[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 57 DON’T HOLD YOUR FEELING

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  1. Momochan says:

    Too cute to be true <3 ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. collide says:

    Vulnerable Phun gives me mixed feels >, <

    I love these two though. A good relationship! They are good for one another!

  3. cliffhan says:

    “Of course I love you. A whole lot too.” Noh is just so cute when he says it. If Phun were not troubled by his family issue, he would be beyond happiness (don’t worry Phun, you can get Noh to say it to you every day of your life). I cannot have enough of PhunNoh moments.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful translation, p’Kuda. This chapter is quite intense. Especially because they are just teens, not full adults who can stand on their own.

  5. OMG i can’t imagine this story will end very real soon. I’ll gonna miss this story especially the characters like nong’Phun, nong’Noh and nong’Pang huhuhu I hope the remaining chapters will not disappoint me like if the ending will end with lots of catharsis as Phun and Noh will break up or other cases that might give us hanging ending huhuhu i’ll gonna cry

  6. Jae Mi says:

    Anyone else so impatient to read the next chapter that you not only reread older parts but also reread the comments?
    I am in no way criticizing you, P’Kuda. You are a darling darling person whom we adore for providing us with the translations. I am just impatient like a kid waiting for his next bit of candy.
    It’s an addictive story and I so want to know how the rest of it goes… but know I will be sad when it’s over and there’s nothing more to read.

    • Peale says:

      Kuda posted the teaser for tomorrow’s chapter, so we won’t be waiting much longer. “The arrival of fear” is the title… Arrghhhhh!!!

      So I’m debating…should I pack for my vacation or just take the day off to read and coment? I mean, I can just wear the same clothes for a week, right?

      • Jae Mi says:

        Oh that chapter title… cue the ominous music!
        Pack or read and comment…tough call. Be Noh and just quickly, randomly throw a bunch of stuff in a bag. Five minutes tops. Then fully enjoy the shivers this title is promising. If you forget anything, buy it later.
        Plus, a week in the same clothes and even you won’t want to be near you. Lol
        Btw-have an awesome vacation!

      • alembess says:

        Happy vacation Peale

  7. Sei Arisue says:

    Thank you very much PKuda from bringing the translation in such a short time. Just want to say that i would really grateful for PAndy that making this novel into series, may be there are no such flawless and many people complain about which the series did`t go to their expectation, but as for me i am really appreciate that they try to make it into series and over all still plane to improve boot in character developing and acting skill. Since they said that they used the newbie artist in this series. if not for the series may be i would not know about this awesome novel and this amazing blog. Over all thank you for PHed who wrote this beautiful novel.^^

  8. catty safira says:

    So sweet !! this chapter very sweet, thanks p’kuda. And now waiting one week again to next chapter. :(

  9. MMB says:

    woah never thought ill be addicted to this novel it is simply addictive now im rewatching the season 1 episodes of the series with much thought after reading the novel, it gets better and better :)

  10. alembess says:

    Promise, this is the last one.

    This short is totally a Singaporean Love Sick complete with waterdousing, girlfriend seeing boys kissing, a messy episode one-like party and nosy friends! Check it out!


    • cliffhan says:

      How could I never watch this before? There is not so many gay – themed films here in Singapore. And the two boys in the film are lucky, they could have been sent to prison for what they did (mind you, not for being gay).

  11. alembess says:

    A personal, unwavering documentary of a dialogue between mother and son regarding his sexuality. (Is Phun’s Mom like this?)

    • Chevy says:

      Thank you yet again. The directness makes this very powerful. I recognize that this is a broad statement, but mothers the world over seem similar in how they love their children and hold hopes for their futures. Phun’s mom seems a warmer version of this mom, but I sure hope she comes to the same conclusions regarding her acceptance and her son’s happiness in the end.

  12. alembess says:

    Here’s A Guy Who Stopped Running Away From His Ex (BF) & His True Self

    • This is from Philippines right? I heard both English and their language. This reminds me much about My husband’s lover :))

    • Chevy says:

      Another good one. The water scene is emotionally liberating and it almost looks like he slips from laughing to crying to laughing. Like an external visual journey through his interior emotions. The kissing scene is pretty hot too (hehe).

