[Translation] Love Sick : April Fool’s Day

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  1. Momochan says:

    Wait, what?! You’ve wrote this chapter?!

    Cool! U’ve got talent!!!

  2. Bruna says:

    Wow! I love it!

  3. kiara says:

    so it’s slightly different from the series?i watched the season 2.

  4. vinadaris says:

    Thank you for this :D You are awesome p’Kuda

  5. Sia says:

    Wow!! This was really well written! It felt like it was a part of the novel! Great job!!

  6. TenishaIsLoveSick says:

    Love sick fans.. when will love sick season 2 start… My heart is dying for more love Sick.

  7. Vincent Chong says:

    Thanks p’Kuda as always. Though it’s April Fools joke but I like it; your imagination is amazing! I just came back from my vacation with my bf seeing Cherry Blossom in Japan and already missed so many chapters. Time to catch-up. Btw Happy Songkran festival!!!

  8. icha says:

    oh my god i just found this blog and i read all 59 chapters in 2 days hhahahahah p’kuda next chapie please TT I’m in love with love sick now….it’s all your fault >< (heheh kidding :P)

  9. Hai, thanks for translet and upload this novel, i was enjoy reading this novel

  10. rinvilla says:

    Hai, thanks for translet and upload this novel, i was enjoy reading this novel ;-)

  11. Jae Mi says:

    Okay. I found a few more in my lists of BL shows.
    Natsuyasumi No You Na Ikkagetsu
    My Bromance
    Eternal Summer
    Pair of Love

    Natsuyasumi does and doesn’t fall into the BL category. Its kind of implied. It does have a sad ending for the relationship but the ending itself isn’t entirely sad.
    My Bromance is good with lots of affection and cute moments and bad moments but has a sad ending.
    Eternal Summer is about good friends. One falls for the other. they have a steamy moment for fear of losing each other. it ends up being more about the friendship.
    Pair of Love is a school project but it is pretty well done. Has both a boy/boy and a girl/girl. Bending to peer pressure they try boy/girl and realize they aren’t happy.

  12. jake ph_thai says:

    And its still april fools day! When will this torment end!? (In a Slightly dramatic tone of voice) ;p

  13. p'ann says:

    Both the series and novel updates are testing my patience… I am always on the edge waiting for em!

  14. J says:

    Another new show to Watch out for
    Summer to Winter

    Khop khu maak krap, P, Kuda

  15. rinvilla says:

    thank you so much i was enjoy reading this novel :-)

  16. Jae Mi says:

    I have one more BL movie to recommend for everyone as we wait for updates and the new season of LS. It’s a Japanese one and its not set in a school. I liked it so maybe you will too.
    Doushitemo Furetakunai
    It is on YouTube
    [Full Engsub] Doushitemo Furetakunai: http://youtu.be/-4c-YkUKUz8

    • P'Nike says:

      You’re just too kiiiind Jae Mi. My life has been a bummer since there’s still no upload. And you give these recommendations. Fightiiiing~

      • Jae Mi says:

        I know P’Kuda is doing the best P’ can and am so thankful for the translations. Being patient is not one of my strengths. Between waiting for the next chapter and waiting for the new episodes, I want to scream. I am happy to help others that feel as I do. Lol

        I actually have a few more Japanese BL movies which are really good. They can be watched on Youtube. I think I’ve got the links for these 2 right.

        Ai No Kotodama

        Ai No Kotodama 2 http://youtu.be/hNmBiQYN-8g

        Happy watching!

      • Jae Mi says:

        My last comment is awaiting moderation because I put the links in. Lol

        Thanks. Glad i can help. I recommended 2 more Japanese BL movies.
        Ai No Kotodama and
        Ai No Kotodama 2

        If you can’t wait for the approval of my links, or they don’t work, you can look them up on Youtube.

        • Dak-shi says:

          Hehehe the first japanese was good and i already saw Ai No Kotodama <33333 Jae Mi keep us busy till May pleaseeeee

          • Jae Mi says:

            Thought you’d like it. ^^
            Now you’re giving me a challenge. Don’t know if I can keep you busy with shows until May, but I do have a few more suggestions. The first three are Japanese again. All are on Youtube.

            Boys Love
            Boys Love 2
            Junjou Pure Heart
            Go! Go! G Boys

            BL and BL2 are dramatic… one has a sadder ending than the other. Both are school boys with an older bf. The older bf is played by the same actor in both.
            Junjou is good with a happy ending. i know one of the leads was also in the second Takumi – Kun movie (the guy who dies).
            G Boys is a Rollercoaster but has a great ending (it’s a bit off-the-wall) and it will probably make you laugh in parts.

            I am running out of suggestions, just to warn you. I may have to move on to giving fanfiction to read. Lol

            • Dak-shi says:

              Actually..u kinda failed in this >.< I watched all the movies u mentioned shorry shorry and don't give fanfic recommendations…since i am yaoi fanfic writer i know them alot XDDD LIKE A LOT XDD Where do u read? Asianfanfics?

