[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 49 TWO LITTLE WORDS

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  1. Dahli says:

    I live in the United States and there was a copyright issue blocking the linked video of “Love You” to the story(did that make sense?). I found another video so I could listen. I loved all of the music in the series.

  2. Momochan says:

    I dunno if it’s just me or not.
    Everytime Noh laugh “Heh heh” i’m squaling and smiling like hell. Cause i can imagine his cute face doing that laugh. Captain’s adorable face!❤❤❤❤

  3. collide says:

    Everything is so squeal – worthy and romantic and just, aweeeee!~

  4. chibonew says:

    So….its seven days before and seven days after huh…kkkkk
    It must be really hurts for phun when noh doesn’t want his friends to acknowlege their relationship…

  5. Ahsan Zaman says:

    Only chapter i’ve read three times and listened to the song every time i read. Talk about perfect match ^_^

  6. dilliard says:

    Now, It’s time to read this Chapter. I’ve read all the comments of these intelligent people. Everyone is very active.

    Good Morning Everyone!

    • Bambikill says:

      Good morning! I’m going to bed now :P 4:43 am in Sweden…
      Me and my1004angel got caught up in talking dirty PhunNoh, I ended up writing a graphic chapter of my own, my1004angel fainted and I feel like a dirty old lady. Night!

  7. DAVID PASS says:

    loving Noh right now but kinda feel bad for Yuri

  8. aya says:

    I wonder how mick going to look like because although I like phun so much, mick character is like mystery for me to imagine hahaha

    Thanks for this wonderful translation p’kuda ^^

    • Bambikill says:

      I’m really curious as well, I see him as an adorable little thing with braces and huge eyes ^^
      (I love braces – dunno’ why, I just do – so this series is like heaven for me – hahaha)
      I just pray and hope that they won’t cut Mick out and above all – that they don’t cut Om… :(
      Then I’ll cry!

  9. Bambikill says:

    I reeeeeaaaaaalllllly hope that Kuda is willing to and gets permission from the author, to translate the special, juicy chapter “All forbidden things”. I know it’s a special treat that comes with the printed book but since there are tons of fans from all over the world who can’t read Thai no matter how much they want to, it’s soooo unfair! If the books are translated into English, I will definitely buy them, without a doubt.
    I will buy the boxset, I will buy it all – JUST GIVE ME THE CHAPTER! ;D

    Seriously, if it doesn’t get translated, I will go completely mental and end up having to be put in the looney bin and never let out. The curiousity is absolutely killing me.

    If it doesn’t get translated and I can’t read it until the book is translated (if it even ends up that way), I will friggin’ buy the books in Thai and translate them myself, letter by letter, with a dictionary.
    But I don’t look forward to doing that so I’ll just beg on my knees and Wai a lot.

    • Bambikill says:

      Hmm, but I actually want the books in Thai as well. Anybody Thai here who possibly could HELP ME OUT by buying them and sending them to me? :D Or at least help me buy them from an online book store? :)

    • my1004angel says:

      IKRRRR I made so many comments everywhere so far hoping that someone would get permission from the author to sub those special chapters including “All Forbidden Things” xD Like, I know it’d sound weird for me to be like, “Can you sub the kinda rated chapter for Lovesick?” but seriously, throwing that pride down and sincerely hoping for a translation LOL

      • Bambikill says:

        Tch, screw weird.
        I’m not very easily embarrassed though. I do Yaoi scanlation work, so… ;P haha
        I can beg for it instead of the shy ones,
        I’m not ashamed to admit that I.WANT.TO.READ.IT.SO.BAD. lol

        • my1004angel says:

          Yuppp. I do too. LOL. (to the I want to read it so bad). Right, and to the yaoi scanlation part, then I guess I need to thank you and whatever team you’re a part of because I read those hahahahah~ <3

          • Bambikill says:

            I work for one team at the moment and am probably starting for another one, now soon ^^
            (I Want to help get the stuff out, but as always when I mention it – BUY the originals when they are available in English, y’all :) We need to support the mangakas who do the work.)