  13. alembess says:

    This Guy Chased After The Man He Loved For Way Too Long

    • Chevy says:

      Thank you for posting this link. I love the metaphor.

    • deri says:

      Nessun Dorma is part of a really beautiful opera (Turandot).
      You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMD_5UzjdqQ
      You can stop it after the first 3 minutes. He just repeats the whole thing again. I actually know someone who sang in a performance of Nessun Dorma. She was in the chorus that you can hear at 2:03.
      The plot is also very dramatic. You can read about it on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nessun_dorma
      I encourage you to read the first paragraph under “Context and Analysis.” It gives a nice summary. You can read the lyrics too if you want! They have an English translation. :)

  14. Hoang Le says:

    One question just pops up in my mind. Phun’s auntie knows he’s got a convent girlfriend (and it seems that the auntie also met Aim together with Phun). But his dad didn’t know until Pang revealed it by accident. How come?

    • cliffhan says:

      His parents may know that he broke up with Aim and thought that he is single now until Pang accidentally slipped it.

      • Hoang Le says:

        From the very beginning of our LS, Phun’s parents didn’t know Phun had a gf and planed their son into an arranged-relationship. So I guess they didn’t know the break up neither .

        • cliffhan says:

          Oh, you are right. Until recent chapter, I always had the impression that Phun’s parents know about his relationship with Aim but do not approve it since they want to find a more suitable candidate for him. However, recent chapters show me that Phun’s parents are not unreasonable like that, but I did not adjust my earlier impression of them opposing Aim. Yeah, properly they did not know Aim.
          With regard to your question, it is possible that Phun’s aunt saw them at Siam due to her work and Phun requested her to keep it a secret from his parents.
          Phun seems also more open to his aunt. He told her that he is seeing someone, but he doesn’t tell his parents (Pang slips it). Also, when the aunt asks Phun whether Noh is his friend, Noh is afraid Phun may say Noh is his boyfriend and Noh answers on Phun’s behalf, which Phun responds by making some sound. That makes me think Phun may not mind his aunt knowing.

  15. Igra san says:

    Thank you p’ Kuda..

  16. I’ve just read the spoilers about Love Sick The Series Season 2. I’m not gonna say anything here, but its on the series’s thread on soompi.com. And it appears that this chapter is where season 2 will end :D We will have 27 episodes in season 2 (too many, I think)
    So chapter 58 will feature season 3. And it’ highly likely that season 3 will tell about Phun & Noh’s college life. How exciting :))

    • cliffhan says:

      I think they said that there are 4 seasons. If season 2 ends here, then season 3 and season 4 will be extended beyond the book. This makes me feel dreaded. I already disfavour season 1 since I feel it did not do the book any justice. No offence to fans of the drama, purely my preference.

      • I think 3 seasons is more than enough. The fact that there will be a season 3 makes me quite uncomfortable. I fear that I’m gonna get bored with the series when it lasts too long. And yes, I agree with you (as well as the series’s cast) that season 1 didn’t go any close to the novel. Still I fell in love with all the actors haha :)) In fact, when I read the novel, I imagine the real actors’ faces as the characters :)) I’m sure they are gonna make great improvements in season 2. Let’s just believe that :)

        • cliffhan says:

          I can’t imagine the actors from the show as the characters in the book actually, except for Captain as Noh. I can’t reconcile the image of Phun and Om portrayed by the show. There are many important scenes and dialogues being altered with no apparent reason (no, I’m not referring to the kiss scene.) And in scenes that follow the book, the actors cannot bring out the feel (just compare the scene in Bang Saen). I won’t start talking about the subplots, I treat them like advertisement because they are so loosely related to the main story (if related at all) and they don’t give me any interest to care for them. Yes, like any of you, I do squeak when seeing sweet moments between Captain and White in the show, but just as the moment passes, the reality strikes me that this is not Love Sick as I know it.