              • Jae Mi says:

                Aww Dak-shi, I will have to look deeper into my list to see if I have anymore.
                As for fanfic, sometimes I’m on Asianfanfics and sometimes I’m on fanfiction.net. do you have anything posted?
                I’m a freelance writer and artist. I just finished a project that will be published soon and i have a bit of time before my next one. I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at writing something on one of them.

      • imalove says:

        p’nike have u found the novel that i recomment you??…. You just searc on google .BL Novel eng trans i’ll still love you even if you are man … Heh heh heh

  17. gerlin says:

    i love this

  18. sora says:

    what a nice surprise you gave us! I read this way passed April 1st, thinking this was one of the
    chapters written by the author of LS^^ Kuda you got me! I was fully fooled by you ahaha. btw i did Enjoy reading this! You should sometimes write some here like this for April fools day! This story is so sweetttt!

  19. sora says:

    what a nice surprise you gave us! I read this way passed April 1st, thinking this was one of chapters written by the author of LS^^ Kuda you got me! I was fully fooled by you ahaha. btw i did Enjoy reading this! You should sometimes write some here like this for April fools day! This story is so sweetttt!

  20. Jae Mi says:

    Loves Coming and Like Love were both good. Like Love has more intimate scenes.
    There’s also Timeline, but it’s kinda messed up and sad. Not sure if I would recommend it but the boys in the beginning are cute together.
    The japanese Takumi – Kun series of movies are pretty good.

    • Jae Mi says:

      I was trying to reply to P’Nike and it put it here. Computers don’t like me. Lol

    • Dak-shi says:

      OMG Takumi-kun is soooo sooo goood awwww i have it all saved on disc <3333 awww
      I look up the first two you mentioned up thanks Jae Mi ^_^

    • P'Nike says:

      I’ve watched Timeline and believe it or not, I really liked it! It is an okay movie until you realize who the characters really are and it becomes a sad movie. I like it than Love’s coming. But we all have different tastes. Anyways, Thank you Jae Mi! I will search the Takumi – Kun series you are talking about. :)

      • Jae Mi says:

        Everyone does have different tastes. I didn’t think Timeline was bad. I’m just not a fan of sad endings.
        As for Loves Coming, I did like it but wish they had left some of the deleted scenes in. There’s one where Nai steals Gump’s lollipop that’s funny and cute.
        Takumi – Kun has both sad and happy. It’s a Rollercoaster… especially if you watch all the movies straight through. I really think you’ll like it.

      • Jae Mi says:

        Also, you’re welcome. :)

        • Dak-shi says:

          Do u know where i can watch Love’s coming? ^^

          • Jae Mi says:

            I watched it on youtube. Just type in Loves Coming Eng and the full movie should be listed with English subtitles.
            I don’t know if the link below will work. I’m not great with computers. Lol
            Watch “love’s coming ใช่รักหรือเปล่า 2014 [Full Movie En…” on YouTube
            love’s coming ใช่รักหรือเปล่า 2014 [Full Movie En…: http://youtu.be/7uoYYpC7vXk

            • Dak-shi says:

              Awwwww i just sawwww itt it’s super duper cuuutee thanks for sharing the movie with us <3 Do u perhaps know when the second movie will be out? ^^

              • Jae Mi says:

                You’re welcome. Glad you liked it.
                I haven’t seen any news on the sequel yet, except that they have had talks about it. I wonder if it will be a continuation of the first story or a new set of characters?

  21. Please Update Kuda, I’d rather have chapter updates than the translation of the Freshy Camp stuff.

  22. knu says:

    Hang on everyone. I win. I am officially the biggest idiot ever. I read this chapter days after she uploaded it. It already said “Happy April Fools’ Day” and “This Chapter was written for April Fools’ Day.” I thought she meant P’Hed wrote it for April Fools’ Day way back when. I read the whole chapter and was surprised at the end when I read in the notes that P’Kuda wrote this chapter. Told you, I win. Now where is my idiocy award?

  23. Clint_Hechanova says:

    You definitely fooled me….. you adorable naughty… you…. arrrg!!! Give me back my squeals!! 5555 nice kuda

  24. P'Nike says:

    Do you guys have drama recommendations? (W/ BL story) Hahaha. Like LS and Hormones. And P’Kudaaaa, it would be great if you have a forum in here. Where fans can ask questions and answer, if they know, andtalk about LS while waiting for next uploads. You know, something like that. Haha.

  25. shadrea says:

    Keep it up kuda’s you doing a great job you are a amazing awesome writer

  26. jake villa_ph says:

    Nice one p’…

  27. thatpandaguy says:

    I started reading Kuda’s translations back in august 2013 and this is actually my first comment here. Back then I was super happy because I found something that I actually enjoyed reading. And now I can’t believe there are only 6 chapters left :(

  28. collide says:

    This seemed like it could be a real chapter the whole time!

  29. NiniDee says:

    Guys.. What chapter of the novel season 2 started? I dobe watchin the season 1,.

  30. I still enjoyed this chapter even if it was just a prank ^^

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