awkward, but deep inside, I really hope someone will get permission to translate *cough cough* the special chapter *clears throat* called "All Forbidden Things"…XDD [runs away]

    • Bambikill says:

      What? What? What? o_O Special chapter? “All forbidden things”??? Tell me – tell me – tell me!!! o_O Woah – if it is what I think, I curse that I don’t knowThai… someone just HAS to translate that! I do work with Yaoi so I would have zero problems translating something like that :P

      • juan says:

        the title says it all… HAHA … in that sp chap., phun&noh _______________.

        • Bambikill says:

          Yeah – of course I had too google it and I managed to find one (rather poorly) translated paragraph >:D I WANT TO READ THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!

          • ropershantae says:

            Where can I find that special chapter???????

            • Bambikill says:

              Just in the printed book, as far as I know. I understand that it should be exklusive stuff for the book, it just sucks that I can’t even buy them since I wouldn’t be able to read them :S
              Hope they will be officially translated into English :)
              But for now I hope that the writer will allow Kuda to translate that chapter as well, for us non-Thai fans ;D

      • my1004angel says:

        LOL there are a few people who literally just translated one or two sentences from it and we all get the idea of what it is, but it’s like god helpppp~ but of course, we need the author’s permission to translate it since it’s only in the printed novel :O

    • All forbidden things, I hope it gets translated too.

  27. Derby.debra says:

    hope next chapter comes as soon as possible.

  28. Peale says:

    I think the comments string on this chapter won’t get too long since we don’t really have any new issues to discuss. It might be a good thread to discus what the regular posters here will be doing about spoilers when the new series starts. A lot of us are following both the novel and the series, but there are probably more who opted not to read on. I think when the series starts I’m not going to comment on Phunnoh developments, or complain when the series strays from the book. I’m worried that I might spoil it for the viewers. I’ll be commenting more on the other couples.

    Do any of you have thoughts on that? What are you going to count as spoilers?

    • alembess says:

      It is said that Season 2 does not really follow exactly how the novel develops after Season 1. We find that with regard to Phun and Noh Season 1 has been faithful to the novel.

      I will follow suit in not commenting about Phun and Noh when the series starts airing. I think it is a good idea. However, by the speed P’Kuda is churning out chapters, perhaps the novel is already completely translated by the time the Season 2 Episode 1 airs on April 25, 2015.

      • ropershantae says:

        This wait is too long ……… I already waited 3 months and I have wait another 3 months it’s killing me really can’t wait till season two it’s making me cry just by reading this novel………

    • alembess says:

      What’s the difference between a string and a thread?

    • Bambikill says:

      I don’t follow. (MIght be those +2 á la Peale’s version that makes me slightly dense…)
      What do you mean – you don’t want to spoil for the viewers of the show? But if they aren’t reading the novel, then why is it spoilers? *God, I feel slower than Noh right now*

  29. Tae says:

    Where on the net can I find this novel before it’s translated ?????????

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