        • So you must have read the novel before watching the series then. In this case, it is quite common for someone to feel like you, as the novel provides the details and our brains process them in the way that best matches our expectation :) I, however, read the novel after finishing season 1 of the series, so I found it quite okay :)) But now I have read the novel up to this chapter, so I will possibly find season 2 rather disappointing. But let’s just hope, for now, that it’s not gonna happen :(

          • cliffhan says:

            Actually I watched the drama until episode 8 and felt that it was so incoherent . When Noh said his famous line in the drama of ignoring all the reasons, I was surprised to find out Noh liked Phun too. Yes, I did ship them when watching but I felt like Noh was a good friend being forced into things by Phun. So, my reaction was like “Ok, this is what I want to see (them getting together) but this is not how it should be”. So, I stopped at episode 8 and read the novel. There I found more hints of Noh in love with Phun. Noh’s thoughts aside, there are dialogues that were skipped in the drama. And Noh offered the hug first. He did it first, not Phun forced it on him. Phun was reluctant. This is an important turning point because it shows that Noh has feeling for Phun and that Phun is hesitant towards Noh. I decided to give the drama another try after a while, just to be disappointed again. I cried so much at Bang Saen chapter but felt emotionless when watching due to bad camera angle and inexperienced acting. If you really set aside the liking for the two actors acting out cute sweet (or bittersweet) scenes together, objectively do you think that the drama is good and coherent?

            • Peale says:

              If I hadn’t watched a fan clip of PhunNoh moments, I wouldn’t have watched the series. I don’t think they settled down until the third episode. But I can’t get over how bad that party scene that opened the series was. Or the first day at school.

              They’ve never decided how Pang is supposed to sound. The person doing her re dubbing changes. They don’t seem concerned with sound editing. It’s all very rushed, like they were throwing together episodes the day before they were airing. Part of that could be dealing with censors, but a lot of it points to not caring, or not paying attention.

              I would be more hopeful for series two if they weren’t having that casting reality series. It’s just a distraction when the focus should be on putting those actors to work. It’s like all of this effort is going into a “making of video” when it should be going into the show.

              • cliffhan says:

                Totally agree with you Peale. At times, Pang speaks like she is reading out a script (though I like the actress :) ) Phun’s hairstyle changes from one scene to another. Awkward facial expressions of actors (I think the director should have noticed those). And again bad camera angle. The scene Phun hugs Noh from behind at Bang Saen was so awkwardly framed that it is stuck in my mind.
                When I think that this is most likely the only drama adaptation that Love Sick will ever have, I totally feel sad.

        • Peale says:

          I’ve also become a bigger fan of the book than the series, but that’s what happens. Books that one likes usually are better. For the series, I just hope that they don’t follow Hormones and decide that “kids ruin their lives week after week” is the only story worth telling. Also hope they up their production values. No messes like that first episode. Or Bang Saen.

          But I’m actually happy that they plan to end S2 around this point. The pattern they set in the first season of filming 2-3 chapters an episode really wasn’t workable. The story is set over 4 months and that is really too short a time period to extend into 36 episodes of a TV show. Hopefully the change means we won’t have too many filler stories about boy actors and plastic surgey this year. It also means that the side stories they do decide to keep can develop at a more natural pace.

          Also it means they may cut out a few of those “trips to the mall with Yuri” and “Om and Noh tease each other about their boyfriends” scenes that are repetitive in the book. Also, because The actors, especially captain, are maturing quickly, we are saved from the odd experience of having someone grow two inches overnight.

          • cliffhan says:

            Yes totally about Hormones. I was thinking that the producers wanted to capitalise on the success of Hormones and changed Love Sick into a story about many high school couples with PhunNoh being the highlight.
            I think the plastic surgery – modelling subplot may continue though, as Jeed was shown to contact the agent Bee at the end of season 1.

            • Peale says:

              There is a fairly standard soap opera practice of having A, B and C couples that I think was being followed and thrown out the window. As the A couple, PhunNoh sets the themes for the show. The B couple has their same problems with a significant switch and the C couple has those problems but in a lighter form. In this case, the B couple is Mo/Moan, who like Phunnoh are in a relationship that is secret from their parents. The C couple is Pang/Pop/Shay. Pang is going to be the secret heterosexual third wheel in a publicly homosexual couple, just like Noh is the secret homosexual lover for a publicly heterosexual pairing. That could be funny, if they let it be. The theme that ties them together is secrecy.