            I’ve made comics myself as well, I’ve attended comic arts school, I used to do Shōnen-ai and Yaoi in our fanzines and anthologies but I fucked up my tendons in the right wrist so I haven’t been drawing much in the past years, only redrawing for manga scanlations and occasional fanart and stuff. I have such an itch to draw Dōjinshi for this story but I won’t since I know I won’t finish anything and then it’ll just suck.
            And I’m not in the mood for starting any larger Projects so I’ll settle for occasional drawing.
            But there are doodles of a certain bowl cut and a crew cut dude on all papers and stuff lying around haha
            They’re just so cuuuute <3
            (Although I feel like a seriously dirty ol' lady when I say that…)

            • Bambikill says:

              I’ve written half a novel as well – (HALF is the word that applies to me – I tend not to finish things… :P ) BL – but I haven’t written a word on it for two years so I doubt it’ll get finished :P
              Who knows. Maybe some day.

          • Bambikill says:

            Humhum. You know what? Send me a mail @
            and I’ll share something with you ;)
            I got a bit inspired while we were discussing this so I made my own chapter – lol
            It turned out pretty good :P

  10. Bambikill says:

    Today, it’s 97 days to go until season 2 of the series airs. Mhm. I counted.

  11. P’Kudaa… this is the best chapter that I’ve been waiting for. Noh sings Ruk Ter for Phun ^_^. I always love the way he teases Phun to get Phun’s forgiveness (especially when he used his pinky to touch his bf’s hand 555), and Phun can never resists from his cuteness 555.
    White and Captain, please make this scene comes true ^_^.

  12. Peale says:

    Yeah, “Same here” is nice. But I’m not giving up hope that sometime soon, Noh will say the words out loud. Probably it will be chapter 65.

    • Quilla says:

      I thought it only goes up to 60??

    • Bambikill says:

      He definitely will but if I have to wait to chapter 65 I will be pissed :P
      Wimp. It’s not THAT hard to spit out… but still, the way he KINDA’ said it in this chapter, was waaaay cuter than if he actually would’ve said it <3

      • alembess says:

        “Kinda” said it is not the same as actually saying it. So I go with Peale in expecting that the words are spilled out in Chapter 65. That way, Noh will have no more chance of changing his mind. Their story will truly be happily ever after rather than happily ever chapter.

        • Bambikill says:

          Yeah, get your Point :) But I like the escalation ^^ “Can’t say it” –> “Kinda’ says it” –> “Trying to say it” –> “SAYS IT” (yay)

          • alembess says:

            Right and the last one is Chapter 65 ha ha ha

            • Bambikill says:

              Be silent. It will happen sooner. Period.
              Or I will personally write it on a very small piece of paper and glue it to the computer/phonescreen as an extra paragraph somewhere.
              “Btw, Phun, completely out of the blue while we are sitting here talking about something entirely different – I love you”.

    • ohyesjolos says:

      That is, if they will end up together. hahahaha!! Just kidding. I SUPER HOPE IT’S PHUN AND NOH until the last chapter. No one dies or forgets or becomes straight. :( HAHAHA

      • Peale says:

        Or goes blind, or goes to prison, or wakes up and it was all a dream…

        • Peale says:

          Or is sent to the insane asylum by relatives, or is revealed to be a human acting cyborg, or is eaten by a swarm of angry Italians in a fit of cannibalistic rage…the list of things we don’t want is quite long.

          • Bambikill says:


            But I seriously think you should try to sell in that idea with the hungry Italianos with some horror movie director. I would totally watch it.

            • Peale says:

              Lol. I’m not making that one up. Elizabeth Taylor was in that movie…

              • Bambikill says:

                Are you kidding me? Seriously? Noooo….?
                What’s the name? :D I HAVE to see that one if it’s really true. I friggin’ love corny horror movies.
                Really…? Elizabeth Taylor? Cannibalistic Italians?

              • Bambikill says:

                Sounds too good to be true.

              • Peale says:

                Suddenly, Last Summer. Not so much horror, but American Gothic. It’s from the 50s, so it’s quite tame by today’s standards. I shudder to think what a Korean or Japanese director would do with that concept.

              • Bambikill says:

                *Bambi’s eyes are twinkling*

                I’m SO going to check it out! I love all horror but I have a very soft spot for old, corny flicks that makes one laugh rather than jump out of one’s skin.

                THAT, in an Asian version, 2015 – friggin’ yay :D
                *Clapping hands of excitement over the seriously fucked up movie I see in my imagination*
                There are, however, even more fucked up stuff floating around out there, credits to Japan, but I’ll keep those topics out of this thread on this page ^^

                (But if it comes to “real” horror, Thailand is up there in the fight, at least with “Shutter” :) Japan wins though, no other country comes even close.)

