[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 58 THE ARRIVAL OF FEAR

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  1. Yano says:

    P.Kuda, what is “his side pieces” in Thai language? is it “KIK”?
    Please help me, i am really wanted to know the translation of this very popular Thai word “KIK”.. ^_^

    • Yano says:

      Thanks P.Kuda! next to Sawadee, Kik is the most popular Thai word as if you are not “in” if you do not have one.
      any way I am still curious why you use the word “his side pieces” as the translation of for Kik? is there any other word in synonimous to Kik?

  2. Here’s a MV made from Club Friday Series 1 (the first season) called Once In Memory:

    I swear that the uke here is super cute. Just enjoy it while waiting for the next chapter, you won’t regret it :))

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