              But the stories around Jeed/Khom, dance and acting lessons, the Angels, the boys raising money for drums, and of course Bubu don’t seem to fit anywhere. I don’t dislike all of those stories, and I’m rooting for the Angels to pull it together, but those stories make the show a little messy.

              • cliffhan says:

                I like how you categorised the couples. The problem I have with them is that other couples’ stories are so bland and quite dreadful to watch. If they want to have other couples in the drama, it’s fine but make it interesting. How many of us here actually re – watch the series to look at other couples? There are many directions they could take to make it interesting and funny. For example, Pop pretends to ask Pang to be his love advisor and Pang agrees to help since she supports PopShay. Then Pop asks Pang to help him practice many things like dating, holding hands together, singing to Pang. Hilarity happens whenever Shay is present because Pop tries to cover his lies.
                Anyway, I don’t think Pop and Shay are a couple but close friends. Pop actually likes Pang and Shay knows it.

            • I didn’t say that love sick ss1 was much a perfect drama, though I felt that it’s good enough for me. Maybe it’s because I have quite low standards for this kind of drama :D or I only paid much attention to all the sweet moments between the couple :D And by the way, anyone watched Love’s Coming? The two boys in this movie are quite cute :D

              P/S: I myself didn’t watch Hormones ss2 :D I found it quite exhausted to follow these students’ non sense dramas :))

              • cliffhan says:

                I watched Love’s coming. Adored the storyline and the friendship of the Gum, Arm, Pid and Zee (if I remember their names correctly). Felt irked about the acting though. Maybe I’m too picky about acting.

              • Yeah I think you have quite high standards haha :)) But they are all amateurs, that was the first time they acted. I personally think that Night & Gum are quite natural.
                P/S: I think you might be happy with grown-up actors rather than teen-aged ones, right? Try Club Friday Series 5 (Pchy) or My husband’s Lover (Philippines drama) hehe ;)

        • DebbieWhite says:

          Same with you. I imagine white’s and Captain’s faces while reading the novel. Actually season 1 wasn’t really my favourite, and I didn’t really fall in love very hard with the actors. But when I start reading the novel and start imagining the actors with the novel characters I fell so in love with both the series and the novel. Hope their actings will improve in S2 tho. :))

  17. alembess says:

    Phun: NOH, DO YOU LOVE ME?

  18. alembess says:

    Noh’s commitment to Phun:


  19. my1004angel says:

    Phun asked for confirmation again! <3 I think that he's decided to fight for his love with Noh and get things settled with his parents. No matter what the outcome is, I think that his mother will ultimately end up on Phun and Noh's side. It may take a bit longer for his father, but I think both of them will come around because of how much they care about their son. ^^

  20. elgno says:

    I’m more interested in Om and Mick’s storyline than Nig or phun lol

  21. SAPPHIRE says:

    I honestly believe that Phuns mom has known about there relationship or at least saspects theres sumthing more between them beyond friendship but is waiting for one (or both) of them to step up and admit it – she has probably been watching them with an eagle eye and them being unaware of this has noticed how Phun is when he’s with Noh or it could be that she has noticed the way Phun looks at Noh with warmth and love radiating from his eyes – an other words she has most likely picked up on ALL the signs long ago…

    Mina what do think?
    Sera posible que ella ya sabe todo e nomas esta esperando?
    Chingus do you think like me en thinking sumthing bad is going to happen at camp?
    ojala que no porque mi corazon se llenara de muncho dolor por estos dos chavos ya bastante an sufrido :(

    -any and all comments or opinions are welcomed!

    • Jae Mi says:

      I’d like to think what you say is true but parents often only see what they want to see.
      Phun’s mom has been portrayed as being similar to Phun so far, very kind and understanding. So, if she does know or suspect, she is probably one that will support the boys as long as they are happy.

      • SAPPHIRE says:

        I think so to – she’ll jump on the #teamPhunNoh bandwagon next to pang with full support lol

        • Jae Mi says:

          Mom may not be quite as gung-ho outspoken as our nong Pang though. Lol
          I’m not sure if I would love or be scared of a little sis like her. Probably both. I just have a big bro who mostly ignores me since I am so ‘different’. Gotta love family.