        • alembess says:

          Of course, I want the ending to be that Noh finally thought of Earn and he accepts is love and it’s EarNoh in the end. #TeamEarnIsAlive

  13. Arn Arn says:

    Woooooh! That was an epic chapter..These two characters turned my day special…made my mood an ant habbit whenever they had a sweet moments..nilalangam ako eh..55555.noh and phun keep going on!.. The scenery asking noh for phun forgiveness , the playing piano and most of all the i love yous..haizt..feels having a butterfly in stomach..greatness never ends.. Thanks a lot P’kuda..

  14. Ed.G says:

    I guess Noh wants to tell Yuri about Phun. Like official tell Yuri “Hey, its time for you to introduce me your boyfriend to be.” I guess next few chapters will be rather sad. For Noh and Yuri. But I have to say, telling your partner how much they mean to you is so much more important than fancy dates and stuff. hahaha :D I cant wait for more chapters of lovesick. Im getting to lovesick for lovesick. Everynight I will be like OMG I need more Lovesick!

  15. alembess says:

    Lovely and cute Vietnamese Phun and Noh (with English subs)..our Thai Phun and Noh should have moments to talk like this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNo0ofp86ZA except that….

    • Debbiewhite says:

      Pun and Noh seriously should have more times like that

    • Debbiewhite says:

      Noooooo. No one should dieeeeeee..

    • Debbiewhite says:

      The next chapter title is “tears”. It’s gonna be a sad chapter I think. ;( Sorry Yri. Non was never urs.

      • Bambikill says:

        Noooo, no sadness :S Bleh. Well… the greater the squeals when there comes a sugarcoated chapter again, then :)

        • my1004angel says:

          Throwing our feels around LOL I know Noh’s going to be feeling really sad that he has to break Yuri’s heart like that, but of course, Phun will be there with him when it happens, just like Noh was there when Aim left <3

          • Bambikill says:

            I think all of us are more invested in their relationships than THEY are… o_O

            • alembess says:

              Ha ha ha…I agree…Especially with Earn for me…in Chapter 34 Our Day, where Noh told Phun that he liked him but ran away and Phun shouted that he liked Noh too (which was heard by Om–oh Om I miss you already..), I literally cried. I felt so bad for Earn that I felt the need to comfort him, assuming that he’d known about Phun and Noh liking each other. Arggghhhh… That was really a heavy emotional investment.

              I went back to my comments there one day and I laughed at myself on how affected I was with my fascination and attraction to the Earn character.

              This was my imaginary conversation with Earn:

              “I didn’t know that that was the last time I would be ever be able to do that with him. He’s not gay, he said, and Phun is the only one guy that he likes. That pretty shuts me out, right, Alem? And Phun likes him back too. Was I foolish to love Noh very much?”

              “Only those who do not love are the real fools.”

              “What will I do next, Alem?”

              “What would you like to do next, Earn?”

              “I would like to continue on loving.”


              “I want to continue loving him until I can love him no longer.”

              • Bambikill says:

                Nawww :D But you know, he doesn’t Think he’s gay either so you might have a chance >;D
                Kidnap him, keep him locked in your closet and a couple of times a day force him to tell you those things above IRL. He of course gets payed with nude pics of Noh. (With Phun edited out.)

              • ohyesjolos says:

                The last line caps it. You are very good!! hahaha

              • alembess says:

                @ohyesjolos. hahaha thanks. I myself was surprised by that line. I laugh about it now but I literally cried a bucket after I struck the last key.

  16. Hoang says:

    Noh is very romantic in this chapter. He confesses his love to Phun by a song. Sometimes words do not need but music speaks more powerfully. There are many ways to say “I love you”. But wait a second, why does Noh have to break up with Yuri? Are they a couple, aren’t they? If I am not mistaken, it is Yuri alone who sets up this relationship by herself. She declares Noh is her boyfriend by herself. She forces him into dating with her by herself. Noh never considers himself as Yuri’s boyfriend. So what Noh should do is simply introduce his new lover for her. And that’s it! They are still friends as they are. They are not a couple so there is no need to break anything up here. :)

  17. Debbiewhite says:

    Thank u so much P’Kuda for uploading new chapters.

  18. Debbiewhite says:

    I wish this novel never ends. I don’t care if this ends happily or whatever. I would be really really sad when this ends.

