[Translation] Love Sick : Chapter 59 IT’S THE END OF SORROW

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  1. Momochan says:

    “I guess I’m letting him do as he pleases tonight.”

    Oh please… Noh. U always let him do what he wants to you..hehhehe.

  2. Bruna says:

    Thank God! I thought I was reaching the end of Love Sick! ToT I’m seriously addicted to it. -_-‘ But, plz, plz, plz, translate everything? I don’t mind waiting long. ç_ç

  3. Hubba_Hubba says:

    “They” and “them” can be used as gender-neutral singular pronouns. That might help with the ambiguous lines. I was so nervous when I read “this person” because I thought he was gesturing to Noh but then I realized he was just being ambiguous when Dad started saying “she”
    Thank you SO much for translating this! I’ve binged on the show and almost finished reading all of the chapters. You make me want to learn my second language fluently enough to translate <3

  4. brian anderson says:

    thank you for translating the novel. Im so happy they ended up together!

  5. johnl'e says:

    uhm, i just started reading this novel a few days ago… and i can say that it is just soooooo good… question though, as what is stated in the notes, this novel will end soon? and what does it mean when it is stated “book exclusive chapters”?

    • Jae Mi says:

      The novel has about 65 chapters. The book exclusive chapters were included in the printed book but not in the online novel. The only way to read them is to buy the book. I don’t know if P’Kuda will translate them.

  6. jake villa_ph says:

    Not to be the party pooper or something. but the way phun explains himself and his “relationship” to his dad, it felt to me like that he had not hoped that his relationship with noh would last, forever?

    Felt like he was already ready to accept that what he’s going through is just a phase? And that he is ready to face negativities in the future because he knows that they are bound to break up?

    Please can someone try to knock some sense out of me? Pls?

    • Jae Mi says:

      Phun was just trying to show his dad that he will be ready for anything… that, even if the worst stuff happens, being with the one he loves is worth every precious moment they spend together. His wanted to make sure his son was strong enough and confident enough in his feeling to handle the bad.
      Phun’s not planning for the end. He’s just reassuring his dad that he won’t be broken by whatever happens.

    • cliffhan says:

      I think you can look into it this way. His parents are worried that Phun will get into troubles if he is in the relationship with a bad person. Phun can tell his parents that the person he is dating is good, but without telling them about Noh, he cannot convince them. So Phun goes for another approach: to assure them that he is ready to face any possible troubles. That is why his talk is about negative future.

    • uwan says:

      youre too negative

  7. Johnjohn says:

    The k you so much p kuda……. Your godsend to us…. More power! Fighting!

  8. Sickly Love says:

    Thank you and much support from Spain ^^

  9. Sei Arisue says:

    aww…thx you p’kuda. that’s no problem at all. i just really grateful that u willing to translate this awesome cute novel.

  10. crazyfan says:

    ang landi mo noh… hehehe… feel short again. next chapter please… I hope in the next chapter is the continuation of their romance in bed. hehehe… I don’t know how Pwhite can portray this. I saw his interviews last night that he is complaining about the tight schedule and he gets tired. I hope that he is not saying this because he is really tired or he is just concerned about the future scenes ahead of him. fighting PWhite!!!

  11. Ahsan Zaman says:

    “Not Telling You”… I see what you did there :D
    P’Kuda’s awesome! Addicted to this song ^_^

  12. Why phun always starts the game? Noh please, I want you to take the first step. It was my dream to see you making some move. just flirt with phun, noh. heheh *meshysayingthis* aww

  13. metalk says:

    Thanks P Kuda… for translating. one hell of a joyride for me reading this chapter.

  14. Bryce says:

    “That’s all I wanted to hear. For a bit there I thought you wouldn’t man up. So if and when something does happen, you won’t be afraid of them, will you?


    Pun’s answer should be “No”. Though he might have said “Yes” in Thai, but in the context of his father’s question, and if Pun truly meant to say he wouldn’t be afraid of anything, then his answer in English should be “No”.