          • SAPPHIRE says:

            Haha i have 3 younger sisters that are exactly like pang so believe me i say: IT IS HELLA SCARY!!!! :S – and as for the big brother thing ya i know exactly how you feel cuz mine is the same way T_T

            • Jae Mi says:

              3 just like nong Pang?! Ouch! Bet you got some great stories. Lol
              there’s just the two of us so I kinda envy you your sisters…just a bit.
              As for my brother, it’s nice to know someone else understands, but also sad since you have a similar relationship with yours.

  22. jake villa_ph says:

    reading this chapter made me sad and worried for myself.

    If phun and noh cant make their relationship work in the future, then how am I suppose to believe that good things will happen to mine?

    They are at their best when they are together. Happy and alive, isn’t that enough reason for society to accept what they have?

    What im saying is that… if my hypothesis is right… if they were not to break up, they would probably run away, elope, join the rebellion (worst case scenario), if not, they would keep their relationship for themselves, hide in shame just to keep the parents happy, but not a happy ever after for them.

    But a happy ending is not that far of an idea though, but how? I feel like its them against “the world they live outside of their school”. I say this because I know that what they have is respected and appreciated inside of their school, esp. amongst peers. Its beautiful, but not enough.

    Harsh reality is still waiting outside.

    (Am I being pathetic? Haha… I can’t help it. Im such a fan of Phunoh)

    Anyways… p’Kuda… Kob khun krap!

    • Flower says:

      I don’t think it is that bad. At least they have Pang and their friends at school on their side. They have won part of the battle. The war that is to come is with their parents. Sometimes the most stoic people, like Phun’s Dad may surprise you and be very accepting of the relationship. At least that is what we hope for in this case. And as for your relationship to work out and be happy, just be grateful for the small things that you do have. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles, even happy endings :-)

  23. jake villa_ph says:

    I wish there’s a special chapter or something on Phuns’ POV… It doesn’t have to be an explanatory chapter… I just feel like that there is a need for Phun’s feelings to be heard… what he’s thinking… on what he is going through… there is much sorrow on phuns’ heart right now… he needs to let it all out in a special chapter.

  24. JoseCarol says:

    Oh my god…this part is so romantic. Thanks P’ Kuda! :)

  25. Tedd Isac says:

    I’m fine dilliard. I miss you too. :p

  26. ER says:

    It makes me nervous to see the direction in which this story is headed. Every line is making me nervous eventhough Noh talks alot about irrelevant stuff…. Lol

  27. daniela says:

    1. Where is Phun phine??? He waited the comeback of Noh instead of calling him and then Noh noticed everything Phun did but no word about the phone but about “silver watch”…

    2. Noh doesn’t recognize the number but Phun’s Mother has his phone number. Either Phun gave it to her but then shouldn’t Noh knew about this… (there’s a chance Pang gave to her but i doubt)

    3. Mother words “if” “Phun’s ability to speak”, “father”, “any of this is difficult”, “wiling to talk” “about this”.

    “To be honest, I think if it’s in nong Phun’s ability to speak then he should just be honest and tell his father. That way, all of this can be done and over with. I really don’t see how any of this is difficult or will cause any great harm. So why isn’t nong Phun willing to talk about this?”

    This make me feel she knows about them and the questions are for Noh. Then, once again ask Noh to speak with Phun.

    What if Mother had the chance to hold Phun phone? Had the chance to look through his phone? (i know this will mean to break his privacy but then again it’s about the worries of the mother and not the simple curiosity of a stranger)

    • Peale says:

      Good catch about the phone. No, he doesn’t have it. But then I’m guessing he stormed out of the house. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would wear t-shirts and flip flops if he planned on going anywhere. And because he doesn’t have a school bag or backpack with him, Noh can’t figure out if Phun planned to spend the night.

      But if the parents do have the phone or have turned on his computer, they probably know everything. Phun may be more cautious than Noh when it comes to privacy protection, but even the best of us leave apps open that should be shut.

      Organized boy that he is, there’s probably a folder in his mail account called “Noh” with a sub folder called “love Noh” where the evidence trail is nicely arranged in searchable, sequential order. Lol.