  19. How cAn 2 missing words of a song can give a great impact to this novel? The overflowing love warms my heart! I cheer for noh telling yuri to break up ( they are not really having that kind of relationship right)

    Thanks p’ kuda, as always youre the best!

  20. rayray says:

    As always for those who love to sing along – enjoy!!!

    Title: Ruk Tur (I Love You)
    Artist: ToR+ Saksit
    Album: Living in C Major
    Year: 2007

    koie mai baang tee tee ter dtong gaan poot a-rai ok bpai
    koie mai baang tee kam poot man mai yom dtrong gan gap jai
    tang tee pa-yaa-yaam lae mai waa ja dtriam dtua sak ka-naat nai
    meuan chan eng tee gam-lang pay-chern naa kwaam bpen jing
    lae teung mae kaang nai pa-yaa-yaam poot ok bpai hai mot took sing
    yaang tee dtang jai

    dtae man gor meuan koie mai waa ja bpert poie sak tao-rai
    meua dtong poot kam nan siang chan man gor haai bpai

    aan bpaak kong chan na waa ( rak ter )
    yaak ja poot eek krang waa ( rak ter )
    lae ja bpen yaang nee gap ter mai waa naan sak tao-rai
    mai dtong glua waa chan ja rak krai
    mai dtong huang waa chan bplian hua jai
    chan ja bpen yaang nee ja ( rak ter ) dta-lot bpai

    chan roo dee waa baang tee man gor doo meuan naa ram-kaan
    dtae chan ja pa-yaa-yaam tee ja poot ok bpai hai mot took sing
    hai mot tang hua jai
    dtae waa man gor meuan koie mai waa ja bpert poie sak tao-rai
    meua dtong poot kam nan siang chan man gor haai bpai

    aan bpaak kong chan na waa ( rak ter )
    yaak ja poot eek krang waa ( rak ter )
    lae ja bpen yaang nee gap ter mai waa naan sak tao-rai
    mai dtong glua waa chan ja rak krai
    mai dtong huang waa chan bplian hua jai
    chan ja bpen yaang nee ja ( rak ter ) dta-lot bpai

    dtae man gor meuan koie mai waa ja bpert poie sak tao-rai
    meua dtong poot kam nan siang chan man gor haai bpai

    aan bpaak kong chan na waa ( rak ter )
    yaak ja poot eek krang waa ( rak ter )
    lae ja bpen yaang nee gap ter mai waa naan sak tao-rai
    mai dtong glua waa chan ja rak krai
    mai dtong huang waa chan bplian hua jai
    chan ja bpen yaang nee ja ( rak ter ) dta-lot bpai

    ja yam duay kam-kam nee waa rak ter mai yom rak krai

  21. charis says:

    Aaw..aaw.. ^^ kissed in school. Just woow…. I want phun as my bf too. #dreaming
    thanks p’kuda for everything.

  22. Ai says:

    Gawd, the feels in this chapter. Thank you ‘P!

  23. Ayra says:

    One thing I really love about this story are the characters that even though they are not the main ones, they still play pivotal roles in the sweet development of Phun and Noh’s love story.

    I am obsessed with the music club members and how they support each other no matter what. What Film said: ““It’s not like your friends will cuss you out for choosing to be with someone you like. So you better be careful, because if you keep being so passive and don’t say anything then you’re gonna regret it in the end. And it’s gonna hurt.”

    That really touched me because of the (silent) support Noh is getting from his friends. Although they kept on teasing him, they never forget to remind him that they will be there no matter what. And then there’s Om. <3 I cannot even explain in words how important his role is in this story.

    Aaacckkk I am so looking forward for Season 2!!!! <3

  24. ohyesjolos says:

    I’m so happy for Phun and Noh!!! I can already imagine how the piano scene is going to turn out in the series. <3 Noh's song choice is definitely outstanding! I love it so much.

    • I totally agree,honestly I’ve discovered so much good music from this novel and I thank p’Kuda for not just translating the lyrics but also linking it to the original song. Truly, music is a universal language. No matter how I do not understand the lyrics when sang in Thai but when you hear the music and melody it feels like the singer is talking to your heart and soul and of course having the translation is loads of help. I can’t thank p’Kuda enough.

      Oh, and Noh’s song choice totally beat Phun’s song from the Live contest but they are both really good songs.