    • Jae Mi says:

      The “yes” in Thai (and other asian languages for that matter) isn’t really yes. It’s more of showing agreement with the statement. It probably should be written as “agreed” instead.

    • KudaLakorn says:

      It was a weird line now that I’m re-reading it in English. The thing is, Phun wasn’t actually answering his father’s question (which sounded more like a statement than a question in itself) but rather agreeing with what he was saying. Like, the long answer would’ve been, “Yes, I agree what you’re saying. Whatever happens, I won’t be afraid.” Plus, Phun didn’t use “yes” as in “this is correct” either. He literally said “krub,” which is like a polite generic response to things. Often time it’s like, “I hear what you’re saying, continue.”

  15. Yeshi Choden says:

    I really like the complete story..like director of this series mentioned..i finished reading the complete story over night…love the ending too…n i can definitely say we wont be able to find someone as sweet as Phun and someone awesome as Noh…waiting for some more writing and series too…

  16. I’m really happy right now! I’ll hope next chapter ~ Thanks P’kuda for your hard work

  17. luangsodsays says:

    OMG. I feel, everything.

  18. lyrehcanipse says:

    I stop reading books for a time coz i havent found a good one.im super thankful that i got to watch and read this wonderful story.i thank you from the bottom of my yaoi fan heart for your awesome translation miss p’Kuda.

  19. cliffhan says:

    “Yes, yes. Phun and Noh, take care.” Pam chirpily says goodbye.

    Evidence that Phun did introduce Noh to Pam. One can argue that Phun might have done it in Noh’s absence but Noh didn’t seem to be surprised that Pam knew his name.

    • Jae Mi says:

      Phun may have been talking about Noh the whole day to Pam while helping her study and he shouted Noh’s name in the hallway after getting caught hugging Pam. Introduced or not, Pam probably has a pretty good idea who Noh is and Noh’s emotions are probably too haywire to be surprised that she knows his name.
      Just a thought, though I could be wrong. :)

      • cliffhan says:

        Yeah, any sensible person would have known what Noh is to Phun. From Pam’s perspective, she sees them go to school together, hears Phun say that he will look for Noh later, waits for Phun to talk to Noh for a long while during lunch, and at the end, sees Phun crouch down in front of Noh and later grab his hand.
        You are right that Noh’s mind may be too turbulent to be surprised that Pam knows his name.

  20. I look forward to chapter 65 , please !

  21. missmeiz says:

    Thanks for the update… the story become more daring….

  22. Bryce says:

    Noh, you did not over-react. Your feelings and thoughts about what you saw were all valid because you were under as much pressure as Pun was. Pun had a hash talk with his Dad while you had two conversations with his Mom. So I truly understood your feelings. Besides, Pun could have avoided the two roller coaster emotions for you that day by simply introducing you to Pam, and asking you to join him attending Pam’s presentation. All were Pun’s fault. But nobody is perfect, Noh. As you love him that much, you should also love his carelessness at times. Right?! You often please him when he nags you for physical intimacy. It should not be too hard for you to have a little more faith in him. Right?! But you know what, Noh? Pun has a lot of craving for you, so if I were you I would punish him (like… a “no-touch” or “no-cuddle” penalty) after he has spun your head.

    • cliffhan says:

      Isn’t that self – punishment to Noh? Noh always pretends to protest but he secretly wants all those physical contacts from Phun.

  23. desiaryani says:

    It’s so amazing chapter …
    Omg so unbeliveable

  24. This might be not relevant but is there anyone here knows about Kanom Krok? I just re-watched Club Friday Series 1 and there’s a story about this pancake that I don’t understand much. In this movie, Lek said Kanom Krok has its own folklore which means Khun Lak Kan (or something like that, I can’t actually hear it clearly) ~ cakes for lovers or something like that. Can anyone here (especially P’Kuda) explain this to me, please?

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