  28. I’ve got a chance to read and enjoy lots of chapters thank to your tireless work. I can wait for the final chapter up, though. Thank you, p’ Kuda.

  29. Bryce says:

    Ms. Kuda, could you please post the next chapter soon?!?! Recently first thing I do every morning when I open my eyes is check if a new chapter has arrived.

    • Wow, I thought I was the only one this silly [no offense] :)). I even re-read all the previous chapters again and again, just for fun, while waiting for new chapters :)
      But Ms. Kuda can’t just spend all her time translating this novel right? She’s doing her best. So we all should be patient and wait :) Sometimes, waiting is a kind of happiness, especially when you know what’s coming is worth your while :)

  30. Thewindycity says:

    I know that I haven’t made a comment in the last chapter, and was not sure I would on this one. Mainly because, while both were a good read, yet they’ve failed to catch my attention on anything major.

    But as I suspected, I already had total confidence in Noh taking a lead in his determination to keep and stand by Phun. I still believe that Noh will be the hero of his own story. I still believe Phun will be totally shocked to see how far and to what lengths Noh is prepared to go for the boy he loves.

    I’m thinking, I and could be wrong, but I have this feeling that’s its gonna get darker for these guy than what we think. I don’t think for a second, Noh will wane in his stance nor be moved from his position with being with Phun.

    It may come down to Noh having to confront Phun’s parents in a show down. It wont be long before Noh will open his mouth and blow all of us away. Phun is simply not strong enough to do this on his own, that’s why he asked Noh the question of his love.

    As for Noh’s parents, I don’t think that they’ll have a problem with this. In fact there’s a chance that they might come to the boys defense. Of course I’m just guessing. But I just don’t think that Noh will sit idly by and let Phun drain or waste away in depression and grief. When Noh sees that this is taking its toll on Phun to the point its taring him down, and eating him up, Noh will spring into action.

    I can actually see Noh personally squaring off with Phun parents. Doing what Phun just doesn’t know how to do. If there were ever a time when Phun needed Noh, its now.

    • alembess says:

      I believe it would be out of character for Noh to face Phun’s parents and deal with the issue of their relationship. Remember that night that Phun and his father had a fight, when Noh told Pang that her brother Phun was awesome and that they should put more faith in Phun? He would have repeated the same advice to himself after hearing Phun say “Just knowing that you love me…I know what I must do from now on.”

      Noh can do it (facing Phun’s parents), I guess, following our observation that he has evolved a lion’s heart within him. But I believe he won’t., even if he had been requested twice by Phun’s mom. No, he wont, especially after hearing that Phun had a plan. He would let Phun take the lead and quietly be a strong supporter by constantly assuring Phun that he would not let go. That is the only and strongest anchor that Phun could rely on. If Noh showed the tiniest sign of wavering, Phun’s resolve would wobble too.

      My guess is that Phun will tell his parents himself–and soon. Getting Noh’s confirmation and affirmation of his unwavering love that night merely inaugurated a new era of Phun’s relationship with his parents.

  31. For some reason I have a problem with Noh thinking its a decision Phun has to make as apposed to a “We” decision. After all phun did say he was waiting on Noh. Also is Noh forgetting about his parents as well. _side note_ so far Noh is the only child…i will not be surprised if he see last minute he got a older sister or something just like om.

  32. lyrehcanipse says:

    One thing for sure,it wont be easy for them to come out in the open especially in phuns parents predicament.his dad is in politics and they are influential family,it will be a big blow to phuns dad if hes to find out his son is having a relationship with the same sex.hopefully theyre love for their son is bigger than anything and will only wish for their happiness.im curiuos about noh parents,will they be as open as id like for them to be?

  33. alembess says:


    I gasped when I read “Another heartbreak” as the first line of Noh’s new ringtone. My heart did skip because I really felt it was ominous. Then Noh (by P’Hed’s design) had to make an effort to explain not only the newness of the ringtone but he also had to make an effort to assure us and direct us readers about how we must feel if we notice it—“Uh, there’s no need to panic.” Well, it was for me a SIGNAL to feel the opposite.