      • Peale says:

        I hate to say it, but the music the boys listen to in the freedom of the novel is much much better than the music that they are making the actors sing to milk more profits out of the fans.

        • Bambikill says:

          Yeah – but some of them are nice :) I like the title song, it sticks like glue to my brain :P
          And I really love Captains “Khor rong”.
          SO not my type of music and I usually BLEH all ballads and slow songs (my taste is closer to what Om likes) but I really fell for this one :)

          • my1004angel says:

            Omg, me too!!! I love those songs — I have basically the OST soundtracks on my phone xD

            • Bambikill says:

              Haha me too :P My little brother was teasing me today when I was at mom’s place and kept my phone blasting all kinds of mushy music :P Usually I (and he) listen to rock basically but when it comes to theme music from series and movies I like – I get so emotional that I love it no matter the genre ^^

              I like the video for Khor rong. Not meaning the clips from the series but rather just Captain singing in all that black. I like that it’s just so… basic. I like his acting. It always feels honest and it shows in his eyes.

              • Bambikill says:

                I hadn’t realized how much extra treats there are in all the official MV’s for the series :D Screw if I don’t necessarily like the songs – I watch them for the cutesy scenes ^^ Never watched them before but now I Youtubed for official MV’s from the series and started watching and there are tons of lovely stuff <3 I love Phun's cute daydreaming in this one; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJgVTlf5PH8

              • alembess says:

                To this day, Gun Smile’s Dumdumdumdum song is my phone’s ringtone.

          • alembess says:

            Of course my favorite is my beloved Ngern Anupart Luangsodhai”s (that’s Earn) THE VOICE THAT CHANGED. Yes, to this day too, I play it everyday at least once. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH86uCTx_AE

            • Bambikill says:

              I WONDER why that particular is your fav ;D
              That’s pretty cute as well :) I like a few of the songs actually :)
              Just not all of them :) I’m not fond of the one you have as a ringtone but since I watched it yesterday due to Phun’s cutesy little daydreamsession, I’ve been humming the tune all day :P
              (And singing the few lines I know, in an appalling Thai that probably is so badly pronounciated that I actually am singing profanities… :P
              I once tried to read aloud from a box of Thai confectionary which my bro’s ex’s mother sent to our mother – apparantly I didn’t do well since I managed to pronounce some word like another, meaning something like “co**su*er”…
              My bro’s ex, coincidentally called “Aim” by her nickname, was fairly embarrassed and I was ordered to never try to speak Thai again in public :P
              (I am trying to learn a bit of it now, though. I just try to be VERY careful with pronunciation :P )

              • my1004angel says:

                LOL I’d be super hopeless learning Thai; unlike Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean dramas that I have marathons with, I can’t seem to learn a lot of Thai phrases no matter how much I watch lakorns and read stuff…It’s sad because with the other 3 languages, I learn so much through watching video after video but Thai for me is just like ~@_@_@_@~

              • Bambikill says:

                Yeah – it’s hard since it’s a language very much made up of phonetic differences but it steady gets a tiny bit easier for me. I have studied a bit of Japanese and learnt my first basics via anime :P I’m lucky to have a “language” type of brain, I speak six languages in varying degrees of proficiency (completely fluent in only three, though) and understand/speak a bit of like 10 more, but Thai has been the trickiest one so far, except for Mandarin.
                The vocabulary comes to me much slower in those languages.
                I thank my language skills to the fact that I am ethnically Finnish and that’s seriously one of the absolutely hardest languages in the world due to it’s insane grammar. :)

              • Ayra says:

                @Bambikill I AM SO JEALOUS!!! My dream is to be fluent in A LOT of languages. So far, I only know 4 (Tagalog/English/Korean/Japanese) and I am not even fluent in Japanese yet. :((( I also have a hard time understanding Thai what with the confusing letters and pronunciation. :(

              • Bambikill says:

                “Only four”? :D To be fluent in those four languages isn’t exactly easy :D Especially not since it’s several different “alphabets”…

                I am bilingual since birth since I am from a Finnish family but born in Sweden and also learnt English by age four or something like that. (We got a satellite receiver – the were hi tech back then in the later 80’s – (yup – I’m old, hahaha) and I watched English children’s channels and since kids are like they are that age, I was completely fluent in English in a very short while, at age six I translated when I travelled to the US with my family since they didn’t speak hardly any English at all, hahaha)