    After Phun elicited from Noh that Noh loved him, Phun did say, “Just knowing that you love me…I know what I must do from now on.” Phun seemed firm about his next move. He sounded in-charge, in control. No need to panic. But the whole chapter seemed outlined to prepare us for panic, beginning with events that lull us into believing everything was going to be alright, until we read Noh’s last words.

    The first half of the chapter was light and funny. Noh couldn’t avenge himself by stuffing his face with food because the party and the Pharma camp were happening on the same day. Film who was leader of the marching band and was supposed to attend the party happily dished it for the Pharma camp. Then we hear about three love affairs as told by three different people. Mum told on Film and that auntie president of the committee who seemed interested in him and who was the reason Film dumped the party. Poom belatedly reported on his stalking of Om and Mick (highlight: in the movie house, Om was doing something near nong Mick’s face), marking Om’s fate as the next victim of interrogation. Per got a dose of his medicine when after cackling hearing Poom’s gossip about Om, Knott teased him about him and Mawin, who was sitting right next to Per. Then Noh regaled us with how Per was initially chasing Mawin away but now ended up to be caring towards him (eating the food Mawin didn’t like and giving his own food to Mawin.) Finally, two more friends joined them.. The night was going to be long. There was much laughter. There were no problems. Everything was alright. There was no need to hurry home. No cause for panic.

    But the innuendo to panic started innocently enough with the dog Chum barking…at Phun, when Noh arrived home at past 11pm. (In many stories, barking dogs often precede bad events.) We were being lulled this time by the romantic scenes prior to the sounding off of the phone “Another heartbreak.”

    I have to give it to Noh on how Phun affects him. His drowsiness disappeared once he saw his face. He felt worn out thinking how Phun must have suffered waiting for him, what with the mosquito bites. He decided to eat with Phun despite already being full. . He entertained Phun with stories about Om. They had fun together at table.

    Then, (drum roll) they entered Noh’s bedroom and “turned everything on.” (My imagination went so wild thinking that some body parts might be turned on later, especially when it was followed by mention of Phun wearing a pair of flipflops! Y’know whatimean?), then by “Are you spending the night,” then by “his nose is nearly touching mine,” then by “I miss you,” then by a kiss on the cheek, then by tight hugs and exchange of hot breaths.

    But Phun’s acting cute didn’t fool Noh who suspected that something’s up. Only Noh’s loyalty to Phun stopped him from doubting that he didn’t indeed run from home. Noh admitted it was hard to read Phun lately. Then Phun asked Noh (even twice), “Do you love me?” Stunned but honest in the end, Noh said, “Of course I love you. A whole lot too.”

    Time froze. “I…hug him tighter too. We stay like this for a little while, and personally, I’m more than happy to offer my embrace for Phun. As long as he needs (me). As long as I can make him feel better.”

    Phun broke the silence with his deep tone of voice, his arms tightly wrapped around Noh, “Just knowing that you love me…I know what I must do from now on.”

    Then Phun did this: he gently stroked Noh’s back and Noh felt the warmth from Phun’s palm, the palm that Noh loved very much. (Noh, what did that palm do to you that you loved it very much, wink wink!). Nothing censored happened but for a kiss on Noh’s forehead with Phun declaring that he loved Noh so much he won’t ever let him run away. Giggles and more hugs. Then Phun hopped into the shower while Noh tended to his MSN.

    Noh said he couldn’t focus on the computer mainly due to how sad Phun looked, how he didn’t know if Phun had talked to his father after the fight, or if any of the parents had known about the true nature of his relationship with Phun. ( Well, he did say MAINLY. I’m with you if you think his focus was divided by the enticing image of Phun naked in the tub. LOL) And Noh didn’t like to see Phun joyless, which Noh’s mother did not see earlier.

    Then the phone rang….‘Another heartbreak…” Phun’s mom was calling. The word “panic” appears for the second time in this chapter. Noh: “I can’t help but panic a little due to her son being here taking a shower and planning to sleep over. It’s a strange doubtful sensation which I can’t put into words.”