                I read French in junior high and high school and am fairly proficient in it, also I speak halting spanish.
                My japanese is very basic but I can’t write nor read it, I’m having a hard time with the different writing system.
                I understand/read/write Norwegian and Danish since they are closely related to Swedish. (The Danish pronounciation is very hard though :P )
                Estonian reminds a bit about Finnish so I understand a bit of it. There are some special minority languages in Finland/Russia, which I understand a lot of since they are related to Finnish – Ingrian and Karelian.
                I also understand a bit of German, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Swahili.
                I’ve also studied Scottish Gaelic for a short while but I can’t say I know very much, just have some vocabulary and understand a little bit. Like Korean and Mandarin, just tiny bits and pieces.
                I’m studying japanese by myself when I feel like it, I have different course books and language courses.
                I’m considering a real course in Thai as well.

                But I can’t say that I have any real skills in more than those six :) And complete fluency in the three first :)

                It’s a dream of mine too, to be able to speak a big bunch of languages before I die ^^

              • alembess says:

                @Bambikill. Don’t wonder. I’ll tell you. At first, I didn’t really notice the song. It was first introduced in Ep6. Then a few episodes later, I read somewhere that Ngern Anupart (aka Earn) was the one who recorded the song. From that moment on, I loved the song! For THE VOICE THAT CHANGED, it’s the singer, not the song!

                Gunsmile’s Passing Through (dumdumdum), that one I like the song first.

              • alembess says:

                @Bambikill. W.O.W. !

              • Bambikill says:

                @Alembess – tch, everyone is good at different things :) I’m really good at catching up languages :P
                An acquaintance of mine was telling me about a dude he went to school with, that guy’s apparantly some kind of language genious and learnt languages fluently in just a short time… last time he had spoken to him, he knew like 20-30 languages or something. Completely insane!

                Sorry that I always ramble on like crazy – I am a total chatterbox even when I write :S

        • @peale honestly, I thought the songs they placed on the series were cringe worthy at first but then after maybe a few rounds of listening to them I found myself humming the tunes. I do hope they stay true to the songs that are going to be played, they are really good ones.

      • Bambikill says:

        This song BTW (“Love You”) – I heard it in some movie or series very recently but can’t remember where. I don’t know many words in Thai but I totally got what that song was about even before I read Kuda’s translated lyrics :)
        I’d say that’s a song with a very universal language and expression then :)

      • ohyesjolos says:

        I had to check the song from the contest that Phun sang hahaha and I agree with you. The duet kills it a million times hahah

        • Bambikill says:

          I love both <3
          But hey – Noh sang it in an empty Music room… Phun sang it on stage, in front of the whole friggin' school. And many seemed to understand to whom he sang to ^^ That takes friggin' balls :P

  25. marady says:

    Awesome, after I read that chapter…why is everything so pink like this? OMG love this chapter soooooooooo muchhhhhh

  26. kelly says:

    killll me now!!!! this is just so damn sweet!!! i wanna roll over and die!!! ahahaha

    • Bambikill says:

      No, don’t die – you’ll miss all coming (hopefully? probably. No – definitely!) sugar crush sweet moments <3

      • kelly says:

        true!! ahahahaha. . . the sweetness is just arresting. . .dying of jealousy . . .wish I had something like that! ahahaha

  27. Quilla says:

    Ok I know I’m a little late on this but welcome back, I’m glad you are ok :)

  28. Xing Ae Yi says:

    It’s already a given that PhunNoh would melt my heart away <3 so much love <3 love is in the atmosphere XD

    but I like what p'film said, "I’ll just give nong Mick up to him. Damn that Om for stealing him away right from under my nose though."


    To be accepted by the people dear to you… it's so wonderful <3

  29. crazyfan says:

    what the!!! the end part is very surprising! I didn’t see it coming. love, love, love…. Thanks Kudalakorn!!!

  30. ceejay says:

    THAT KISS!!! WOAH!!!!! :”> blushing!!!! “Phun bites my lips using his own several times until I finally pull back from him. I smile at his sharp face and decide to say something.” OMG!! ♥

  31. quixu says:

    this is just.. how do i have to say a this? sweet? no, this is too sweet. God… how i wish i could get a boyfriend like phun who can understand his lover’s feeling. noh is such a lucky guy to have him in his life.
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