    But panic seemed uncalled for. The call was merely to confirm where Phun was spending the night. It even resulted, with a little help from Noh, of Phun’s mom affirming how a very good kid her son was. “Did something happen again, Mom?”, something was bothering him and he wanted to know. And her worried reply laid out the core of the issue:

    “To be honest, I think if it’s in nong Phun’s ability to speak then he should just be honest and tell his father. That way, all of this can be done and over with. I really don’t see how any of this is difficult or will cause any great harm. So why isn’t nong Phun willing to talk about this?”

    Repeat:”Why isn’t nong Phun willing to talk about this?” How would you feel if you were Noh?– ““………..” I don’t know how to answer her because I know, without a doubt, why Phun can’t just tell his father.”

    Then for the second time in a span of about 24 hours (it was around 1AM the first time they talked), Phun’s mom would rely on Noh’s friendship with Phun to help resolve the issue.

    THAT time she said: ““I believe that you’ll be able help him get through this. I’ll have to leave him in your hands this time around… “ THIS time she said: “If you get a chance, will you please speak to him, dear? … I think you have a better chance of you getting through to him then we do. I’ll have to leave this to you.”

    She trusted Noh. It’s written all over. But Noh could only lie. His mind was blank. Only confusion persisted.

    “Between telling the truth and deal with the possibility of the end of us, or keeping everything to ourselves and allow these uncertainties to eat away at us little by little.
    I honestly don’t know which path Phun will decide to take.”

    Phun said he knew what to do. But Phun usually doesn’t consult Noh on what to do, just like Noh for the Pharma camp without Noh’s knowledge.. Will Phun consult Noh with this big issue this time around or will he be the same?

    Time to panic?

    • lyrehcanipse says:

      Try not to panic.hopefully everything will be resolve amicably for a better outcome.

    • My imagination went too far when I read those lines “turned on…”, too :))
      I at first thought that Phun’s mother knew what was going on between her son and Noh, but then in this chapter, she said what she said, and I was like, +.+ so she didn’t know anything at all :(
      The previous chapter was the peace before the storm, this chapter is the sign of it approaching and it is gonna come soon.
      Be strong though. Just believe :D

  34. genthonk says:

    I’m gay, and i told my parents a few months ago, and they can accept me. No matter who the hell are you, your parents will always love you like you re the most precious thing they ever had. There are alot of hard time that time, but my parents always be there for me, so phun, don’t be afraid to tell your parents about your self, they have the right to know. And they will always supported you no matter what.
    Thank you p’kuda.

    • alembess says:

      You are one lucky gay like many other lucky gay people. But there are many gays unlucky enough to have parents like yourself. Count your blessings. Congratulations!

    • You are really lucky, to have such great parents, and perhaps, to live in an open-minded environment. Many others certainly do not have that luxury. Their parents even deny them as their children and expel them out of their own home. Some are event sent to mental institutions to be cured. Such a madness. So be cheerful and grateful for what you have now :) And congrats :D Wish you all happiness :D

    • metalk says:

      you are so lucky. i do hope all parents have your parents heart. i am so happy for you

  35. lyrehcanipse says:

    Its getting intense.we all know that phun is having a hard time with his dad.take me for instance,when i learned for the first time that i have a gay brother it was hard to accept but i slowly opened my mind and started to accept him till were the best of friends now.it was also hard for my bro to come out so i understand what phun is going through.he needed noh confirmation that he does love him so hell know what to do.in this chapter id say they both cemented their love for each other.i hope it wont be as radical and rash decision in whatever they do.

  36. crazyfan says:

    What a sad chapter! I think the problem is that his father (Phun’s Father) continue to pursue his plan in pairing Phun to his friends daughter. That is why they fought in the last chapter. And now they wanted him to marry her. That is why he ask Noh if he love him. Which led to his answer that now he knows what to do. I hope this never ending challenges will end up soon. It is really comforting to have someone to talk to and hugging is the best way to show that you care…

  37. moyu_chi says:

    Thanks p’kuda

  38. Kijin Kim says:

    Its really a challenge to tell to your parents especially your father when the topics is about going put of the norms. I am glad that there is noh for phin to share his sadness with. I hope it gets better soon. Lets give all the support to phun! Thanks p’kuda and the author. Until next exciting update… ^^

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